Cafiza Alternatives – 11 Best Cafiza Substitutes for Cleaning Your Espresso Coffee Machines

Cafiza Alternative Coffee Machine Cleaners
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Have you run out of your current Cafiza espresso coffee machine cleaning powder or tablets in this lockdown period?

If you are not able to find Cafiza cleaning tablets or powder in these days and looking for reliable Cafiza alternatives then you are in the right place.

In this article, I am going to provide you my 11 best Cafiza substitutes that can help you in removing all types of coffee oils, lime deposits, calcium buildup and coffee residues from your espresso coffee machines.

So, without any delay, lets see those 11 alternative solutions that will be really helpful to you in keeping your coffee machine free of lime deposits, mold, bacteria and coffee oil.

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11 Best Cafiza Alternatives to Clean Your Espresso Coffee Maker

1. Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda is a great natural abrasive cleaner and don’t cause any harm to your coffee maker.

You just need to use 1 cup of warm water and mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in it.

Mix the solution completely so that you don’t find any lumps of baking soda in the mixture.

Now pour the solution in the water tank of your espresso machine and run the complete brewing cycle.

Once you are done with this brew cycle, then run 2-3 more cycles with clean water and you are done.

You can also clean external coffee machine parts with the baking soda solution such as your coffee carafe, coffee pots, etc.

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2. Citric Acid Cleaner

Another great option to use instead of Cafiza solution, is a good quality coffee maker cleaner that contains 100% non-toxic citric acid solution.

You might be aware that many popular commercial coffee machine cleaning tablets contain citric acid as one of the main cleaning ingredients.

So, obviously citric acid is one of the best natural cleaning options for your coffee makers.

Unlike vinegar, citric acid does not leave any residue smell in your coffee maker.

You can also clean the coffee pots, coffee cups, filter baskets and water reservoir with the citric acid solution safely.

It is one of the best natural cleaners that can remove internal lime stains and calcium deposits of your coffee machines.

You will only need to add 2 teaspoons of citric acid powder and then add about 6-8 cups of warm water.

Mix the solution well and then pour it in the water reservoir of your coffee machine.

Now let the complete brew cycle run automatically.

Once this brewing cycle is completed, you can throw out all the dirty liquid into the kitchen sink and run another 2-3 clean water brewing cycles.

I am sure, you will love the taste of your coffee once you start using citric acid cleaner solution regularly.

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3. Five Star PBW Cleanser

PBW Cleanser is a great substitute product if you don’t want to use Cafiza cleaner anymore.

It is an alkaline, non-caustic and eco-friendly option to clean your coffee maker parts such as decanter, coffee pots, water tank, etc.

If your coffee machine has very old, caked on coffee oil residues, then you can just soak this cleanser solution with the warm water.

After that, just wash your machine parts with the soft cleaning brush. Finally, just rinse them with the clean water and you are done.

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4. OXO Brew Natural Descaling Solution

If you want to clean and descale your 12 cup or 9 cup coffee maker then I suggest you to use OXO Brew Descaling Solution.

This cleaning solution contains more natural ingredients and works way better than white vinegar solution.

It also does not leave any residue smell like vinegar.

The best thing is that it is made from all bio-degradable, phosphate free and non-toxic substances.

Take 1/3 of the solution present in the bottle and mix it with warm water.

Now run the complete brewing cycle in your coffee machine and once done, run 2-3 times clean water brewing cycle.

One thing I would like to mention is if you think it is somewhat expensive than the other products mentioned here, then just go for Duda Energy Citric Acid Cleaner.

It contains more citric acid quantity than the Oxo Brew Cleaner.

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5. Puly Caff Plus Espresso Machine Cleaner

Puly Caff Plus is another completely natural coffee maker cleaning powder that is made from bio-degradable and eco friendly ingredients.

It works extremely well if you want to clean and descale commercial espresso coffee machines.

It is highly efficient in removing hard water and coffee stains from coffee carafe, coffee pots and water reservoir.

It even removes old stains and lime scales from Porta filter head and rubber seal of most espresso machines.

I am highly recommending this cleaning powder because of this reason as you might know that Porta filter is usually really hard to clean.

With this cleaner, it is possible to get rid of those old acidic coffee residues from your internal machine parts.

You will need only 1 teaspoon of the Puly Caff Plus cleaning powder, mix it with warm water and run the complete brew cycle.

After that, run 2-3 times the clean water cycle.

You can use a reliable kitchen dish brush to clean coffee maker parts once all the cleaning is completed.

