How to Clean Pyrex Coffee Percolator – 3 Easy Cleaning Methods and 7 Important Tips to Follow

Do you love making coffee in your vintage Pyrex glass coffee percolator?

This Pyrex coffee percolator was so much popular in the era of 1950’s and 1990’s.

But I guess senior citizens have so many good old memories with these types of glass coffee percolators.

And most of them don’t want to use new coffee makers like drip coffee makers.

On top of that, the taste and flavor of the fresh brewed coffee aroma in this Pyrex percolator is incomparable and you can’t get enough of it once you start consuming it.

If you happen to have these good old vintage Pyrex coffee percolators, then you must know the importance of keeping it clean and bacteria free.

You certainly have to clean and wash them after you brew your coffee every time.

Cleaning your percolator on a regular basis is highly recommended if you want to continue making great tasting coffee and that too without any infections caused by mineral buildup.

So, today I am going to explain you 3 very easy yet every efficient methods to clean your Pyrex coffee percolator.

I am sure these tips will help you maintain the cleanliness of your beloved vintage percolator and increase its overall life span too.

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3 Simple Methods to Clean Pyrex Glass Coffee Percolator at Home

Vintage Pyrex 9 cup Flameware Percolator w/ Glass Stem and Basket

Method 1: Use Vinegar and CLR to Clean Mineral Deposits

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From years of constant coffee brewing in your Pyrex coffee percolator, it starts getting calcium and mineral deposits from inside.

Hard water is also responsible for this mineral buildup.

However, with right cleaning stuff, you can get rid of this internal deposit.

You can simply use a white vinegar solution along with CLR product to clean the internal mineral deposits.

CLR is also known as Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover which is an excellent coffee maker cleaner product.

I have written a complete cleaning guide for CLR which you can check out here.

Things You Need:

1. White Vinegar Bottle

2. Clean Distilled Water

3. CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover)

Actual Cleaning Procedure:

1. First you need to make a white vinegar solution.

Keep a proportion of 1:3 while making vinegar liquid solution.

This means water quantity will be 3 times the vinegar quantity.

2. Pour this solution inside the Pyrex coffee percolator and keep boiling it for about 20 minutes.

3. Now comes the time to use CLR product. You will get the best cleaning results just by using CLR. But we use vinegar with it to get complete cleaning benefits.

4. The same proportion can be maintained while making CLR cleaning solution. Add 3 times the water into the CLR solution.

5. And pour it inside the Pyrex coffee percolator and start the boiling process. Do it for 20 minutes more and then stop it.

6. Throw out the solution in the kitchen sink and now you can pour clean distilled water inside the percolator and run another boiling round for about 20 minutes and throw the water after that.

Method 2: Use Baking Soda to Remove Discoloration

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If your percolator has some discoloration due to coffee brewing then you can easily get rid of this issue by using non-abrasive cleaners like baking soda.

Things You will need:

1. Clean Distilled Water

2. Pure Baking Soda

Actual Cleaning Procedure:

1. First make a mixture of baking soda solution. You will need 1 part baking soda and 3 parts distilled water for this mixture.

2. Mix it well in a bowl and then pour it inside your Pyrex percolator.

3. Now run single brewing cycle and then throw out the entire solution in the sink.

4. Run one more clean water brew cycle and throw that water too.

5. Now your Pyrex coffee percolator will be cleaner and free from discoloration.

Method 3: Use Cream of Tartar to Remove Internal Coffee Stains

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If your old and vintage Pyrex glass percolator is plagued with yellow coffee stains and if it is looking really dirty then it is time to use this amazing cleaning solution.

That solution is cream of tartar.

Here I strongly recommend to use only food grade pure cream of tartar for cleaning to get the best results.

Things You will Need:

1. Pure Cream of Tartar

2. Clean Distilled Water

Actual Cleaning Procedure:

1. First you will have to fill up the entire Pyrex glass percolator with distilled water.

2. Now add 2-3 tablespoons of tartar cream in the water.

3. Mix the solution well and run a complete brewing cycle.

4. Once the brew cycle is completed, just throw out the liquid in the sink.

5. And finally run one more clean water brew cycle to clean all the residues remained inside the percolator.

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7 Important Tips to Remember While Cleaning Your Pyrex Coffee Percolator

There are quite a few do’s don’ts that you should know before you carry out the above cleaning methods.

Those tips are as follows.

1. Use distilled white vinegar if possible to get the best cleaning results.

2. If you don’t see good results in the first attempt then try to repeat them 2-3 times more to clean the percolator completely.

3. You can even use dish soap solution once after every brewed coffee.

It is also a quick cleaning solution and can be carried out easily if you don’t have the above cleaning stuff.

4. If you see few coffee stains or residues remained after the cleaning of the percolator, then you can use few Q-tips dipped in the vinegar solution to rub on those marks.

It is very effective in removing stains from various percolator nooks and crannies as well as few tricky spots.

5. For regular cleaning of these Pyrex glass percolators, you can just use a soft sponge and dip it inside the soapy water, then clean all the internal and external parts of the percolator with the wet sponge.

6. If you plan to clean your coffee pot or percolator just after your brewed coffee, then I strongly recommend to wait few minutes.

Let the percolator glass become cool and don’t start cleaning immediately after you brew the coffee.

7. If the coffee stains are very old and stubborn to remove, then you can even use a strong cleaning solution such as bleach to remove those stains.

Just soak the percolator in the liquid solution made from bleach and water.

Then after 30 minutes, take it out and clean the internal and external parts with the help of Q-tips soaked in either vinegar or soapy water.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your old vintage Pyrex Coffee Percolator is rather very easy but very important process.

Many of us tend to ignore the importance of cleaning this glass percolator on a regular basis.

To remove old stubborn coffee stains, discoloration and mineral deposits, you can make use of various efficient cleaning products such as white vinegar, baking soda, CLR, tartar cream and bleach.

Even washing and cleaning them with soapy water and Q-tips is equally effective and will keep your percolator bacteria free for long term.

Keep your Pyrex coffee percolator clean all the time to get the best tasting coffee everyday and keep yourself safe too.


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