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Are Wawa Coffee Cups Recyclable? – Discover the Truth and Know What You Can Do

Are Wawa Coffee Cups Recyclable
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Are you a great fan of Wawa freshly brewed hot and iced coffee?

I also love drinking mild roast and dark roast Wawa coffee.

I especially like the hazelnut and French vanilla flavor of its mild roast coffee.

But one thing I noticed while buying this Wawa coffee from the store is that the company do provide 1-2 plastic travel coffee mugs with the package.

Even their stainless steel travel tumblers do come with the plastic interior which makes me think whether these Wawa coffee cups are recyclable or not.

When I researched about it online, I found few interesting facts.

So, after reading this petition published at Change.org, what I found is these Wawa coffee cups are made from plastic material in majority.

As a result, when it comes to recycling of these cups, it is not that easy to completely recycle them and reuse them properly.

According to this petition, the company is supposedly not using eco-friendly or bio-degradable coffee cups to serve coffee to their customers.

Therefore, unfortunately the answer to the above question is no. Wawa coffee cups are not recyclable easily as they are primarily made from plastic material and some part from stainless steel.

In the next few paragraphs I will answer the most frequently asked queries by Wawa coffee lovers regarding their coffee cups and mugs.

So, keep reading till the end to get all the answers.

Table of Contents

What are Wawa Travel Coffee Mugs Made from?

If you look at the product description of Wawa Red Stainless Steel Tumbler, then you will know that it is made from stainless steel in majority.

But its internal part is covered with plastic material for proper insulation.

I think the company must stop the use of plastic in their travel mugs and paper coffee cups.

Making use of bio-degradable material is highly recommended while producing coffee travel mugs or cups.

Are These Paper Coffee Cups Eco Friendly?

If you read this article from Clarifygreen.com, then you will easily come to know that such types of paper coffee cups are usually not environment friendly.

Because these coffee cups are primarily coated with polyurethane material.

This PU material is not eco friendly at all as it is not recyclable in nature.

Plus, these cups when come into liquid contact, gets contaminated easily.

Once contaminated, these cups are really harder to recycle in the recycling factories.

What Parts of Wawa Coffee Cups are Recyclable?

To recycle the paper coffee cup, they must be made from recyclable material and preferably from biodegradable material.

The plastic lids along with the cardboard sleeves are the integral parts of any paper coffee cup.

Fortunately, these two parts can be recycled in the recycling factory.

Plus, the stainless steel that is being used in Wawa travel mugs is recyclable in the factory.

The interior plastic part of these mugs may or may not be easily recyclable which depends on how much it is contaminated with the other liquids.

How Wawa Coffee Cups Can Be Made Eco-Friendly?

If the company plans to make their coffee cups environment friendly, then they must make them reusable first.

These cups must not be just disposable but reusable by all means.

In order to make them reusable, the company must emphasize on making their coffee mugs and cups compostable and should use FSC certified paper.

FSC certified paper is easily recyclable by nature. Therefore, if Wawa uses such quality paper, then all their cups will be environment friendly and reusable by default.

What Can I Do with Old Used Coffee Cups?

If you are thinking about different ways to utilize your old and used coffee cups or mugs then you must read this article where the article tells you 10 creative methods to reuse your old coffee mugs.

Those 10 unique methods are as follows.

  1. Use them to grow smaller house plants.
  2. Gift them to your friends and family with creative decoration.
  3. Decorate them and put your pens and pencils inside.
  4. Design a small birthday cake and put them inside the mug.
  5. Make unique mosaic designs from your coffee cups.
  6. Make hot chocolate and serve your friends or family members.
  7. Use them at your workplace.
  8. Use them as a bird feeder tool.
  9. Create homemade candles using these coffee cups.
  10. Sell them online on Ebay or Craigslist to make some money.

Final Thoughts

In short, if you are wondering about whether Wawa coffee cups or mugs are eco-friendly and recyclable by nature, then you should know that they are not.

Those cups you get while buying your delicious Wawa coffee are not reusable and bio-degradable.

So, I suggest you to not throw them on the road after drinking your coffee.

Either reuse them or send them to the nearest recycling factory where it can be segregated and reused for some other purpose.

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