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6. Urnex Tabz Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets

If you have a coffee brewer and server then I highly recommend using Urnex Tabz cleaning tablets to clean them regularly.

Its blue dye content makes sure that correct rinsing and cleaning is performed.

This cleaning tablet is also suitable for you if you want dust free and waste free cleaning of your coffee brewer.

Also, if you are searching for a reliable cleaner that can successfully back flush any espresso coffee machine, then do use Tabz tablets for sure.

Coffee server and filter baskets of your machine can also be cleaned with these tablets.

The cleaning procedure is also simple with these cleaning tabs.

Mix 1 tablet in 2 litre of water and then pour the mixture in the water tank.

Perform the whole brew cycle and then throw out all the remaining solution.

Now run the complete cycle 2-3 more times with the clean water and you are done.

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7. Cafetto Espresso Machine Descaler Powder

If your espresso coffee machine has got old hard water scales and if you want to remove them with the help of completely organic, safe and non-toxic descaler solution, then you must use Cafetto Espresso Machine Descaler.

I came across Cafetto descaler solution few days back and I am really impressed by its quality standards.

It is completely organic NSF certified descaler powder.

It is phosphate free and GMO free.

Its organic food acid content is highly efficient in removing old lime deposits and water scales of your espresso machines.

Cafetto is not just good in descaling but it can also delime and decalcify your espresso coffee machines without leaving any residue smell.

It is entirely safe to use on brass, aluminium and stainless steel coffee makers.

Plus it is highly eco friendly and contains bio-degradable substances only.

There are four 25gm sachets in the pack. A single 25gm sachet is sufficient for one cleaning cycle.

Mix it with 1 litre clean water and pour the solution in the water tank.

Complete the whole brewing cycle and then throw out all the liquid solution from your machine.

Now run the clean water cycle 2-3 times to make sure your machine is fully clean from inside.

And that’s how you clean and descale your old espresso machine without leaving any residue smell.

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8. Urnex Dezcal Espresso Machine Descaler

Dezcal is made from the same manufacturer, Urnex; which has made Cafiza cleaning solution.

So, this descaler is equally efficient in removing all types of calcium and lime buildup of your espresso machines.

You can unclog your coffee machine with this descaler without leaving any residue smell in the machine.

It comes in a powder format which is very easy to use and store for a long term.

You need just 1 oz of Dezcal powder and mix it with 32 oz of clean water.

Now pour the solution into the water reservoir of your espresso machine and run the complete 30 minutes brew cycle.

After that, you can pour the clean water in the system and run the brew cycle again to remove any residue from the system.

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9. Durgol Universal Descaler

Durgol is another extremely useful espresso machine cleaner and descaler solution available in the market.

It is a multi-purpose cleaning solution which can not just descale but also decalcify your coffee machine.

You can use this solution to clean almost all types of espresso coffee machines.

It removes nearly all types of bacteria, lime and calcium deposits from the system.

Again, I must say it is environment friendly and leaves no chemical residue in your machine after your descale it.

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10. Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaner

Full Circle can also be a good substitute to Cafiza cleaner.

If you want to remove coffee residue and old oil stains from your coffee machines, then do use this cleaner.

It is made from bio-degradable and eco friendly substances.

And it will not leave any after cleaning smell which happens in case of vinegar.

With this cleaning solution, you can comfortably remove very old coffee stains and lime scales from your espresso machines and that too without much scrubbing of your machine parts.

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11. Urnex Cleancaf Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Finally, Cleancaf from Urnex is another great alternative to Cafiza cleaner.

This Made in USA product is completely non-toxic and odourless in nature.

It leaves no after cleaning smell in your machine.

Use it to get rid of the old lime scales and coffee oils from your machine.

You will just need to take 1 packet (about 28 gm) of Cleancaf powder and mix it into 1 litre of clean and lukewarm water.

Mix them well and pour the mixture into the water reservoir of your coffee machine.

Now run the complete brew cycle and then throw out all the dirty liquid.

Pour clean water into your tank and run 2-3 more clean water brew cycles to remove any remaining residue from your machine.

This cleaning powder is much better in comparison to traditional vinegar and dish soap detergent cleaning solutions.

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Wrapping Up

Cleaning your espresso coffee machines with Cafiza cleaner is extremely beneficial and produces great results.

But if you are looking for other good Cafiza alternatives then you can surely find them in the market.

I recommend to use any of the above mentioned 11 espresso coffee machine cleaning solutions and see the results for yourself.

Good luck guys.


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