6 Organic Coffee Benefits – Find The 3 Best Organic Coffee Brands

organic coffee benefits
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Without a doubt, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the globe.

The 2019 data from the ICO.org report shows that the total global coffee consumption in that single year was around 167,592 Thousand 60-kg bags.

And when you add the word ‘organic’, you just add a whole lot of benefits to this amazing drink.

Organically grown and harvested coffee has a lot to offer in terms of health and environment.

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Now, lets check out the 6 primary benefits that are offered by organic coffee brands.

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6 Important Benefits of Organic Coffee

With the ever-increasing competition in the organic coffee niche, you will see a lot of brands that talk about various health aspects of organic coffee.

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However, recent studies and research suggest that even though nutritional levels remain the same in both traditional and organic coffee, there are certain health benefits associated with the organic coffee.

No. 1: High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are known to resist and fight against a lot of free radicals in our body that may cause diseases, including cancer.

Coffee in general contains several antioxidants including Polyphenols and Hydrocinnamic Acid.

These antioxidants prevent oxidative stress and other health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Organic coffee is high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that have their own respective benefits.

All these elements boost our immune system and guard us from various diseases.

No. 2: No Artificial Substance Consumption

Organically grown coffee is free from all artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and toxins, etc.

This means that your body will not be exposed to any unwanted chemicals, regardless of how many cups of organic coffee you drink in a day.

No. 3: Reduces Risk of Chemical Ingestion

Since you won’t be consuming any artificial elements, you are relatively less likely to experience toxic reactions.

You will also not suffer from any stomach or heart-related diseases that can be caused due to a harmful chemical ingestion over a period.

No. 4: Moderate Level of Caffeine

Since organic coffee has more consistent and naturally rich caffeine level, it can directly have positive impacts on the overall mechanism of your body.

Additionally, moderate amounts of caffeine can result in a natural and much needed energy kick.

No. 5: Environmental Benefits

Apart from the health benefits, organic coffee results in a lot of positive environmental impacts as well.

Since organic farms do not use any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificially made substances, they are more environmentally-friendly as compared to their non-organic counterparts.

A lot of non-organic farms use non-renewable resources such as petroleum, for harvesting and growth purposes.

This adds to the overall land, sea and air pollution.

It eventually produces adverse effects on our planet.

On the other hand, organic farming standards require farmers to use natural fertilizers such as compost and mulch, that have enormous benefits to the soil and the coffee crop.

Moreover, organic farming doesn’t encourage deforestation.

In fact, it promotes wildlife conservation and prevention of soil erosion.

No. 6: Farmer Benefits

While we sit back and relax with our morning cup of Joe, we tend to ignore the efforts and hazards that coffee farmers have to go through to make it possible for us, the consumers, to enjoy our drink.

Artificial pesticides and fertilizers used for farming and agricultural purposes can have serious health impacts on the farmers and surrounding communities.

A recent World Resources Institute Report found out the presence of certain pesticides used in developing countries for coffee production.

The chemicals used in these pesticides can have severe impacts on neuromuscular functioning.

Most of the coffee growing places in the world are either under-developed or developing countries with little-to-no-regulation.

Most of these nations have very little safety laws in place for the farmers.

This directly means that inorganic coffee is a health risk for farmers and people residing in that vicinity.

The chemicals used in those pesticides presents potential danger to local water bodies, land and air.

These places are being constantly polluted by the use of artificial substances in the pesticides.

Moreover, farmers who produce organic coffee are Fair Trade compliant farmers, which secures a higher monetary reward for them.

2 Common Myths about Organic Coffee

In addition to the benefits of organic coffee, you might also keep hearing about some things which are not true.

Myth 1: Organic Coffee has Higher Nutrition Than Regular Coffee

As far as the nutritional levels are concerned, you do not have to believe in everything that you read or hear around you.

A 100g bag of organic beans will give you the same amounts of nutrition as compared to a 100g bag of inorganic beans.

So, there is not much of a difference when it comes to nutritional value between organic coffee and your regular coffee.

Myth 2: Organic Coffee has Low Level of Acidity

Another common myth about organic coffee is that it is low on acidity.

Well, organically farmed coffee or not, acidity levels pretty much remain the same for both types of coffee.

On the pH scale, the usual acidity is around 5.

However, the nature of acidity in coffee is more in the context of flavor, sharpness and cleanness.

Coffee is a naturally acidic beverage, although you can get a lot of low-acid options in the market today.

3 Best Organic Coffee Brands

At this point of time, if you are really serious about making a switch from your regular coffee to a more organic coffee, then I am here to help you.

After a lot of research, I have found few organic coffee brands that not only provide the best taste and flavor but they are truly made from organic coffee farming.

So, here are 3 of my favorite and the best organic coffee brands available in the market that will provide you all of the health benefits which I have mentioned in this article.

Hopefully you will love the one from this list.

No. 3: 2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

This Café Don Pablo coffee is made with whole bean organic Arabica coffee beans.

It is a Certified Organic coffee approved by CCOF.Org.

This coffee is also low on acidity and has a rich chocolate flavor.

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No. 2: Death Wish Organic Coffee

This is also one of the most popular organic coffee brands in the market which is USDA Certified and Fair Trade approved.

If you are a fan of drinking very strong coffee with bold and intense flavor then Death Wish organic coffee is the right beverage for you.

It comes with subtle cherry and chocolate flavors which you will love while drinking your cup of coffee.

I highly recommend this organic coffee brand because it is made from the unique combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

The slow roasting process and the use of premium coffee beans has made this coffee less bitter and low on acidity.

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No. 1: Kicking Horse Organic Coffee

This is my number one recommendation when it comes to consuming the best quality organic coffee brand from the market.

Again, it is USDA certified and Fair Trade approved brand.

I love its dark roasted whole coffee beans because they provide different aroma and tasting notes.

If you are a fan of drinking 100 percent organically made and highly rich flavored coffee then look no further.

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Final Thoughts on Organic Coffee Benefits

By now, you do have a clearer picture of all the positives associated with drinking organic coffee.

If you are contemplating to switch from a traditional to a more organic lifestyle, coffee would be the perfect start.

However, there could be other factors as well that might influence your decision to switch to organic coffee, such as its price, availability, brand, etc.

I strongly recommend you to pick any one of the above mentioned organic coffee brands to get started.

Enjoy your organic cup of Joe starting today! 🙂

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