How to Clean Bella Coffee Maker (Single Cup and 12 Cup) with White Vinegar

Do you know the fact that your coffee maker reservoir might be a breeding ground for various types of mold and yeast?

The article from confirms this fact and further states that it can cause different types of infections and allergies if you don’t perform regular cleaning of your coffee machines.

This same thing might be happening with your recently bought Bella single cup coffee maker or with a Bella 12 cup programmable coffee machine at your home.

In both these conditions, you definitely need to plan for cleaning your coffee machine if you haven’t done it in the last few weeks.

So, in this article, we will study a very easy white vinegar cleaning method that you can follow to clean Bella coffee maker of any model.

This cleaning process will help you maintain the cleanliness of your Bella single cup or 12 cup programmable coffee makers and thus maintain the freshness and flavour of your coffee.

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Why You Need to Regularly Clean Your Bella Coffee Machine?

BELLA (14587) Dual Brew Single Serve Personal Coffee Maker Black, K Cup & Ground Coffee Brewer

There are 2 main reasons for keeping regular cleaning and maintenance of your Bella coffee maker.

A. Preventing Allergy and Infection Caused by Mold

If you don’t clean or descale your coffee machine on a regular interval, then calcium gets deposited in the interior parts of your machine. Plus, fungus, yeast and mold is formed on the coffee pot reservoir.

Just in case, you keep drinking coffee from such machine, then there are high chances of getting infection and various types of allergies to you and to your family members.

If you want to avoid these issues, then you must continue cleaning and descaling your machine on a regular basis.

B. Maintaining the Taste and Freshness of Your Coffee

The Bella company manual insists on regular cleaning and descaling of your machine.

This also helps in maintaining the taste and freshness of your brewed coffee.

If you don’t clean the machine regularly, then internally formed yeast and mold could be mixed in your brewed coffee and thus it can easily ruin the taste and aroma of your drink.

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What Care Must Be Done When You Clean Bella Coffee Maker?

BELLA 13911 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Teal

1. Always unplug the machine from its power outlet and make sure that the warming plate is not hot or warm. Let it be cool before you begin cleaning the machine.

2. When you are done with coffee brewing, its important to take out permanent coffee filter of the Bella coffee machine.

You will need to rinse it thoroughly under tap water to get rid of remaining coffee grounds from the filter.

3. People tend to carelessly handle the electrical plugs and cords when cleaning their coffee machines.

I urge all of you to protect your machines by not letting cords, plugs and other electrical parts to immerse into the water while cleaning.

4. If any of the electrical part is partially or completely damaged, then its important for you to first repair them as soon as possible.

Cleaning your machine while the parts are damaged could lead to further damage or deterioration of your machine.

5. When you clean the glass carafe of the Bella coffee maker, make sure you are not cleaning it with steel wool pads or any other cleaner or abrasive material.

Because it could leave some residues or scratches on the glass carafe. Its important to let it wash under the fresh tap water only.

6. The company manual specifically says that you should not put any other food material or liquid other than the water and coffee itself.

You should not mix any other material or liquid with the water in the machine.

7. Always use cool or normal temperature water in the coffee maker. Do not use warm or hot water because it could lead to damage of the machine parts.

8. Remember to clean the glass carafe neatly before you make coffee every time.

Its also essential to clean the removable filter holder, lid of the glass carafe and permanent coffee filter with the help of hot and sudsy water.

9. The permanent coffee filter and filter holder both can be washed with the help of your dishwasher.

Even you can wash the reusable scoop with dishwasher. Only these parts are dishwasher safe.

10. When you plan to clean the inside part of your Bella coffee maker, make sure you brew 2 full glass carafes of your tap water.

When you do internal cleaning of the machine, you don’t have to keep the permanent coffee filter during this process.

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How to Use White Vinegar to Clean a Bella Coffee Machine at Home

Heinz White Vinegar Distilled 1.32 gallons (169 oz)

This cleaning method is highly recommended, if the water you are using to brew coffee, is very hard in nature.

For hard water usage, you will have to clean you machine for every 15 days or 2 weeks at least.

This will make sure that your coffee machine keeps performing to the best of its ability.

Ingredients You will Need:

A. White Vinegar Bottle

B. 8-12 cupcake style paper filters

C. Cold Water

Cleaning Procedure:

1. For this method, you will need to get white vinegar from the market. If you don’t have it at your home, then you can buy it online too.

2. First, take the glass carafe and put 4 cups of cold water and at least 6 cups of white vinegar in it.

Mix them well and then pour the mixture into the water reservoir of your machine.

3. Now take 8-12 cupcake style paper filters and place them inside the removable filter basket.

Then place the removable filter basket in the basket holder and close the lid properly.

4. After this, you will need to place the empty glass carafe on the warm plate properly.

Don’t forget to put the lid of carafe in its place.

5. Now, you can actually begin the automated machine cleaning process.

Keep pressing and holding the “Keep Warm” button for few seconds.

Once you see “Clean” message on the LCD display, then release the button.

6. Press the On/Off button now which will begin the actual internal cleaning of your machine.

The light will be ON and with a beep sound, it will start brewing the mixture of water and vinegar.

7. Now wait for next 30 minutes at least to complete the whole cleaning process.

When the cleaning is done, the light of the On/Off button will be turned off and the machine will stop the cleaning process.

8. Once the machine is cleaned with vinegar solution, it is also important to clean it again with just the clean water.

So, you will have to repeat this process 2-3 times by brewing with just the clean water.

It will remove all the vinegar residues from the whole system.

9. Also, don’t forget to clean the glass carafe and removable coffee filter with clean water.

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2 Products to Use to Unclog or Descale Your Bella Coffee Maker

Sometimes, people make mistake of putting milk inside the coffee maker directly. This is a really big mistake that you should completely avoid at any cost.

If you do it, then you risk clogging your machine.

But don’t worry. Even if you do it by mistake, there is a solution to unclog your machine successfully.

1. Urnex Cleancaf Cleaning Powder

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You will have to descale or properly clean your machine with the white vinegar just like I mentioned above.

If you want to extra clean your coffee maker, then I suggest you to use a reliable coffee maker cleaning powder for it.

The best one I would recommend is Urnex Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleancaf Cleaning Powder.

This cleaning powder is really helpful in removing calcium buildup, lime scale, milk residue and oil reside from your coffee maker.

This Made in USA brand is also non-toxic and without any odour.

The best thing is it leaves no odor or residue unlike vinegar solution which I like most.

Its very easy to use and immensely help in maintaining the overall cleanliness of your coffee machine.

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2. Durgol Universal Multi-Purpose Descaler Solution

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Another remedy to unclog your coffee maker is to use decalcifying solution or descaler solution.

It is important to clean your coffee maker on a regular basis to prevent bacterial infection and internal calcium buildup.

The best descaler solution that I would recommend is Durgol Universal Multipurpose Descaler.

This descaler is safe and harmless to use on all types of espresso machines and coffee makers including Bella coffee makers.

It helps to clean 99% bacteria and all types of calcium and lime buildup inside your machine.

It also does not leave any chemical residue and it is completely environment friendly in nature.

Click Here to Check Out Durgol Universal Descaler Solution.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning Bella coffee maker is really easy if you know the right cleaning process.

The few things that you will need are white vinegar and a reliable descaler solution.

You can also use coffee maker cleaning powder for the same.

Cleaning your coffee machine for at least twice in a month is essential. It will help you keep your machine bacteria free and mold free.

Therefore, try to follow a regular cleaning and descaling routine for your Bella coffee maker.


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