Can I Use Coffee Grinder for Wet Grinding? – 5 Kitchen Items You can Use to Wet Grind

Wet grinding is a pretty common phenomenon in South Indian cuisine but not so common in western countries like USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Indians love to prepare a paste or a batter of various spices, grains and lentils to make Idly, Dosa, Kachori, appam, vada and paniyaram and several other South Indian dishes.

Wet grinding is very important process to make these delicious Indian foods.

Now the main question for today’s article is can we use a regular coffee grinder for wet grinding.

If you ask me then I would say “No”.

As per my experience and research so far, your regular blade coffee grinders or burr coffee grinders are not very helpful in making wet paste or batter of lentils, grains and spices.

Most of the coffee grinders are good for dry grinding of spices, nuts, breadcrumbs, coffee beans, etc.

But when it comes to wet grinding, coffee grinder is not a suitable option.

If not coffee grinder, then what should you use for wet grinding of spices, lentils and grains in your kitchen.

I will answer this question and other related queries in the following paragraphs. So, keep reading till the end to get all your answers.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Coffee Grinders to be Used for Wet Grinding

Why Coffee Grinders Should not be Used for Wet Grinding?

First and the most basic reason is their overall design and construction.

Most coffee grinders are built to perform only dry grinding of items like coffee beans, spices, nuts and herbs.

The moment you start adding water or any other wet items such as lentils, grains, etc.; it becomes pretty difficult to obtain the required batter or paste from the items you put inside the grinder.

In many cases, you will not get proper paste or batter which you wanted for your Indian food items.

Even if you start using your coffee grinder for wet grinding, it would yield few good results in the beginning.

But later on, most coffee grinders stop working if you keep using them constantly to wet grind food items.

The main reason is internal clogging.

Constant use of water and wet paste of food items affect the overall functioning of your coffee grinder.

The wet liquid residue often goes into the grinder motor and it eventually breaks down the grinder.

The wet batter or paste starts clogging your machine and after few days of usage it often stops working completely.

Plus, it is very difficult to wash or clean the internal chambers of your coffee grinders.

Because most grinders do not come with detachable chambers.

So, it is darn difficult to clean and wash them separately if water or liquid gets inside the chamber.

Therefore, the internal clogging and inability to clean or wash the grinder chamber properly are two main reasons why you should not use coffee grinders for wet grinding.

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5 Best Home Appliances You can Use for Wet Grinding

There are basically five home appliances that you can effectively use for wet grind to make paste and batter.

1. Mortar and Pestle

Granite Mortar and Pestle Set guacamole bowl Molcajete 8 Inch - Natural Stone Grinder for Spices, Seasonings, Pastes, Pestos and Guacamole - Extra Bonus Avocado Tool Included

This is my most obvious recommendation for wet grinding if you don’t have anything at home except your coffee grinder.

Mortar and pestle made from granite material is best to easily grind, mash, crush and mix all types of lentils, grains, spices and herbs.

You can dry grind as well as wet grind all food items without any issues with mortar and pestle.

The best thing is they are very affordable and easy to clean, wash as well as maintain for long term.

You just have to hand wash them which anyways hardly takes few minutes.

Click Here to Get The Best Granite Mortar and Pestle Set for Wet Grinding at Home.

2. Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72 Oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16 Oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660), Gray

Another best option for wet grinding at home is to get a good quality countertop blender.

The powerful motor of such a blender is fully capable to wet grind all types of lentils, grains, herbs, spices, etc.

The best blender for wet grinding purpose that I can recommend is Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.

This blender has a very powerful 1100 watts motor which can easily dry grind and wet grind all types of harder food items.

If you regularly make different types of batters or smoothies then this is the best countertop blender you can use at your home.

Its parts are also BPA free and dishwasher safe. So, you can wash them inside the dishwasher without any issues.

Click Here to Get Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.

3. Table Top Wet Grinder

Premier Small Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder 1.5 Liter by SS Premier

The third home appliance you can use to wet grind food items is a table top wet grinder.

If you are an Indian and happen to live in USA, UK and Canada, then this is the must have product for you.

Wet Grinder such as Premier Small Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder is an ideal option to make Idli and Dosa batters at your home.

With this product, you even get a coconut scraper and Atta Kneader without any extra charges.

It has natural stones inside the machine that can grind all types of food items at very slow speed and low temperatures.

This helps immensely in preserving inherent nutritional content and flavor of your food items.

With this wet grinder, you can make all types of Indian chutneys, vada, idli, dhokla batters along with pasta, roti dough, etc.

Its components are BPA free and food safe in nature. Plus, you can easily disassemble all of its parts and clean them easily at your home.

Click Here to Get Premier Small Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder.

4. Food Processor

Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor, Silver

If you are looking to make batter or paste of various lentils, herbs, and nuts then getting a food processor is probably the best decision of your life.

A food processor like Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor is much more suitable for wet grinding purpose.

The main reason is its more powerful 1000 watts induction motor.

It offers higher power and versatility which comes handy while making paste and batter of various hard food items.

Click Here To See Reviews and Price of Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor.

5. Indian Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 550 Watts 3 Jar Indian Mixer Grinder 110 Volts

This is probably the best item you can have at your home if you want to regularly prepare Idli, Dosa batter and paste of various herbs, nuts and spices.

For making Indian food items, you definitely need a high quality and durable mixer grinder specially made from Indian brand.

And the best Indian mixer grinder brand for wet grinding purpose is Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder.

This mixer grinder is the best choice and ideal for making all types of Indian origin batters and pastes.

It has a powerful 550 watts motor and its shock proof ABS body makes it really stronger and appropriate for wet grinding.

Its stainless steel jars and blades are perfect for making all kinds of batters and paste items.

Its 5 interchangeable blades are best for dry and wet grinding various food items.

Plus, you can perform mincing, grating, whipping and juice extraction very easily with this mixer grinder.

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Final Thoughts

First up all, thanks for reading till the end of this article.

By now, you have come to know that using coffee grinder to perform wet grinding is not at all recommended.

Because it can cause internal clogging and damage for the motor of your grinder.

It is best to use other kitchen items such as a counter top blender or table top wet grinder.

You can also buy Indian origin mixer grinder which is perfect for making all kinds of pastes and batters.

A food processor is also a good idea for this purpose.

Finally, if you can’t afford to buy expensive blenders or food processors right now then the best and the cheapest option is to get a traditional mortar and pestle.

Good luck!


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