Can You Grind Tea Leaves in a Coffee Grinder? – Learn How to Make a Fine Tea Powder at Home

Are you planning to make a delicious and healthy green tea or Matcha tea using recently purchased green tea leaves?

In other case, you might have obtained some tea leaves from your friends and family members and now you might be wondering how to grind these tea leaves at your home.

In such a scenario, the first question that you might be asking yourself is “Can you grind tea leaves in your coffee grinder?”.

If you ask me then my simple and straightforward answer would be a definite “Yes”.

You can certainly grind tea leaves in a coffee grinder without any issues.

Making a fine Matcha tea powder from your tea leaves is definitely possible with your home coffee grinder.

Even a basic coffee grinder such as Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder or a more affordable Keenstone Electric Coffee Mill Grinder would be sufficient to obtain a fine tea powder from your tea leaves.

Now you know the answer to your main query, its time to dig deeper into your answer.

I have compiled some of the most important questions asked by people just like you regarding this topic.

I hope you will get more useful knowledge regarding the grinding of tea leaves when you read this article till the end.

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What Types of Tea Leaves are Best To Make Matcha Green Tea?

If you plan to prepare a very healthy Matcha tea at your home, then the most important thing you will need to do is to choose the right types of tea leaves.

According to this article on, Matcha leaves are often grown on the green tea bushes that are usually under the shade and not directly exposed to the sunlight.

The shade is responsible to enhance the chlorophyll element of these tea leaves.

This process is responsible to grow nutrient rich and bright green Matcha leaves.

Such types of bright green and fresh tea leaves are essential to make a healthy and nutritional Matcha tea.

Can You Grind Tea Leaves at Home?

Yes, you can do it at your home.

You simply need your regular electric coffee grinder such as Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Coffee Grinder.

But you preferably need Matcha tea leaves if you want to grind them into fine powder.

If you don’t have these tea leaves at your home, then you can buy the same online.

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Once you get these tea leaves at your home, you can use your home coffee grinder.

The second best item you can use is a spice grinder.

Many people use a durable and quality spice grinders such as Shardor Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder for this same purpose.

Grinding herbs, spices and tea leaves with this grinder is a really quick and easy process.

Now, if you don’t have either a coffee grinder or a spice grinder, then you can also use a simple mortar and pestle.

However, to get the best grinding results, you will need to use a granite based mortar and pestle.

The unpolished heavy granite material of such mortar and pestle helps you to comfortably grind Match tea leaves into a fine tea powder.

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How to Grind Tea Leaves into Fine Powder?

Grinding Matcha tea leaves to make it a fine powder is rather an easy process with the help of a right tool.

As mentioned above, you can either use your home electric coffee grinder or a granite mortar and pestle for the same.

First you will need to get fresh Matcha green tea leaves.

Then add few tea leaves into the mortar and then start grinding it slowly.

Make it a fine powder and use it as and when needed to prepare Matcha green tea.

Remember to grind only few tea leaves at a time so that you can prepare fresh tea as and when required.

If you are planning to use your coffee grinder, then it’s even easier procedure for you.

Just add green tea leaves inside the coffee grinder and grind them for few seconds.

Keep pulsing your grinder till you get the fine tea powder. Once you get the required results, just store the tea powder into a dry glass container.

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How to Grind Tea Leaves without a Grinder?

As mentioned earlier, grinding tea leaves with a coffee grinder is very easy and quick process.

But if you don’t have a coffee grinder or a spice grinder at your home, then you can just use a traditional mortar and pestle.

Just remember to use a durable and stronger granite made mortar and pestle for getting the best results.

Final Thoughts

Grinding Matcha green tea leaves at your home is certainly possible if you have the right kitchen items at disposal.

You can surely use your regular electric burr coffee grinder as well as a spice grinder to grind these tea leaves quickly.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder or a spice grinder, then just use a traditional and trusty granite mortar and pestle for the same.


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