Breville Coffee Machine Grinder Jammed – 4 Main Reasons and 8 Easy Steps to Fix The Grinder Blockage

I will begin this article with an example first.

Suppose, you have bought a brand new Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine at your home and it worked efficiently for few months and its grinder grounded your coffee beans up to perfection till that time.

But one unfortunate day, your Breville coffee machine grinder got jammed and then it stopped grinding coffee beans suddenly.

Now you are unable to make yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee with this machine.

It’s so annoying when you are not able to get your favourite cup of coffee in the morning due to a jammed coffee grinder.

A somewhat similar situation happened with my Breville Barista Pro grinder last month.

So, I researched different websites, blogs, and forums to gather related information.

Here, in this article, I am going to share all my research with you.

Basically, there are 4 primary reasons that cause Breville coffee grinder jam.

Those main issues are accumulation of debris inside the grinder, coffee beans getting stuck inside, improper settings of the grinder and wrong operation of the coffee machine.

I will share these reasons for a jammed grinder in more detail in this article ahead.

Also, I will share 8 easy steps which you can implement at home and fix this grinder jam problem on your own without much hassles.

So, without further delay, let’s get to the main topic.

Special Note: Sometimes I like to use a simple burr coffee grinder machine such as OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

It makes my coffee grinding experience much easier and comfortable.

Once I grind the coffee beans in this grinder, then I can directly brew this coffee powder in my Breville Barista Pro machine.

It prevents clogging of the Breville machine grinder and helps to extend the life of the grinder for longer period.

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4 Main Reasons Why Breville Coffee Machine Grinder Gets Jammed

There are mainly 4 reasons that cause the grinder jam of your Breville espresso machine.

Those 4 reasons are as follows.

Reason 1: Dirt and Debris Collection

If you are not regularly cleaning your coffee machine as well as the grinder, then dirt and debris gets build up inside the grinder.

Coffee oil and other residue get stuck inside the grinder and then grinder stops working one day.

Reason 2: Stuck Coffee Beans

Once in a while, there are coffee beans that are not able to leave the roasting chamber.

It happens when you grind coffee with a coarse setting and then some coffee beans get stuck below the burrs.

These stuck coffee beans then cause grinder to be jammed and then it stops working.

Reason 3: Improper Grinder Settings

Another major reason of grinder getting jammed is using wrong grinder settings.

If you set improper grinder settings, then the Breville coffee grinder can’t work to its optimum capacity and often gets clogged and jammed later on.

If you want the beans to be finely ground, then the grinder won’t be able to apply enough force to push them out.

Eventually, it gets jammed up and become unusable.

Reason 4: Wrongly Operating the Machine

If you are using your Breville Barista Pro machine functions improperly, then slowly and gradually it affects the machine grinder too.

The grinder starts having blockages later on, if you don’t maintain and clean your machine on a regular basis.

If the portafilter is held close to the discharge chute, the coffee grounds start piling up in the opening of the discharge chute.

This gradually results in blockages in and around the grinder.

So, these are the main 4 issues that usually affect your Breville coffee machine grinder and it slowly starts getting jammed.

To prevent this issue, it is very important for you to do daily, weekly and monthly cleaning periodically.

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8 Easy Steps to Prevent Jamming of Breville Coffee Machine Grinder

Now, I will mention the main solution to prevent this grinder jam or blockage problem of your Breville espresso machine.

There are basically 8 straightforward steps that you need to follow in order to keep your machine grinder clean and blockage free.

Step 1: First, remove all the stuck coffee beans from the grinder and completely empty it.

Step 2: Wash the grinder with cold running water to remove the clogged debris.

Step 3: You can use a soft and old toothbrush to clean the area around the grinder of your coffee machine.

You can use a soft cloth too to wipe off the area meticulously.

Remove all the dirt and coffee grounds from the crevices and chute.

Step 4: Put the grinder back in place.

Now it’s ready to use.

It will be able to make you a perfect cup of Joe now.

But we also need to clean and properly maintain the Breville coffee machine along with its grinder.

Those cleaning steps are provided as follows.

Step 5: Now, you also need to wash and clean the portafilter & filter basket to get rid of clogged particles.

Wash it under hot water.

You can dip it for some time in the warm water to unclog the filter.

Step 6: You have to also adjust the size and amount of grind in your Breville machine.

Use 5 as a standard grind size.

You will get a perfect espresso shot with a medium coarse grind rather than a very fine grind.

To set the right grind amount, adjust the knob present in front of the machine.

If you rotate the knob clockwise the amount of grind will increase while it will decrease in the anticlockwise direction.

Use 3 ’o clock as a standard position but you can change or adjust later according to your requirements.

Step 7: Use a vacuum pump to clean the interior of the grinder and the surrounding area with pressure.

It will either suck the clogged coffee grounds or blow them away.

Step 8: The choice of coffee beans also plays an important part in preventing the jamming of a grinder.

If you choose more oily variety of beans, then the grease will keep on building inside the grinder.

Eventually, the oil will result in the blockage of the grinder. 

So, it’s better to carefully choose the coffee beans for your machine that produce less oil residue.

6 Steps to Remove The Grinder from a Breville Espresso Machine

Follow this procedure step by step to remove the grinder from any of your Breville Coffee machine.

1. Turn the top of the grinder to unlock it and then remove it.

2. Remove the hopper and use a suction pump or vacuum to suck the grinds.

3. To thoroughly clean the grinder from the inside, remove the outer burr of the grinder.

You will have to apply a bit of force to remove it.

In the inner part, you will see a metal handle.

Flip it up and turn the handle in an anticlockwise direction.

It will be a bit hard to remove, so apply the necessary force.

Bring it straight out of the machine.

4. You can thoroughly clean all the parts with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush.

5. Finally, you will have to reinstall the grinder back in the machine.

You will see a red arrow.

You have to follow the alignment and put it back in the machine.

Turn it clockwise until it locks back in to its original place.

Put the metal handle down.

6. Finally, place the hopper back in the same vertical position.

Put the lid back on it and you are done.

If you want a simple video tutorial for this process, then I recommend watching the following video.


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