Will a Coffee Filter Remove Yeast from an Old Wine? – 3 Easy Methods to Quickly Filter out Yeast Sediments

coffee filter to remove yeast

Are you planning to use an unbleached coffee filter to filter out the sediments from your older wine bottles? If you want to remove yeast cells and other phenolic molecules from your age-old wine then you might be thinking of using coffee filters for the same. But the main question here is will a coffee … Read more

How to Remove Portafilter Basket – 5 Quick Methods to Change Stuck Portafilter Basket Easily

remove portafilter basket

Are you frustrated enough trying to remove the portafilter basket from its group head? Many people try either their fingernails or the butter knife to remove the stuck portafilter basket. These filter baskets are usually put inside the portafilters very tightly and it takes extra efforts to remove them. If you don’t know the right … Read more

Bamboo vs Paper Coffee Filters – Know These 8 Key Differences Before Using Any Coffee Filter

bamboo vs paper coffee filter

Few days back, one of my close friends recommended me to use Melitta bamboo coffee filters instead of regular paper coffee filters. Before that, I was regularly using paper filters for my pour over coffee. When my friend suggested me to use these new types of filters, I wondered which kind of filter is healthier … Read more

Is It Coffee Grounds or Grinds? – Know When To Use The Term Coffee Grounds and Coffee Grind

coffee grounds or coffee grinds

Hey guys, today I am here with a very unique topic to discuss with you. A lot of the folks I talk in my daily routine are often confused between the two words. And those words are “coffee grounds” and “coffee grinds”. Some people use them alternatively while some use them in the different context … Read more

Best Glue for Coffee Mug Handle – 5 Glue Solutions to Quickly Fix Any Broken Coffee Cup Handle

best glue for coffee cup handle

Few days back, I wrote an article about how you can fix any type of hairline crack in your ceramic coffee mug. After a lot of hours of research, I have found few effective glue products that work best in fixing all types of broken ceramic, plastic and glass coffee mugs. If you happen to … Read more

How to Repair a Hairline Crack in a Coffee Mug – 5 Effective Methods to Fix Your Broken Coffee Mug

repair hairline cracks in coffee mug

Have you ever got yourself in a situation where you find a hairline crack in your coffee mug while sipping your fresh coffee in the morning? Even a minor looking hairline crack in your ceramic coffee mug is capable enough to send few coffee drops on your legs, hands or expensive clothes. I know its … Read more

Does Oat Milk Curdle in Coffee? – 3 Easy Methods to Prevent Oat Milk Curdling in Your Coffee

oat milk curdling in coffee

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the Oat milk that you add in your daily coffee gets separated and floats on its surface? When this happens, are you doubtful whether you should drink this coffee or put it away? Few days back, I published an article about when and why coffee creamer curdles in the … Read more

Coffee Filter vs Cheesecloth – Know What is the Best Option to Filter Your Brewed Coffee

cheesecloth vs coffee filter

Cheesecloth is basically made from a cotton cloth and is primarily used to prepare a cheese. It is also a great medium that can be used to strain water from various liquid items. So, I often wonder whether cheesecloth can be used to filter coffee efficiently. Does it work better than your regular coffee filter … Read more

Are Solo Coffee Cups Recyclable? – Know Which Solo Cups are Safe for Our Environment

are solo coffee cups recyclable

Yesterday, I was reading an article from Earthday.org and I was really worried by looking at the actual statistics about plastic coffee cups usage. As per this article, every year people use more than 16 billion disposable coffee cups around the world. Imagine, how much non-disposable plastic waste we are creating everyday on this beautiful … Read more