Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet? – Yes and No! Know These Facts First

Can you grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet? My answer would be “Yes” as well as “No”.

Today, I will explain my reasons for “Yes” and for “No” as well.

Grinding coffee beans properly and making it fine to medium or coarse grind is the most important step for any coffee lover.

If your coffee beans are not appropriately ground then it becomes difficult to get the right flavour and taste when you brew your coffee.

One of my friends, Jason, had a problem with his current coffee grinder and was looking for an alternative and more easier option to grind his coffee beans at home.

He asked me whether there is another good alternative to a coffee grinder, available in the market.

And thats when I researched online about lot of easy to handle and affordable grinder options.

In the research I found that lot of folks were recommending to use Magic Bullet blender if you don’t want to buy costly coffee grinders.

So, in this article, I will tell you my opinion about whether you should use Magic Bullet to grind coffee beans.

Is it wise to use cheap blenders to grind your coffee or should you get a proper coffee grinding machine?

Lets discuss about our best options here.

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FAQ for Grinding Coffee Beans with a Magic Bullet Blender

How to Grind Whole Coffee Beans without a Coffee Grinder?

Many times, we get either a coffee subscription boxes or coffee bean gifts from our friends and relatives.

And we wonder how to grind this coffee to a coarse level for French Press and finer for espresso coffee.

The best choice is to use a professional coffee grinder such as Baratza Encore Burr Grinder to grind your whole coffee beans properly from the coarse to fine grind.

But some people don’t keep proper coffee grinder at their homes.

For such folks, finding an alternative and affordable grinding option becomes important.

But don’t worry if you are in this situation.

There are 2 unconventional methods to grind your whole coffee beans at home.

The first option is to use your rolling pin and the second choice would be to use a proper blender if you have any.

So, the one answer to our main question is “Yes”.

Yes, you can use a Magic Bullet blender to grind coffee beans from coarse to finer level.

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How to Properly Use Magic Bullet to Grind Whole Coffee Beans?

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

Using Magic Bullet blender to grind freshly roasted coffee beans is pretty easy.

But I always recommend that you first read the manual that comes with your blender so that you don’t mistakenly burn out its motor by exceeding its limit.

One of the most important advantages of using Magic Bullet to grind coffee beans is that the ground beans you pour in the grinding cup always remain in its bottom automatically.

You don’t have to keep flipping the grinding cup all the time which is the case in your regular bean grinding machines.

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Simple 3 Steps Procedure to Grind Coffee Beans in the Magic Bullet

1. Use Flat Blade

One most important thing you will need to do before grinding your beans in this blender is to change its cross blade and install flat blade.

The cross blade is mainly used to blend, chop and grate items like cheese, onions, meat and vegetables.

On the other side, flat blade is used to make whipping creams and grinding hard food items such as spices and coffee beans.

So, always remember to change its blade to flat one before starting the grinding process.

2. Put the Coffee into the Grinding Cup

Take enough quantity of beans and pour them into the grinding cup.

Now put the cup on the power base of the blending machine.

Lock it properly so that grinding is performed without any issues.

3. Switch on the Power and Grind it Baby

Now, power on this baby and just keep pressing the cup few times.

Keep pressing the cup till you get the level of fineness in your coffee beans which you wanted.

Depending on whether you want to prepare your coffee beans for French Press, Drip Coffee or Espresso; either make it more coarse or make it finer.

Take a few pauses in between to see if you are getting the amount of texture or fineness that you wanted in your coffee.

For French Press, a little coarse coffee is ok.

If you want it for espresso or drip coffee, then keep pressing the cup to make it a more fine powder.

Check out the following short video to understand how you can get finely grounded coffee beans using Magic Bullet blender.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Magic Bullet for Grinding Coffee

Now comes the more important part where I said “No”.

This is the section where I am going to explain why you should think twice before using Magic Bullet blender to grind any type of coffee beans.

Few of the most important reasons why I will not use Magic Bullet to grind my whole coffee beans are as follows.

1. Inconsistent Grind

Yes, if you grind the beans in this blender, then you will observe that the grind size is pretty inconsistent many of the times.

If you want finely grounded coffee which is consistent in texture, then you will have to use a proper burr coffee grinder like Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder or Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder.

In some cases, Magic Bullet fails to produce consistent grind where you will see some beans are finely grounded while others are barely touched.

It also depends on how much time you spend to grind the beans in this blender.

But inconsistent coffee grind has been one of the major issues with every blender out there.

That is why I highly recommend to use a professional coffee grinder like the ones mentioned above.

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2. Clumping Together

Sometimes, people go way beyond the limit and grind the s**t out of their whole coffee beans in the blender.

This creates way too fine grind and its often very useless to consume such a coffee.

You will find it very hard to make any type of coffee from this too much fine grind.

So, clumping coffee or too finely grounded coffee is also one of the main reasons why I try to stay away from using blenders such as Magic Bullet.

3. Lack of Individual Grind Adjustment Settings

When you want to use different types of coffee brew methods such as French Press, Aeropress, Espresso or Drip Coffee; then you definitely need various levels of coffee grind sizes.

It could vary from coarse to medium to fine.

Most professional burr coffee grinders such as Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder have almost 40 steps of grind adjustment settings.

The presence of hardened steel burs in such grinders helps you to get most quality grind which makes all the difference in the level of taste, flavour and aroma of your final brewed coffee.

These settings and facilities are unfortunately not available in the blenders like Magic Bullet.

That’s the reason you should think of getting a professional burr coffee grinders for grinding coffee perfectly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the answer to our main question “Is it Good to Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet Blender?” is definitely “Yes”.

With the help of a flat blade in the blender, you can make a coarse to fine level coffee grind.

But as I mentioned above, the final coffee grind results will not be that great.

Due to inconsistent grind size, clumping and lack of proper grind settings, I would highly recommend you to get a proper burr coffee grinder.

Good luck!


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