Best Glue for Coffee Mug Handle – 5 Glue Solutions to Quickly Fix Any Broken Coffee Cup Handle

Few days back, I wrote an article about how you can fix any type of hairline crack in your ceramic coffee mug.

After a lot of hours of research, I have found few effective glue products that work best in fixing all types of broken ceramic, plastic and glass coffee mugs.

If you happen to have your favorite coffee mug with a broken handle and looking for the best glue options to fix this issue, then you have reached the right resource now.

Today, in this article, I am giving out 5 best glue products that you can use to fix any broken coffee mug handle at your home with ease.

So, I recommend to read this article till the end to discover the best glue that is perfect to fix your broken ceramic, plastic or glass coffee mug handle.

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5 Best Glue for Fixing Broken Coffee Cup Handle

No. 5: Casein Milk Protein Natural Glue

Yes, you read that right!

You can use your regular cow milk or buffalo milk to fix the broken handle of your coffee cup in just few hours.

This is the safest and the most organic glue you will ever make at your home.

The process to fix the broken coffee cup handle with the milk is very straightforward and simple to follow.

Things You will Need:

1. Saucepan

2. Electrical Tape

3. Any Dairy Milk

4. Broken Coffee Cup with its Handle

Actual Fixing Procedure:

a. In this method, the first thing you will need to do is get the reliable electrical tape from the market. Do not use your regular masking tapes which will melt at a higher temperature in the boiling milk.

2. First, you will need to properly realign all the broken pieces of your ceramic coffee mug including the broken handle.

3. Now start applying the electrical tape on all the broken joints from the outside of your coffee cup.

4. I know it would be somewhat tedious to join the broken handle to the cup with just the electrical tape. But if you try a bit harder, you will know how to properly apply the tape on those broken joints.

5. Once you are able to apply all the electrical tapes, take a saucepan and pour some milk in it.

6. Now place your broken coffee mug with its attached handle inside the milk in the saucepan. Pour more milk to submerge the coffee cup inside the milk completely.

7. Now start heating up the milk, keep the flames on the low to medium settings and avoid using high temperature.

8. Once you see the milk is started boiling, then after one hour, take out the saucepan from the gas and allow the milk to become cool for next few hours.

9. I recommend you to keep the coffee cup inside the milk for next 24 hours at least to get the best results.

10. Once 24 hours are over, take out the coffee cup from the milk, clean it well under the tap water and peel all the tapes carefully.

11. Now, you will see that the natural milk protein named as casein has done its job perfectly. This casein protein acts as natural glue which settles down in the cracks of your mug and bonds the broken parts perfectly in 24 hours.

No. 4: Kintsugi Glue from Kintsugi DIY Repair Kit

Yes, this is also an excellent glue option you can use to fix the broken handle of your coffee mug at your home.

It is made from completely natural ingredients and that is why it is safe to use for every type of ceramic coffee mug crack.

There is a readymade Kintsugi DIY Repair Kit available online which you can use at your home to fix all types of ceramic materials.

The Kintsugi glue that comes with this kit acts as a perfect natural adhesive and fixing a broken handle of your coffee cup is pretty easy with this glue.

Click Here to Get the Kintsugi DIY Repair Kit.

No. 3: Glue Made from Epoxy Resin Kit

Epoxy Resin Kit is probably one of the best and safest low viscosity coatings that can be used to join the broken handle with the coffee mug.

Although, it is mainly used for art coating on the tables, countertops, casting jewelry design, etc; you can still use it to fix all types of cracks and broken parts of your coffee cup.

The best thing is it is completely UV resistant, food safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous to use at your home.

The process of fixing the broken handle of your mug with Epoxy Resin kit is really easy and takes just few minutes of yours.

Things You will Need:

1. Epoxy Resin Kit

2. Spatula

3. Your Broken Coffee Mug

4. Plastic plate

Fixing Procedure:

1. First thing you will need to do is to mix both the resin and its hardening agent that come in two different bottles.

Mix them properly in the plastic plate and make it a homogeneous mixture.

This mixture starts to cure and forms a stronger bond with any of the surfaces where you apply it.

2. It is a more water and heat resistant than the milk or any other glue in the market.

So, even in the bright sunlight, it will not melt away after its application. This means it will remain unaffected for a long period of time.

3. Now with the help of a spatula, start applying the mixture to both the sides of the broken handle of your mug. Also apply the mixture on the broken sides of the mug.

4. Now join the handle carefully on the broken edges properly and now let it dry for next few hours.

5. Once few hours are over, the mixture will make a strong bond between the broken handle and your cup.

6. And finally, you can clean the cup and start using it for regular coffee drinking.

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No. 2: Krazy All Purpose Instant Super Glue

I really like this Krazy Super Glue because of the fact that it is really easy to use and works very quickly when it comes to fixing any broken parts of my ceramic, plastic or glass coffee cups.

You can use it to repair all types of broken parts of various materials made from plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber, porcelain, leather, vinyl and metal.

Joining the broken handle of your coffee mug is pretty easy with the help of this Krazy super glue.

Just apply few drops of Krazy glue on both the sides of the broken handle properly and then also apply the glue on the broken edges of your coffee cup.

Now join the mug handle perfectly on the same spot from where it was broken earlier.

Allow few minutes to dry the glue and then clean the cup properly to start drinking your coffee as usual.

Click Here to Get Krazy Insant Super Glue.

No. 1: Gorilla Super Glue

This is the number one glue product in the market right now which is very popular and many folks that I know personally, use it a lot.

This Gorilla Super Glue is pretty fast in fixing broken stuff at our home.

It is highly effective in repairing broken materials that are made up of plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber, leather and paper, etc.

It takes only 10 to 30 seconds to join the broken parts of your ceramic coffee mug and you don’t even require any kind of clamping to do this fixing.

You can apply it on vertical surfaces too; thanks to its “No Run, Control Gel” formula.

This glue does not dry up easily because of its anti-clog cap which means you can use it for a loner period of time as compared to the other glue products in the market.

Fixing a broken coffee mug handle is really easy and super fast with the help of this Gorilla Super Glue.

This is the reason why it is my the number one most recommended glue product to repair all kinds of broken coffee mug handles.

Wrapping Up

So, these are my 5 favorite glue products that I recommend the most when it comes to fixing the broken coffee mug handles at your home.

If you want to use completely natural glue then I recommend you to try using milk method and Kintsugi glue.

After that, the next safest glue that you can use is the one which is made from Epoxy resin kit.

It is made from food safe materials which is why you can use it safely for fixing your broken coffee cups.

The last 2 glue products are made from chemicals and are only recommended when you want a quick fix and is not much concerned about using organic glue.

Krazy Super Glue and Gorilla Super Glue both are the best at what they do.

Both glue products work perfectly in fixing all types of broken ceramic, plastic, glass, and paper coffee cups.

In the end, I leave the selection decision of the right glue product in your hands.

I am sure you will choose the right one for you. Good luck!


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