Can You Use Instant Coffee in a French Press Maker – 5 Instant Coffee vs French Press Differences

Instant coffee was introduced to enable people to curate hot coffee without having to use a coffee maker or a French press.

A majority of coffee drinkers make instant coffee in the cup by stirring in hot water or milk.

People who make coffee with a French press are unlikely to use instant coffee, but it isn’t impossible either.

Making instant coffee in a French Press coffee maker is entirely possible.

However, the results of it would not be much pleasant and the way you desire.

French Press machines are ideally made for ground coffee beans.

Despite their technical compatibility, French press coffee makers and instant coffee are ultimately at odds.

Many coffee lovers get a French Press machine to brew coffee by steeping coffee grounds in water rather than filtering them through paper filters.

It is possible to use instant coffee in a French press, but the results are usually not that great.

It is not a very good idea to put instant coffee into any coffee machine.

It can affect the functionality of the machine and alter the taste and flavor of your coffee too.

So, although it is possible to make instant coffee in a French Press maker, I still do not recommend you do it.

To get clear idea, I have answered few more relevant queries regarding this topic.

I recommend to check them out too to understand more about the proper usage of instant coffee.

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Can You Use Instant Coffee in Any Coffee Maker?

Instant coffee is dried brewed coffee.

It consists of the coffee beans that are already ground, the coffee is brewed, and finally the water is removed from them.

A coffee machine, also known as a coffee maker, is used to brew coffee from ground coffee rather than the instant coffee.

Because instant coffee powder only needs to be re hydrated, adding hot water to it is sufficient.

It will completely dissolve in water, whereas ground coffee in a coffee maker will not dissolve easily in the water.

When you put instant coffee in a coffee machine, the result is mushy and it smells strange too.

The taste is usually unpleasant, and there is also this difficult to clean coffee residue.

It makes complete mess in the coffee machine and regular use of instant coffee in your machine could also get it clogged later on.

Because instant coffee hardens as it dries which leads to a clogged machine.

Once your coffee machine is clogged with hardened coffee residue, then you may have to remove it or scrape it out with a dull knife or a spoon.

After that, you will have to clean your coffee machine entirely using various cleaning methods.

Now, you are aware of what is likely to occur if you regularly use instant coffee in your coffee machine.

A coffee machine is not an ideal choice for making instant coffee at any time.

There are no shortcuts or other ways to get around it.

So, I highly recommend to make instant coffee with traditional methods only.

What Kind of Coffee Must be Used in a French Press Coffee Maker?

The “best” coffee is a personal choice.

But high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans often produce a delicious tasting coffee.

Medium dark roasted coffee is highly preferred by most French press experts.

Because these types of coffee beans allow for a slower extraction of oils, flavor, and taste during brewing.

French Press Coffee Makers are designed to work with ground coffee.

The machine mainly helps to brew the ground coffee beans which is responsible for the taste and flavor that we have.

If you love to drink French Press coffee, then you must possess a good quality French Press coffee machine at home.  

If you are planning to buy a new quality French Press coffee machine for yourself, then check out my 3 highly recommended choices.

1. Secura 304 Grade Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

2. Café Du Chateau Borosilicate Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

3. Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Machine

Is French Press Maker the Good Choice for Making Instant Coffee?

I would say no.

It is definitely possible to make instant coffee in a French press coffee machine, but the outcome won’t be very good.

There are always high chances of the machine breaking down and not able to process the instant coffee.

Coffee is brewed, dried, and granulated to make instant coffee.

Adding water to the coffee in a French press will rehydrate it, defeating the purpose of instant coffee and the process.

A French press also makes the best cup of coffee made by grinding fresh coffee beans.

For making coffee in a French press, instant coffee is not the best option in mu opinion.

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How to Make Best Tasting Instant Coffee in a French Press Maker?

Still, if you want to try making instant coffee in your French Press maker, then here is the step by step recipe for the same.

1. Bring water to a simmer but not quite boiling temperature.

2. Select a coarse instant coffee if possible.

3. Pour a couple of tablespoons of instant coffee in the machine for each cup to be made.

4. Pour water over the grounds in the press and stir to fully submerge them.

5. Steep for the desired amount of time (depending on its taste).

6. Press coffee through mesh filter with plunger.

7. Bring out the coffee and pour it in a cup, and then enjoy your cup of coffee.

French Press Coffee vs Instant Coffee – Which One is Best?

