Keurig Power Button not Working – 4 Main Issues and 4 Easy Remedies

It is indeed very disappointing to wake up in the morning only to find out your Keurig Coffee maker refuses to turn on.

This problem obviously prevents you from having your favourite cup of coffee to start off the day freshly.

There can be several reasons behind power button malfunction of your Keurig coffee maker.

The most important reason for this is the malfunction with the machine’s touch screen.

Another problem can be related to the Keurig machine itself.

To be certain about this complication, you need to first unplug the device and then plug it back once again.

If you see that the machine still does not start on its own, then it is time to contact Keurig customer support to troubleshoot the problem.

Furthermore, sometimes the Keurig machine gets turned off voluntarily without the user’s input.

It can happen if the inbuilt timer has been set to shut off the machine automatically.

In this case, I recommend trying out the following methods to prevent power button malfunction in future.

1. First, you should try to hold the power button on the brewer down for 10 seconds.

Keep pressing it till the touchscreen is seen to be on and till the welcome note gets displayed on the screen.

2. If the above method does not work, then try out this method.

In this method, you need to unplug the coffee maker and remove its water reservoir completely.

Now keep your machine undisturbed for an hour.

In most cases, the coffee brewer power button issue gets resolved by removing its water reservoir and plugging it back after an hour.

3. Another method you can try is to change the power outlet of the machine.

Sometimes, the existing power switch or outlet can be faulty.

If it is found that the dispute is related to the power outlet, then try repeating it with another power outlet.

If you are using Keurig 2.0 coffee maker, click on the power icon which is visible on the lower right of the screen at a time.

I am sure these 3 methods will help you solve the power button malfunction problem of your Keurig coffee machine.

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Why My Keurig Won’t Turn On After Descaling?

Descaling is a well-known method that aims at removing limescale from internal parts of coffee machine.

It is also capable of removing thick layers of oxides.

But sometimes even after performing this task of descaling, the brewer does not get turned on.

The possible reason for this could be that Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer needs resetting.

To carry out resetting procedure, you need to first clean the water tank and rinse the water reservoir completely.

Then, you can use Keurig Descaling Solution to internally clean the machine.

Once you make sure there is no leftover remained, then you can add fresh water into the water reservoir and power on the machine.

The problem might have occurred due to the accumulation of gunk and so the users need to be sure there is no more clogging.

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4 Main Reasons Behind Keurig Coffee Maker’s Power Button Malfunctioning

1. Internal Clogging

The main reason behind of power button malfunctioning of Keurig coffee machine is the congestion of the sticky and messy substance inside the machine parts.

This happens due to over-usage of the brewer without proper cleaning and maintenance.

The Keurig Coffee Brewer needs servicing at regular intervals, which should not exceed 6 months.

2. Improper Fitting of Coffee Brewers

Another reason can be improper installation of coffee brewers.

While fitting of these brewers, you need to keep in mind that it needs to be done properly and all the parts should be arranged properly.

If not, the machine reset function does not work properly.

3. Programmatic Errors

If your Keurig machine still does not start, then the internal computing system has a fault.

In case, your machine happens to be turning on and off on its own, then there must be programmatic error in the machine.

It’s true that the machine is based on Java technology.

The power malfunction can happen due to the fault in programmatic functions of the coffee maker.

It has some automated functions and most users remain unaware that some settings remain active.

They get perplexed regarding which switch gets turned on at which moment.

But it happens because the particular users are not accustomed yet to its features and unknowingly activate it.

Therefore, to avoid these problems, the setting should be off.

4. High pH of Water:

Another reason can be related to high pH of the water used for making coffee.

The power malfunctioning can occur because of the usage of pool water in the coffee maker that has a high pH.

4 Effective Solutions to Fix the Power Button Malfunctioning of Keurig Coffee Machine

1. Clean and Descale Machine Regularly

We have seen that due to internal clogging, there can be problem in the machine and it may not start.

This means that usually power button does not work and machine does not start automatically.

In this case, regular cleaning and descaling of Keurig machine is necessary.

I recommend using Keurig Descaling Solution for cleaning all the internal parts.

Also use fresh and pure water to store in the water tank and to brew your coffee on a regular basis to avoid limescale clogging.

2. Install Coffee Brewers Properly

AS mentioned earlier, improper fitting of coffee brewers can also cause power button malfunction.

In this case, you need to make sure the coffee brewers are installed appropriately.

This will reduce the chances of power button failure.

3. Avoid Usage of Advanced Settings

To prevent any unforeseen programmatic errors in Keurig machine, it is important to avoid using advanced settings.

Those programmatic problems often lead to machine not turning on or abrupt on and off of the machine.

You can avoid these problems by simply keeping advanced settings off.

4. Use Fresh Water with Normal pH

Sometimes, the water you store in the water reservoir of your Keurig machine can be the main culprit behind power button malfunction.

If that water has a very high pH, then it can affect the machine performance and can disable the machine’s power button.

So, it is a best idea to always use fresh and pure water with regular or low pH to avoid power button related problems.


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