Dog Ate Coffee Grounds from K Cup – Follow These 5 Tips Immediately to Safeguard Your Dog Health

dog eats coffee grounds k cups
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Recently one of my close neighbor’s doggy accidentally ate a box of 10 K cup ground coffee.

This was very shocking news for the dog owner and also for us as we love their doggy too.

Once they get to know this, they called their veterinarian immediately and consulted with him about the situation.

If you are reading this article, then you or your closed one might have gone through this situation at least once.

If your dog ate coffee grounds from k cup then what should be your first action?

The short answer to this question is to immediately call your close veterinarian and tell him/her every minute details about your dog’s condition.

If your dog is showing any symptoms such as vomiting, restlessness, hyperactivity, etc. then you should immediately visit the clinic and perform further tests on your dog.

If dog eats more than 73 teaspoons of coffee grounds then it could be lethal for its life.

Therefore, it is important to check carefully how much coffee grounds your dog has eaten from k cups.

Today, I will tell you about the 5 primary symptoms and 5 most important steps you should take immediately once you know that your dog has eaten coffee grounds from k cups.

So, without further delay, let’s get to those points.

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5 Primary Symptoms That Shows Your Dog is Suffering from High Caffeine Consumption

All types of ground coffee and instant coffee contains higher amount of caffeine.

And all dogs are allergic to caffeine consumption.

Too much of ground coffee or instant coffee eating by dogs can be lethal or fatal for them.

Therefore, it is important to check the symptoms of your dog once you notice that it has consumed large amount of ground coffee from k cups.

5 main symptoms to check for your dog are as follows.

1. Vomiting:

Check whether you dog has vomited coffee grounds after it has consumed. If your dog is showing no symptoms or mild symptoms then vomiting could be one of those symptoms.

The first 2 hours are very critical to diagnose your dog and induce vomiting of coffee grounds before it enters into the bloodstream of your dog.

2. Hyperactive and Constantly on the Move:

If your dog is running everywhere in your house and in the yard constantly without any breaks, then this could be one of the symptoms too.

Due to higher caffeine consumption, your dog usually becomes hyperactive and highly restless.

This is why once you notice this behavioral change in your dog, you should call your vet immediately.

3. Tremors or Seizures:

In some cases, if your dog has consumed too much of coffee grounds from k cups or coffee pods then seizures or tremors could be seen in your dog.

This happens specially when your dog is of smaller breed or very young or too old.

Due to over consumption of coffee grounds, too much of caffeine enters into the bloodstream of your dog.

This often leads to loss of muscle control which in turn causes tremors and seizures.

4. Increased Heart Rate:

Large dose of caffeine in the dog’s bloodstream often affects the performance of its heart too.

This in turn leads to heart issues such as abnormal heart rhythm which is known as Arrhythmia.

Another heart issue that can affect your dog is abnormally high heart rate, also known as Tachycardia.

5. Hypertension:

Another major symptom that can be found in dogs that have consumed large amount of caffeine is hypertension.

The dog that has eaten large dose of coffee grounds from k cup or coffee pods usually suffers from abnormally higher blood pressure issue.

In such cases, veterinarian gives certain medicines to lower the high blood pressure of your dog.

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5 Most Important Steps You Should Take When Your Dog Eats Coffee Grounds from K cups

When your dog eats coffee grounds from K cup or coffee pod at your home, you will need to take extra precautions.

In order to save your pet from further health complications, it is important to perform following actions.

Step 1: Check for the Symptoms First

As mentioned above, you will need to check for the main five symptoms in your dog if he eats coffee grounds or instant coffee by mistake.

Hyperactivity, restlessness, convulsions, tremors, seizures, high blood pressure and higher heart rate are some of the primary symptoms you will need to look for.

The first two hours after your dog consumes the coffee are very critical.

If the dog vomits the coffee in the first two hours, then its usually out of risk.

But if this does not happen, then you will need to constantly pay attention to your dog to check the above symptoms for a full day at least.