The two most popular methods of brewing coffee are arguably French press coffee and instant coffee.

However, the two are diametrically opposite in terms of their preparation.

The French Press produces a classic, fresh-tasting cup of coffee.

But it takes more time and efforts to produce a good quality French Press coffee.

Instant coffee has more flavor options and is faster to make.

However, the flavor isn’t always as strong and it contains fewer antioxidants than French press coffee.

The following 5 are the basic differences between French Press coffee vs Instant coffee.

Read them carefully to understand their main differences.

1. Method of Preparation

The French Press is a brewing method designed for coffee enthusiasts who do not have formal barista training to enjoy great cup of coffee.

It makes coffee that is silky smooth and full-flavored.

A carafe with a plunger is used to brew the coffee in a French Press.

To make a cup of coffee, you basically only need ground coffee beans and hot water.

Even though it is simple to use and does not take much efforts, getting the right cup for you does require some skill.

Apart from the coffee grounds and a machine, there isn’t much else that goes into instant coffee.

It first gained popularity in the United States around World War I and has since become a household staple.

Instant coffee is made from pre-brewed coffee beans that have been dried and are ready for you to rebrew.

Instant coffee can be purchased in the form of coffee grounds in a bag or capsules, such as K-cups.

It is extremely popular due to its ease of use and low cost.

2. Caffeine Content

Due to the brewing process involved, French press coffee is much stronger and has greater amount of caffeine content.

On the other hand, Instant coffee is known to have lesser caffeine content.

This lower caffeine content bends the flavor to a bit sweeter taste.

It is not a very strong drink and does not have higher caffeine content as compared to the other types of coffee products.

3. Flavor Control 

While making a French Press Coffee, you have the control to what amount of flavors you want in your cup of coffee.

It can be customized to your own needs.

But in case of Instant Coffee, you do not really have control on the flavor and brewing you need.

The flavor and taste you get in the instant coffee is already pre-decided and it differs with brand to brand.

4. Dissolving and Sedimentation

French Press Coffee is made out of coarsely ground coffee beans and does leave sediments even after brewing.

The taste of the coffee would also differ every time unless you follow a certain technique.

Instant coffee on the other hand gets easily dissolved in milk and in the hot water.

It does not leave sediments behind.

Making an instant coffee is also pretty easy and less time-consuming process.

5. Eco-Friendly Nature

French press coffee beans are better for the environment because no coffee filters or plastic cups are required for them.

There is no environmental impact on using such types of eco-friendly coffee beans.

After you’ve finished brewing, you’ll need to dispose of the used coffee grounds, but you can use them as plant fertilizer too.

Instant Coffee is not really beneficial for the environment because of the amount of waste produced by its coffee powder.

It is a poor brewing option from the environment point of view.

Instant coffee requires either coffee filters or K-cups, which are discarded if not repurposed.

French Press coffee and instant coffee are crafted for two different kinds of audiences.

The French Press appeals to those who are in love with coffee and the craft of it.

On the other side, instant coffee is loved by people who want a quick cup of coffee while they are at work or in a hurry.

The two stand as stark opposites and cater to different audiences with their own tastes and preferences.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, I would say, you can surely make instant coffee in your French press maker.

However, this does not imply that you should be.

If you really care for your safety of your French Press maker, then you should avoid making instant coffee in it.

One of the benefits of using a French press is that it is considered the purest method of brewing coffee.

And the main benefit of using instant coffee is that it can be made quickly and easily without the use of any coffee machine.

Coffee lovers should enjoy the benefits of both French press and instant coffee, but not simultaneously.

Putting instant coffee in a coffee machine may appear to be a simple way to make a cup of coffee, but it is detrimental for the machine to do so.

It usually ruins your coffee machine, and the resulting cup of coffee would be subpar.

Your best bet is to use a coffee grounds designed to make French Press coffee in your French press maker.

And make instant coffee without the help of any coffee maker at home.


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