Bunn Coffee Maker Warmer Not Working? – Fix Your Coffee Machine in 16 Easy Steps

“Why Bunn Coffee Maker Warmer not Working?”, “Why is My Bunn Coffee Maker not Heating Up?”

These are some of the most common questions that several owners of Bunn coffee makers experience at least once in the lifetime of this coffee machine.

Sometimes coffee makers stop serving hot coffee and you only get cold coffee no matter what you try.

The warmer plate stops heating up and it feels that the machine is damaged beyond repair.

If you are currently facing this issue with your new or old Bunn coffee machine, then don’t worry.

You don’t have to throw out your machine and you don’t need to buy a new coffee maker yet.

Because this problem can be easily solved by either fixing one simple internal thermal fuse or by installing a new warmer switch.

In this article, I will show you how you can fix this problem and start getting hot coffee again just like a new coffee machine.

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What are the Main Causes of Bunn Coffee Maker Not Heating Up?

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

One of the most common reasons for this issue is the problem in your switch or wiring of the machine.

Sometimes, due to electric short circuit problem or electric surcharges, the internal wiring gets disturbed or damaged in some cases.

This is why the warming plate which gets heated by the internal circuit stops heating up on one unfortunate day.

Due to constant working of these machines, the internal circuit often gets overheated.

To prevent unprecedented firing of the internal circuitry due to overheating, every coffee machine has an internal thermal fuse or thermostat system.

If the machine is overheated beyond acceptable limits then the internal circuit could be fried up and damaged beyond repair.

Then there is this fire danger issue also exists if machine circuit is fried up due to overheating.

So to prevent this overheating and internal fire problem, the thermal fuse or internal thermostat system cuts all the incoming electric power to the machine and often gets damaged too in the process.

In most cases, the internal thermal fuse is damaged beyond repair in 3-4 years and you just need to replace it with a new one.

And then boom! You are back in business just like that!

There are two main ways to fix this problem.

DIY or fixing it yourself is one speedy way to quickly solve this not heating problem.

Another way is to hire an expert coffee machine repair professional and let him/her fix the issue.

Obviously you will need to spend some money for this solution.

If you are more enthusiastic and curious like me, then you will choose the DIY route.

So, now I will provide you an easy solution which you can follow from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to spend too much money for this fix.

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Easiest DIY Method to Fix Bunn Coffee Maker Warmer and Heating Problem

BUNN BUN383000020 BX-B Sprayhead Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

To fix your coffee maker not warming up or heating issue, you will need to replace your faulty internal thermal fuse.

Lets see how you can do it on your own and without spending too much on professional hire.

What You Will Need:

1. A Trusty Screwdriver

2. Thermal Fuse Replacement Kit

3. Reliable Copper Wire Cutter

Actual Fixing Procedure:

1. The very first step you will need to do is to unplug your Bunn coffee maker from the power outlet.

Make sure you drain out all the internal water from the machine.

2. Now you will need a reliable screw driver because you will have to remove few screws from the machine.

On the top panel, near the lid you will see 2 Phillips screws.

Remove them with the screwdriver and store them in the plastic container somewhere near you.

3. Now you can easily take out the upper panel or lid with your hands.

Next thing to do is to remove the four Phillips screws that are present on the water reservoir tank.

Once you remove all the four screws, you can easily take out this panel too.

4. Once you remove the water reservoir tank, then you will see the actual circuitry section on the internal machine parts.

You will have to remove the top plastic cover and then you will be able to see a white plastic roll inside which the thermal fuses are stored.

5. Take out this white roll slowly and carefully without distorting the below attached copper cables.

Once you remove the white roll, then you will see the actual thermal fuses that control the whole electricity supply to the other coffee maker parts.

6. Now, slide down another small plastic roll present on one of the thermal fuses.

You will see there is actually one set which contains 2 thermal fuses connected together.

If you check these thermal fuses with Ohm Meter them you will know that either one of them or both of them have no electric resistance.

This means they are already damaged and you need to replace them with the new set of fuses.

7. You can buy the new reliable pair of thermal fuses for under 10 bucks. Click here to buy a reliable Thermal Fuse replacement kit now.

Repair Your Bunn Coffee Maker, Water Not Heating? Thermal Fuse Harness (B-10, GRX, BXB, BTX, GRB, BR10, BXW, BT Velocity Brew) Replacement Part

I am sure this thermal fuse kit will work for almost all popular models of Bunn coffee makers including B10, BXB, BTX, GRB, GRX, BXW, BR10 and BT Velocity Brew, etc.

But just in case, if this thermal fuse does not work for your Bunn coffee machine, then I would recommend you to try this 10A/250V NEV Thermal Fuse Kit.

8. In order to replace the old burnt our thermal fuses, you will first need to cut out copper wire which is connected to them from the machine circuitry.

Use this recommended copper wire cutter from Klein Tools to cut the copper wire precisely which is connected at the base of both the thermal fuses.

9. Now you will need to strip the copper wire back by almost 0.25 inches.

You can do it easily with the above mentioned handy wire cutter.

10. Once you do that correctly, then you can connect the new pairs of thermal fuses to these copper wires safely.

Make sure fuses are fit properly in the place and can’t be removed easily.

11. Now you can slide back the plastic sleeves and reinstall both the fuses in their original place in the machine.

Kindly double check that you have put back the plastic roll in the original position without any loose end.

12. After this, reinstall the black plastic cover, the water reservoir part and upper lid carefully.

13. When you are done reinstalling all the parts of the machine, its time to fill up the water reservoir fully with the clean water.

Do not connect the plug to the power source yet.

14. When you are filling up the water reservoir, just hold down the white lever of the tank.

When water comes out of the filter basket, then release the white lever and let the upper water tank filled up completely with the water too.

15. Now, you can connect the plug to the power source and let the machine begin its brewing cycle.

Wait for next 20 minutes to complete the brew and heating cycle of the machine.

16. You will now see that the hot water is coming out of the machine into the decanter.

This means that the Bunn coffee maker warmer is now working properly.

And there is no more any heating issue existed so far.

If you want to know all these steps in easy to understand video instruction format, then I highly recommend to watch the below video from start to end.

An Easy Fix for Damaged Bunn Coffee Maker Warmer Switch

BUNN Warmer Switch for Home Coffee Brewers

In some cases, due to years of constant usage, the red warmer switch of the Bunn coffee machine is damaged beyond repair.

This is also the cause of your machine not heating up or warming function not working.

In this case, you don’t have to worry too much.

Because you can easily replace it with the new company recommended warmer switch at your home.

All you need is a Bunn recommended Warmer Switch and your trusty screw driver.

This Bunn warmer switch will fit almost all Bunn Velocity Brew models including GR, GRX, BX, B10, GR10 and several others.

If you want to know an easy installation procedure to install the Bunn warmer switch, then check out the following instructional video.

Click Here to Get the Bunn Recommended Warmer Switch for Your Machine.

Wrapping Up

Fixing your Bunn coffee maker is really easy if its warming function is not working properly.

There are only two main issues that needs to be fixed.

Either your machine’s warmer switch is not working or the internal thermal fuses are damaged and need to be replaced.

When you fix these issues with the above step by step instructions, then you will find that your old Bunn coffee maker is working just like a new machine and that too without any faults.

Cleaning and proper maintenance of Bunn coffee maker is equally important to increase the overall life span of the machine.

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Good luck!




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