Keurig Pumping Too Much Water – 2 Reasons and 3 Easy Solutions for Keurig Machine Dispensing Too Much Water

Who doesn’t want to wake up with a sweet and strong cup of coffee to start his or her day?

Especially when it’s cold outside!

Keurig coffee maker is one of the best coffee machines to get hot and fresh coffee every morning when you wake up and need something to freshen up your mind.

But what if your coffee maker does not work properly?

Being a commercial product, Keurig coffee machine do come with some problems too that can be enough to ruin your morning cup of coffee.

Among all the major issues, one of the most common ones is Keurig pumping too much water and doesn’t stop dispensing unnecessary water even after your finish brewing your coffee.

Usually, the coffee maker pumps water while brewing your coffee and stops pumping after successfully brewing it up.

But in some cases, the machine keeps pumping out water even after brewing the coffee successfully, which could make a big mess in your kitchen.

In this article, I am going to talk about this same issue.

I am going to mention 2 main reasons and 3 easy solutions for the extra water flow problem regarding Keurig coffee machine.

Once you fix the underlying issues of your machine, then I am sure your machine will work completely normal as usual and then you will get your daily fresh cup of coffee without any hassles.

FAQ Regarding Keurig Coffee Maker Water Overflow

Why is My Keurig Overflowing When Brewing?

Sometimes, you may find that your coffee mug is completely full but your Keurig coffee maker machine is still brewing coffee.

This is called as overflowing issue.

It can be caused due to different reasons.

However, it can be very messy if not fixed timely.

Below, I have mentioned some of the most common reasons for this issue.

1. Your Water Reservoir is not Aligned Properly

A major cause why your Keurig coffee maker is overflowing is that the water reservoir might not be seated properly.

There are magnets present in both the water reservoir and the coffee maker, that are aligned to each other in a certain fashion.

The problem arises when this alignment of the magnets is disturbed and then water overflow and coffee overflow issues happen with your machine.

2. Expired Charcoal Water Filter Cartridges

Keurig company highly recommend to replace the old charcoal water filters after very 2-3 months.

These water filter cartridges easily get clogged and rusty due to constant exposure to hard water.

Then need to be changed or replaced on a regular interval.

If you keep using such clogged and damaged water filter cartridges then you could face water overflow and coffee overflow problems in your Keurig machine.

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3. The Needle of The Machine is Clogged

Another cause that can lead your Keurig coffee maker to overflow is the clogging of the brewer needle.

Sometimes, the needle that pierces the K-cup is clogged by either hot chocolate mix or by coffee grounds.

This obviously leads to the overflow of your coffee brewer.

In this case, you will need to clean the machine needle on a regular basis.

You can get needle cleaning tool from the market to remove the clogging.

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If you have the same issue of Keurig overflowing, then I highly recommend to check if you have any of the above-mentioned problems.

You can implement the proper solution based on the kind of your problem your machine has.

In case, you cannot find the root cause, then it is best to contact the Keurig company customer to solve your issue quickly.

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2 Main Reasons Behind Keurig Pumping Too Much Water

Is your Keurig coffee maker dispensing too much water when brewing your cup of coffee?

If yes, your coffee brewer might have been affected badly and the issue needs to be fixed ASAP.

There are several causes behind excessive and constant water overflow from Keurig coffee maker while brewing up your coffee.

Below, I have listed some of the major reasons causing your coffee brewer to pump too much water.

1. Your Coffee Maker is Clogged and It Needs Cleaning

The most common reason for Keurig pumping out too much water during your coffee brewing is the presence of dirt and dust particles inside the machine.

The clogging might be due to different reasons, either from keeping your coffee brewer unused for several days or because of placing it in a dirty or dusty place.

Whatever may be the reasons, your machine can get clogged and when this happens, you need it to clean thoroughly and properly.

2. Your Water Reservoir is Overfilled

Another reason that can make your coffee brewer dispense too much water is the overfilling of your water reservoir.

If you see your coffee brewer pumping out water more than required during the brewing process, then check if the water reservoir is overfilled.

Try to keep the water amount inside the water reservoir to the recommended level so that it will not overflow.

3 Simple Solutions to Fix Keurig From Dispensing Too Much Water

If your Keurig coffee brewer is dispensing too much water while brewing your favorite cup of coffee, it looks like a big mess.

Well, like all the other issues, this can also be solved once you know the real reason.

I highly recommend you to implement the 3 easy solutions that I have provided below.

Once you use these tips, then you will be able to make your Keurig coffee maker work like a new one and can get a fresh cup of coffee without creating any mess.  

Solution 1: Realign Misplaced Water Reservoir

Improper positioning or alignment is one of the main reasons why your Keurig coffee maker is pumping too much water or dispensing excessive water.

The best way to fix this issue is by removing the water reservoir off the coffee maker.

After some time, you can re-align the internal magnets placed inside the water reservoir.

Once those magnets are properly attached to the magnets present inside the machine, then you can place the water reservoir back into the Keurig coffee machine.

However, before placing the reservoir in its original position, it is important to make sure the magnets of both sides are aligned properly.

Solution 2: Replace Worn Out Water Filter Cartridges

If you use a water filter to brew up your coffee, then you must understand that it is important to change the water filter cartridges on a regular interval.

I highly recommend to replace the old charcoal water filter cartridges after every 2-3 months.

First, remove the water reservoir and carry out a water-only brew test on the 6 or 8 Oz. brew size.

Calculate if the machine is brewing out the proper amount.

If this brew test fails, then consider replacing your old charcoal water filter cartridges.

After replacing the filters, you can run the test again and see the results for yourself.

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Solution 3: Unclog Keurig Coffee Maker Needle

Another possible reason for your Keurig coffee machine water overflow while coffee brewing is the malfunctioning of its needle that pierces the K-cup.

Due to constant usage, there is often a problem in the proper functioning of the machine’s needle.

It gets clogged up due to the granules of coffee grounds and chocolate mix powder getting stuck inside it.

When this clogging happens, needle cannot work efficiently.

This is why you need to regularly clean the machine needle to unclog it.

Different models of the machine require different steps to be followed to clean the needles.

However, I highly recommend you to watch the company official video of needle cleaning posted at this Keurig company support page.

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So, these were the simple steps using which you can easily fix the issue of water overflow in your Keurig coffee maker.

If any of these solutions don’t work for you, the best choice will be to contact the customer support team of Keurig company.  

They can easily fix your problem without any hassles in a day or two.

How Do You Reset the Keurig Water Reservoir?

Well! Resetting your Keurig shouldn’t be that difficult once you know the process.

However, if you are finding it difficult to reset the water reservoir of your Keurig, follow the below mentioned simple steps.

1. Turn off your Keurig machine and then unplug it from the power for a few minutes.

2. Detach the water reservoir before plugging the coffee maker back. Give it a few minutes of break.

3. Now plug in the machine and power it on.

4. Attach the water reservoir back to the Keurig coffee maker

5. Open and close the K-cup holder.

And, you’re done!

Your Keurig water reservoir has been successfully reset.

However, if you still find your water reservoir not reset properly, then contact the customer support team to solve this problem asap.

Final Thoughts

Keurig is known to make your day very pleasant by brewing up a delightful fresh cup of coffee every morning.

However, sometimes the machine acts weird and its water and coffee starts to overflow.

However, you can solve this water overflow problem by knowing the root cause.

Once you know the cause, the it becomes easier to solve this issue.

However, this problem is mainly caused due to lack of regular machine cleaning and maintenance.

So, try to follow the above mentioned 3 easier cleaning solutions and I am sure you will not face the difficulties with the machine’s water reservoir again in future.


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