Can You Regrind Coffee and Is it Wiser to Double Grind Your Coffee Grounds?

“Can you regrind coffee?” This is a very interesting question which several coffee lovers ask online.

The technical answer to this question is “Yes”. You can double grind your coffee grounds if you feel it is too coarse or medium grounds by nature.

But if you ask me practically whether you should do it, then I won’t suggest you to do it.

Because you might end up ruining your precious coffee grinder in the process.

Plus, the regrind coffee grounds will not have the same aroma or flavour which you are looking for.

So, the practical answer is “No”. I won’t recommend you to do it.

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2 Main Reasons Why You Should Not Regrind Your Coffee Grounds

1. Preventing the Clogging of Your Coffee Grinder

I agree that some people do not like the coarse or medium coffee grounds which they get in the form of gifts or buy from local stores.

Most of us do like to drink coffee made from finer pre-ground coffee or even espresso coffee.

In this case, few people can’t avoid the temptation or urge to regrind the pre-ground coffee at their homes.

2. Avoiding the Loss of Original Flavour and Aroma of Coffee Grounds

When You Should Think of Regrinding Your Coffee?

There are only 2 scenarios when you should seriously think of double grinding your pre-ground coffee.

A. If you have lot of coffee boxes that you have got as a gift from your loved ones and you don’t want to drink coarsely grounded coffee from these boxes.

B. If you notice too much boulders in your existing coffee boxes

 I would still recommend to avoid re-grinding your already pre-ground coffee in above cases.

Because, if you do it; then obviously you will notice that the aroma of your coffee is already lost when you regrind them in your coffee grinder.

If this happens, then there is no use of drinking such coffee with less aroma and freshness. Stale coffee will not make you fresh and will taste somewhat bitter too.

5 Important Tips to Follow When You Regrind Your Coffee

I have already mentioned that it would not be beneficial for you to double grind your already grounded coffee.

But still if you want to go ahead then you must know which process is the best one to re-grind your coffee.

Tip 1: Always begin with a small sample first.

This will help you ascertain the overall situation.

You will know that whether your coffee grinder can handle the re-grind process or not.

Check your grinder once you grind the sample coffee.

If you see that your grinder is fine and is not clogged in any condition, then you can continue double grinding your existing coffee.

Tip 2: If you have made up your mind to regrind your coarse coffee with right coarse setting.

Adjust your coffee grinder to grind your coffee on a higher coarse setting.

Tip 3: To acquire finer coffee from your pre-ground coffee, only press the power button on your coffee grinder for 2-3 seconds.

This means you will have to use your coffee grinder in short bursts only.

This will prevent clogging of your grinder.

Tip 4: Keep shaking your coffee grinder a little when you grind your coffee.

This is important to do because it will make sure that the coffee is evenly grounded during the process.

Tip 5: In most cases, you will require to press grind button only two times.

This is a very important step which most people ignore when regrinding coffee.

If you grind the pre-ground coffee for several minutes and keep pressing the grinding button several times, then consider damaging your coffee grinder for sure.

So, it’s important to just press power button only 2-3 times; not more than that.

In the first pass, your coffee will become finer and in the second attempt, it will become a coffee powder.

What to Do When You Don’t Want to Use Coffee Grinder for Re-Grinding Your Coffee?

I know how bad you would feel if you end up with a damaged or clogged coffee grinder.

This could happen with your precious and expensive coffee grinder if you don’t take proper precautions.

Cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine is really important.

If you don’t follow the precautions while double grinding coarse pre-ground coffee, then your grinder would definitely be in a miserable condition after that.

So, here are my few tips that will help you re-grind your existing coarse coffee just in case you don’t want to use your dear coffee grinder.

Tip 1: Use a Manual or Hand Coffee Grinder.

Rhino Coffee Gear RWHANDGRINDER Hand Coffee Grinder, Silver

It’s much more cost effective and less risky to use manual or hand coffee grinder.

It is much safer to make use of hand grinder to re-grind your coffee.

You can very easily regrind your coarse coffee to medium or fine level as per your requirements.

In manual coffee grinders, there are settings that you can adjust to obtain the type of coffee grind for your taste.

Whether you want to make French Press, pour over, drip coffee or espresso; you will need to adjust the settings in the hand grinder accordingly.

One of the easiest to operate and my favorite manual coffee grinder is Brewglobal Rhinoware Compact Hand Grinder.

It has comfortable adjustment settings to obtain the type of coffee grind that you need. Its conical ceramic burrs are ideal to obtain consistent coffee grind.

It is even an ideal option if you want to use the inverted Aeropress method to get the finer coffee grind.

Watch the following video to learn how easy it is to regrind your coffee with Rhinoware coffee grinder.

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Tip 2: Make Use of Inverted Aeropress Method

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Pressing

Inverted or upside down Aeropress method is equally good for regrinding your coffee.

If you don’t want to use your expensive coffee grinder, then just make use of Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Coffee Maker.

If you want to learn this method in easy and simple to understand steps, then I recommend to read this article.

It’s actually very simple to follow and the coffee you will grind with this method will be less bitter for the taste.

This Aeropress method is highly recommended if you want to create smooth, tasty and full flavoured coffee with less bitterness and acidity.

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Regrinding or double grinding your coffee is not highly recommended if you ask me personally.

In case, if you need to make coarse grind into the medium or finer coffee grind, then sometimes you might need to consider this option.

But if you don’t want to clog or damage your expensive coffee grinder and don’t desire to lose the original flavor and aroma of your coffee; then you must avoid double grinding your coffee.

However, if you want to go ahead with regrind option, then I highly recommend to follow the above mentioned tips first.

And choose either Hand Coffee Grinder or Aeropress Coffee Maker method to regrind your coffee.

Good luck!


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