Can You Put Hot Coffee in a Plastic Solo Cup? – Know the Best Type of Solo Paper Cup to Drink Hot Coffee

Recently I was reading an article from which was discussing why we should not drink tea or coffee in a plastic cup.

From the last decade, the use of plastic disposable cups has increased tremendously throughout the world and specially in the United States.

According to this article, the harmful chemical additives of these plastic cups can get into your hot coffee when poured in the cup.

That leads me to the above question because I use Solo coffee cups regularly at my home and I was getting worried about the incessant use of plastic disposable cups.

So, today’s main question is “can you put hot coffee in a plastic solo cup?”.

My simple and straightforward answer to this question is it depends on what type of solo coffee cup you are using.

If you plan to use the iconic original Solo red cups for storing hot coffee, then I would strongly prohibit you from doing it.

On the other side, Solo also produces 12 oz and 16 oz paper hot cups with lids.

These hot paper cups are perfect for putting hot coffee and drinking it slowly.

Now you know what types of Solo coffee cups you should use for drinking hot coffee.

If you still want to know more detailed information about the safe usage of Solo coffee cups, then I strongly recommend you to keep reading till the end of this article.

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Can You Put Hot Drinks in Any Plastic Cup?

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If you ask my opinion, then I will strongly suggest you not to use your regular disposable plastic cups for pouring hot drinks in them.

As per the information published on, most plastic coffee cups are made from either BPA or PVC plastic material.

Now such type of plastic material is highly susceptible to leaching of its base plastic when exposed to higher temperatures.

Even the rate of this leaching plastic material can go up by 55 percent when you pour hot drinks such as hot water, hot tea or a hot coffee.

When leaching of base plastic material begins, it starts to release its harmful plastic additives directly in your hot beverage.

Thus, these plastic cups end up adding plastic taste to your hot water or hot coffee and it could lead to some health issues if you use these cups for longer period of time.

Therefore, you should not use plastic disposable cups to store and drink hot beverages in them at any cost.

Is it Safe to Put Hot Water in a Plastic Cup?

No, it is not safe to drink hot water from a plastic cup which are suitable to drink only cold beverages.

As explained in the above section, any type of hot drink or hot beverage is not at all recommended to store inside a plastic cup.

Hot water should only be used in the plastic cup when it is well insulated and double walled with proper insulated material.

But I still feel that any type of plastic cup must be avoided to pour hot water in it and then drink water from that cup.

Which Type of Solo Cup is Best to Drink Hot Coffee?

Solo Hot Cups with Lids, 16 oz, 90 Count

Solo produces 2 main types of paper cups.

One is made to consume cold drinks and the other one is made to drink hot beverages.

Yes, you can certainly use a Solo paper cup that are specially made to drink hot beverages such as hot water, hot coffee or hot tea.

However, I will not recommend you to use their most popular Solo red cups for this purpose.

Yes, you can use Solo red cups only to drink cold beverages such as iced coffee, cold brew coffee or your normal water.

If you want to drink hot coffee, then the best Solo cups to use for the same are their 12 oz and 16 oz Solo Paper Hot Cups which also come with the reclosable lids.

I liked the quality of the lid on these hot coffee cups because they are leak resistant and they easily prevent the accidental slippage of your hot coffee or hot tea.

These Solo hot paper cups are ideal for people who love to drink their morning hot coffee sip by sip and at their leisure time.

The hot coffee remains hot for a good amount of time in these hot paper cups.

I also love their trendy designs which makes other people amused.

And the best part is they are completely eco-friendly because they are made form 95 percent plant-based bio-degradable material.

Are Solo Plastic Cups Microwave Safe?

The answer to this question is definitely “No”.

Most Solo paper cups including Solo red cups and Solo hot paper cups with lid are made from either eco-friendly plant based material or a BPA free plastic material.

These Solo cups although pretty durable to store hot beverages for some period; they can not withstand higher temperatures for a long period.

If you microwave these Solo cups even for few seconds, they would start to become very bendable and soft.

These Solo paper cups are not microwave safe and are not designed to withstand higher heat for considerable time period.

Plus, a higher heat can leach out the harmful plastic additives from the cup inside your drink or beverage.

Therefore, your health is at risk when you try to heat up these Solo paper cups inside a microwave oven.

This is the reason, you should completely avoid heating them up in your microwave machine.

Final Thoughts

First up all, congrats for reading this article till the end.

By now you must have understood which types of Solo coffee cups are good for drinking hot coffee.

I recommend you to use only their 12 oz and 16 oz Solo Paper Hot Cups that come with reclosable lid.

For every other cold drinks or cold beverages, you can use their regular Solo Red Paper Cups without any issues.


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