Step 2: Prevent Dog from Eating Caffeine Food

If your dog has consumed a lot of coffee grounds from k cups then any more caffeine consumed would be a fatal factor for your dog.

This is the reason you will need to constantly check on your dog for what he is eating throughout the day.

Any food that contains caffeine such as tea, soda, coffee or any coffee related items, etc. must not be given to your dog.

Make sure that your dog eats only the food which is free from any caffeine content.

Step 3: Calculate Caffeine Consumption of Your Dog

The next step is to calculate or guess the approximate amount of caffeine consumed by your dog throughout the day.

If you know how much coffee grounds from k cups has been consumed by your dog, then you can ascertain the severity of your dog’s condition.

The fatal limit of ground coffee consumption is approx. 73 teaspoons of ground coffee for a dog.

If the dog consumes any more coffee than this stipulated limit, then it can cause severe health issues for your dog.

In some cases, depending on the dog age, breed and health condition, it can be lethal for your pet.

Every K cup contains 2 teaspoons of ground coffee.

So, total 36 k cups are enough to cause severe health issues for your dog.

Therefore, it is important for you to know approx. caffeine content consumed by your dog throughout the whole day.

Step 4: Finally, Call a Reliable Veterinarian

Once you perform the above steps, it is time to call your nearest reliable veterinarian.

Call the professional and explain him/her about your dog’s actual condition.

You can also consult with the online Veterinarian and get the valuable advice.

You will need to provide the professional all the relevant information that you have observed such as dog’s exact symptoms, age, breed, weight, etc.

This information is very important for the vets to ascertain the exact condition of your dog and then carry out the right treatment according to its symptoms.

Step 5: Follow the Instructions of Your Vet to the Teeth

When your vet examines your dog completely and provides the treatment plan for the dog, it is your responsibility to follow that treatment plan to the teeth.

The instructions he/she offers to you must be followed exactly if you really care about your pet’s health.

If you can’t afford the expense of certain treatment, then ask the vet for any alternate affordable treatment plan.

I am sure these professionals can offer you different treatment plans to improve your dog’s health.

Do Dogs Like Coffee Grounds?

No, it is not proven by any case that dogs like coffee grounds.

But they do freak out by the smell of coffee grounds.

Out of curiosity or just due to hunger, the dogs could eat coffee grounds.

But as far as likeness is concerned, most dogs do not like to consume coffee grounds and usually stay away from the coffee once they smell it.

What Happens if a Dog Eats Coffee Beans?

If dog eats lot of coffee beans the it could be lethal for the dog.

Too much of caffeine consumption can cause several health issues in your dog such as constant vomiting, hyperactivity, restlessness, frequent urination, diarrhea, panting, drooling, and seizures too.

If it consumes more than 73 teaspoons of coffee grounds from K cup then it could be fatal for that dog.

Therefore, it is always recommended to keep your dog away from coffee grounds or coffee beans at your home.

How much Coffee Grounds is Toxic to Dogs?

As far as the toxicity is concerned, the discussion from expert Veterinarian named as Dr. Steven Osborne at provides us the true answer.

Every K cup contains about 1 oz of coffee grounds.

This also means there are about 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds in every k cup.

According to this expert veterinarian, the lethal dose for ground coffee consumption is 73 teaspoons for dogs.

Therefore, it takes around 36 k cups to lethally affect your dog’s health.

So, now you understand how much coffee grounds is fatal for your dog.

I strongly recommend to keep your dog away from consuming coffee by any means no matter what the dog breed and what age of your dog is.

Can Dogs Get Sick by Eating Coffee Grounds from K Cup?

Yes, if your dog is from smaller breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Poodle, etc. then it can badly affect the health of your dog.

Also, if your dog is very young or too old, then in this case, it could get sick by over consumption of the coffee grounds.

Usually your dog is suffered from different health issues such as vomiting, nausea, restlessness, hyperactivity, seizures, high blood pressure, or collapse.

So, obviously it is important to check on the symptoms of your dog once it consumes any coffee grounds from k cup at your home.

If it shows the above symptoms, then immediately contact your vet and follow the treatment as suggested by him/her.


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