Nut Grinder vs Coffee Grinder – Know What is The Best Option for You to Grind Nuts

Should you choose a professional nut grinder to grind nuts or a specialized coffee grinder that can grind all types of spices and nuts effortlessly?

This is very confusing, isn’t it so?

Whether you want to grind nuts or chop nuts into smaller pieces, you have different options at hand.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend any money on buying special grinder to grind nuts, then you can simply use your kitchen knife for the same.

But if you think it is tedious and takes some time to chop nuts with your kitchen knife and are looking for some simple solutions, then you are in the right place.

Today, I am going to compare nut grinder vs coffee grinder and then I will explain what is the best option for you.

So, without further delay; lets discuss our best options.

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Nut Grinder vs Coffee Grinder: Key Differences

Nut Grinder / Nut ChopperCoffee Grinder
1. Nut grinders are cheap and very affordable1. Coffee grinders are somewhat expensive than the nut chopper or grinder
2. They are comparatively lightweight and easily portable2. Coffee grinders are somewhat bulky and not easily portable by design
3. Nut choppers or grinders make use of special blades to grind or chop nuts3. Most coffee grinders have either conical burrs or blades to grind coffee beans
4. Most nut grinders are manual by design and takes some time and energy to operate4. Can get electric or manual coffee grinders. Electric blade coffee grinders are very easy to operate5. They are ideal for manual nut chopping or nut grinding5. They are best for making fine nut butter or powder

Can Coffee Grinder Grind Nuts?

The short answer is “Yes” and “No” both.

If you want to read my detailed explanation on this subject, then check out my other article for this topic.

If you ask me then I will say “No”.

The main reason I am not recommending to use your coffee grinder to grind nuts at home is because of the risk of machine clogging.

Nuts do release lot of oil when crushed and chopped inside the grinder.

So, if you are regularly using your coffee grinder for nut grinding, then in few days your machine may suffer from internal oil clogging.

You really don’t want this to happen with your expensive coffee grinder, am I right?

If you do want to use it to grind nuts then do it very occasionally.

And you will also need to grind them in short bursts so that you can get the required level of grind as per your requirements.

Some people do recommend to grind rice afterwards in order to properly scrub and clean the internal part of your coffee grinder.

So, you can use this little trick to keep your machine clean and clutter free.

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What is the Ideal Coffee Grinder to Grind Nuts Carefully?

If you don’t want to risk clogging your coffee grinder by grinding nuts regularly, then I recommend to get a manual coffee grinder such as Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

By just adjusting its grind selector option, you can grind almost all types of nuts in this manual grinder such as hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc.

If you want to invest into an easy to use, compact electric coffee grinder, then you can get Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder.

This small, portable and durable electric coffee grinder has powerful stainless-steel blades that can easily grind and chop all types of nuts in just few seconds.

So, if you really want to use reliable and durable coffee grinders for nut grinding then above 2 manual and electric grinders are the best ones for your need.

I strongly recommend you to watch the following short video where you will exactly learn how to effectively use this coffee grinder at your home.

Click Here to Get Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder.

What is the Best Nut Grinder to Grind and Chop Nuts?

Ideally, a nut chopper or nut grinder is the best option to grind all types of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

You can easily chop and grind nuts in the nut grinder as per your requirements.

The best thing is most of them are available in manual mode which is very easy to handle.

They come with a movable handle which you can rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise to get the required level of grind.

They are very cheap and affordable as compared to the coffee grinders.

The best nut grinder that I can recommend to you for this purpose is Prepworks by Progressive International.

Whether you want to chop hard nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc. or want to make fine nut powder, this nut chopper is ideal for your needs.

There are different grinding level options available for you in this machine.

If you move its hand crank in the clockwise direction, then you obtain a coarse nut grind.

To get finer nut powder, you just have to move its hand crank in the opposite anti-clockwise direction.

With the help of this nut chopper / nut grinder you can get quick, easy and grounded nuts ready to serve on your salads as a topping.

There are 3 drawbacks / shortcomings which I have seen while using this nut chopper.

The first disadvantage is you need to apply some elbow grease or manual power to rotate its hand crank if you are grinding hard nuts.

The second drawback is it does not coarse grind evenly if you are using hard nuts.

And the third disadvantage is that sometimes, the big chunks of nuts get stuck in the blades section and you have to remove them manually which could be tedious for some people.

Apart from these issues, Prepworks Nut Chopper works great.

It is extremely affordable and easy to use option for women who don’t want to buy expensive coffee grinders or food processors just for this purpose.

Check out the following short demo video of this nut chopper so that you will get sufficient idea about how to efficiently use this grinder.

Click Here to Get Prepworks by Progressive International Nut Chopper Today.

Finally, What Should You Use to Grind Nuts?

Grinding nuts with either coffee grinder or nut grinder is entirely your personal choice.

Both the grinders have their own advantages and disadvantages too.

If you don’t like to use a nut chopper or a nut grinder, then you can go with a manual or electric coffee grinder to grind nuts at home.

But if you ask me, my answer would be to go with an affordable and easy to use option first.

Get a durable Prepworks nut chopper, try it for a month.

If you don’t see good results and want to try another option, then and only then buy a new electric coffee grinder such as Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder.

Good luck!


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