How to Clean Reusable K Cup? – Use These 6 Simple Steps to Clean Reusable K-Cup Coffee Pods

Do you know if you don’t clean and maintain your Keurig coffee maker on a regular basis, then it can grow mold and mineral deposits after few weeks?

One of the removable parts of Keurig coffee maker is K-cup holder.

This is where you usually place a reusable K-cup and then collect your coffee coming out of your Keurig machine.

As you clean your Keurig coffee maker, it is equally important to maintain the cleanliness of your reusable K-cup coffee pods installed in your machine.

And in this article, I am going to explain the exact method of cleaning the reusable K cups and I will also answer some of the other important related queries.

For those of you who don’t know what K-Cup is, Keurig cups are single-serving pods containing coffee.

They come in different sizes, shapes and material.

You can find use and throw disposable plastic k-cups that are available for cheap and can be bought in bulk quantity.

But they are not environment friendly.

They can not be disposed off easily and they are not recyclable by nature.

This is why you should always opt for eco-friendly reusable k-cups for your Keurig coffee machine.

These types of k-cups are easy to use, environment friendly and are also very easy to clean.

You can easily fill up coffee grounds inside this k-cup and then use it in the Keurig coffee maker.

It’s tightly sealed so that oxygen and moisture can’t enter inside the cup.

I highly recommend you to read this entire article till the end so that you will know the best cleaning method for your reusable k-cups.

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How Many Times Can You Use a Reusable K Cup?

Yes! You can use a single reusable K-cup for at least 4-5 times without any issues.

It is the most cost-effective way to save your money on buying a new plastic k-cup every time.

If you are a coffee addict, then buying disposable k-cups will cost you a lot in the short term as well as in the long run.

On the contrary, if you reuse the cups and expect the same taste of the coffee as the original one then you are mistaken.

When you reuse the K-cups, the rich aroma and taste of the coffee keep on decreasing and eventually the flavor becomes weird.

If you are having a coffee to fulfill your caffeine desire or to stay awake, reusable K-cups are the best option for you.

But if you are drinking coffee as a palate satisfier and you wish to feel the intense flavor of coffee in each sip, then reusable K-cups are not made for you.

You should go for some other option.

Why Should You Clean Reusable K Coffee Cup Regularly?

It is highly important for you to clean your reusable K coffee cups on a regular basis to avoid the formation of bacterial colonies which can contaminate your drink.

If you don’t wash your cup properly and at regular intervals, you could be exposed to bacterial infections later on through your coffee.

The integrated colonies of bacteria and mold will pollute the coffee grounds and will enter your body and badly affect your metabolic process.

Similarly, if you don’t clean your reusable K cup regularly, then the coffee grounds will settle down at the bottom and will clog the exit needles.

The water will not be able to enter and you will taste bitter solid coffee grounds in your drink.

And drinking bitter and burnt coffee taste will not be a pleasant experience for you for sure.

Most of you must have gone through it once or twice.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean your reusable K cup regularly to avoid the bad taste of the coffee and also the bacterial infection for your body.

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Do Reusable K-Cups Wear Out?

Yes! Reusable K cups can wear out after excessive use.

They can be reused about 3-5 times.

After this, they become pretty ineffective at filtering coffee grounds properly.

Even if they don’t wear out and you continue using them, there is still a risk of outside bacteria or mold contamination.

So, it is best to reuse them for limited number of times only.

If you want to reuse your K-cups then here is a method for you.

1. Remove your cup from the machine and let the grounds dry from the first brew.

2. Clean the coffee grounds properly from the k-cups, wash them well, and let them dry.

3. Fill in the cup with your own coffee beans and carefully seal the top and bottom with aluminum foil.

It will cover the holes on the top and the bottom.

4. Now place the k-cup in the Keurig coffee machine and make yourself another cup of coffee.

After the paper filter is worn out, K cups are of no use.

If you are concerned about your brewer, then remember your brewer won’t be affected at all.

Only the second cup will be weaker than the first one.

Try using high-quality strong coffee beans for your second brew.

How Do You Get Coffee Grounds Out of K-Cups?

You usually brew your coffee with your favorite Keurig coffee maker and aim to have a good start for the day.

When you take a sip, pungent solid grounds come into your mouth.

This unpleasant experience is enough to spoil your morning though.

I can tell it for sure from my experience.

When your K cups get clogged up with coffee grounds, then you feel the solid particles in your mouth.

Therefore, it is important to clean and remove these stuck coffee grounds from your reusable k-cups.

The following simple procedure will help you remove the stuck coffee grounds from your k-cups easily.

1. Take out the K cup from your Keurig brewing machine.

2. Throw away all the remains of coffee grounds.

You can even throw them in your garden as the nitrogen in the grounds will slowly seep into the soil which is good for plant growth.

3. Next, place it under your tap running water and let all the remains flow out.

Then put the k-cup it in a large container.

4. Mix white vinegar and water in 2:1 ratio and pour the solution in the container.

Place the k-cup filter in the container and let the filter soak the solution for about thirty minutes.

5. Once thirty minutes are over, take the filter out of the vinegar solution and wash it with warm water.

6. Make sure to thoroughly air dry your K-cup filter before filling coffee grounds again and incorporating it back into the machine.

The whole process requires only 35 minutes to complete.

After performing these easy cleaning steps, you will not have stuck coffee grounds issue with your k-cups.

Thus, you will not have any issues of coffee grounds inside the final coffee.

What is the Best Cleaning Method for Reusable K-Cup?

It is easier and cheaper to buy reusable K-cups.

But it is often time consuming and bit tedious to clean them and get rid of all the internal contaminants.

The main problem with these filters is that the coffee grounds clog up the exit needle and water usually fail to enter properly.

When water can not enter inside properly, the K-cup filter is not cleared properly after each brew.

In this situation, you will need to perform proper internal cleaning of your reusable k-cups.

The cleaning process is pretty simple and it is provided as follows.

1. Use a paperclip straightened at one end.

2. Uncover the brew basket by lifting the handle of the brewer.

Now, you can see the needle that makes holes in the K cup.

3. Twist the paper clip around the needle tenderly to remove all the stored debris.

4. You can also take out the brew basket and wash it with warm water and soap.

5. Put the brew basket back into its place and make sure it fits tightly.

6. In the end, run water through the brewer for a final check.

If your issue still persists then I highly recommend to descale your Keurig coffee machine for thorough cleaning.

Click Here to Get Keurig Descaling Solution Properly Clean Your Keurig Coffee Machine.

Final Thoughts

You have reached the end of this article.

I hope you have learned few good things about your reusable k-cups.

Even though they are eco-friendly and easy to use, you still can not ignore their regular cleaning routine.

Cleaning your reusable k-cups on a weekly basis is extremely important to maintain the taste and flavor of your Keurig coffee.

Just follow the above cleaning steps and I am sure you will not have any issues with your reusable k-cups in future.


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