Mentos and Coffee – Should You Really Drink Coffee with Mentos?

mentos and coffee
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So, today I want to talk about this weird misconception that several folks have in their mind.

Many people believe that if you drink coffee with Mentos, then it can seriously affect your health or can seriously upset your stomach.

Some even believe that when Mentos is added in your coffee and if your drink it then it could explode inside your stomach.

How rubbish!

So, what is the truth?

What happens when you add Mentos in your daily coffee and drink it afterwards?

The short answer is nothing happens.

You don’t die certainly after drinking this cup of coffee.

If you check the scientific facts about Mentos on Wikipedia then you will realize that it is made from ingredients such as rice starch, gum Arabic, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, gellan gum, beeswax, hydrogenated coconut oil and sucrose esters, etc.

So, when you add Mentos scotch mints in your coffee, no explosion happens.

You can drink it without any issues.

However, some folks do not like its after taste because your coffee flavor changes due to the addition of Mentos mints.

I hope you have got your answer by now.

If you want to know more about whether you should drink Mentos coffee then keep reading further.

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Can You Die When You Take Cold Drink and Mentos Together?

The straightforward answer to this question is No.

Mentos is not dangerous to eat at all and you can eat it before, after or with Coca Cola or any other cold drink without any so called explosions.

It is just a myth and is already proven false by several experiments done by lots of people all over the world.

According to the information published on this Official Coca-Cola Vietnam website, when you mix Coca Cola and Mentos together, you get to see geyser of soda eruption.

But this happens only due to the exposure of rough coating and irregular surface of the candy with the CO2 molecules trapped inside the Coke bottle.

When the coating on the Mentos and the rough surface of the candy come into the contact with any carbonated beverage, it is quickly reacted with it and forms an eruption of soda.

However, when you consume Mentos candy, the coating of the candy and the rough surface both are quickly dissolved inside our mouth and stomach.

And after that if you drink any carbonated beverage, then it does not get reacted with it.

This simply means you will not get the same reaction which you see in the open air.

So, it is not at all true that Coca Cola when mixed with Mentos gets exploded inside our stomach.

However, you may experience upset stomach and vomiting if you consume too much of carbonated beverage along with Mentos candies.

So, be prepared to face a lot of burping and vomiting due to upset stomach.

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Can We Drink Coffee After Mentos?

Yes, you can safely drink coffee even after you eat Mentos mints.

Mentos mints does not get reacted with any cold drink or hot drink such as coffee or tea inside our stomach.

The only time Mentos mints get reacted with Soda or any carbonated beverage is when they are mixed in the bottled drink in the open air.

If we consume Mentos mints, they are simply dissolved inside our stomach and then they are not able to react with any type of cold drink or hot drink.

Coffee contains coffee beans, water, milk and sugar.

On the other side, Mentos is made with substances such as rice starch, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, etc.

These ingredients do not react violently inside the stomach.

Some people do drink coffee along with Mentos mints to enhance its taste and flavor.

Mentos mints have a different kind of flavor and taste and when it is mixed with coffee, the flavor of your coffee changes a bit.

Some people do like that flavor while others don’t.

It all depends on your personal tastes and preferences.

Are There Any Long Term Side Effects of Drinking Coffee with Mentos?

As far as, the long term side effects for your health is concerned, I can say they are not yet tasted to the full extent.

No one has tasted the long term effects of drinking coffee with Mentos mints.

But I think it is not at all healthy to consume Mentos mints and then drinking coffee over it for a long term basis.

Yes, you may consume Mentos or add Mentos mints in your coffee sometimes or occasionally just to taste the different minty flavor.

However, I don’t recommend it to follow this trend on a regular basis.

Mentos does contain a lot of sugar which is not good for your body.

If you check the nutritional profile of Mentos mints at, then you will realize that it does contain some artificial colors and full hydrogenated oils.

Plus, these Mentos mints are highly processed items which is not healthy to consume on a long term basis.

Therefore, my conclusion is you should not consume coffee with Mentos on a regular basis.

Yes, you can drink coffee with Mentos occasionally but stay away from making it a habit.


In the end, I would like to say that it is safe to add Mentos mints to your coffee.

It adds new minty flavor to your coffee and some people may like it while some don’t.

You can drink your coffee with Mentos occasionally for a change in the taste and flavor.

But don’t make it a habit as it is not healthy to consume Mentos with your coffee for a long term basis.


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