Can You Make Hot Chocolate in A Coffee Maker? – Yes, You Can (Step by Step Procedure)

We all love to drink hot chocolate, isn’t it true?

Remarkably, we would like to have a tasty and delicious hot chocolate forever. But the thing is we prefer stores or supermarkets to purchase chocolates.

My question is how many of you have already prepared a hot chocolate at your home.

Have you ever thought that you can prepare a hot chocolate with the help of a coffee maker? Yes, the answer to this question is a big “Yes”.

You can certainly prepare a delicious hot chocolate at home with nothing but a De’longhi ESAM 6900.M automatic espresso coffee machine, water or milk, and cocoa powder.

One day I was searching for the actual recipe for making hot chocolate at home and I stumbled upon a few Youtube videos.

I checked several of those recipes and tried some of them at my home.

After trying out a few of them, I have zeroed on one best method. In this article, I will give out my best method to prepare delicious hot chocolate using your own coffee maker at home.

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Things You Will Require to Make Hot Chocolate at Home

a. Milk at refrigerated temperature

b. Chocolate Mix Powder or Cocoa Powder

c. A Reliable Coffee Maker (I recommend to use De’longhi Prima Donna Exclusive ESAM 6900.M Fully Automatic Espresso Machine to prepare the best quality hot chocolate.)

How to Make Hot Chocolate with De’longhi Prima Donna Espresso Coffee Machine?

DeLonghi ESAM 6900.M Delonghi ESAM6900 Prima Donna Exclusive Fully Automatic Espresso Maker with Lattecrema System, Stainless Steel

In order to prepare the most delicious and tasty hot chocolate, you will need to use a premium quality espresso coffee machine.

And, De’longhi Prima Donna ESAM 6900M Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker is an ideal choice for the same.

So, the process to make hot chocolate with this machine is as follows:

1. This De’longhi coffee machine has a separate and specially designed hot chocolate carafe. You can prepare hot chocolate in this carafe using just milk and cocoa powder or any other chocolate powder.

2. I suggest you to make one or two cups of hot chocolate in your first attempt to get the right density and taste.

3. First, you will need to take out its chocolate carafe and open its lid properly.

4. Once you take out the lid, it is important to check whether the steam spout is properly connected to the chocolate funnel.

You will also need to check whether the stirrer is inserted in both the holes of the funnel. If both these things are not connected properly, then you won’t get the best results.

Therefore, always make sure that the stirrer and steam spout are functioning in the right manner before you go further.

5. If you see everything is connected to the carafe the right way, then close the lid appropriately with funnel and stirrer in their exact place.

6. Now some people like to make hot chocolate with just water while others love to prepare hot chocolate with just milk.

Here, if you want to use milk for this recipe, then I recommend using refrigerated milk to get the best results. If you are using water then I suggest using fresh tap water.

7. Now comes the important part and that is to decide the quantity of milk and cocoa powder which you should add while making a hot chocolate in your coffee maker.

Here, you should set your quantity as per the amount of hot chocolate you want to produce.

8. If you want to prepare one cup of hot chocolate then I recommend pouring one cup level of milk or water in the funnel.

For this amount, you will need to add at least 2 measures or 25 grams of cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder in the funnel.

9. If you want to prepare 2 cups or 1 mug of hot chocolate then I recommend pouring milk or water up to 2 cup level or 1 mug level.

In this case, you will need to add 4 measures or 50 grams of cocoa powder in the funnel.

10. When you pour milk and cocoa powder in the funnel, make sure that stirrer and steam spout are inside the funnel. This is important to make sure you are putting the right amount of milk and chocolate powder inside the funnel.

11. In case you want more thick or denser hot chocolate mixture then you can increase the quantity of cocoa powder a little bit.

12. Once you are done adding the milk and powder in the carafe, you can close its lid properly and attach the carafe in its original position.

13. Now comes the fun part. When you see all the functions enabled on the front display of the machine, you can actually start the mixing process.

14. First, choose either 1 cup or 2 cup coffee icon from the display.

15. Then decide the right amount of density by increasing or reducing the density level. There are 3 options for density: Thick, Medium and Thin. Choose any one of them as per your requirement.

16. Now just press the “Chocolate” button available on the front display. Once you press this button, you will see that the machine starts mixing milk and chocolate powder automatically.

17. The main function of the steam spout is to deliver the developed steam into the mixture. This coffee machine creates the steam to mix both the powder and milk properly.

Don’t worry if you see some steam coming out of the carafe during the mixing procedure. Its normal process of heating the mixture to make it more coherent and denser.

18. You will see a few minutes of mixture splashing inside the carafe and then the machine will stop once it properly heats and mixes both the things inside the carafe.

19. Now just take out the carafe and pour the ready hot chocolate mixture in 1 or 2 cups. Depending on your selection of thickness and density, the volume of hot chocolate will vary.

20. If you choose the thicker density, then there will be less hot chocolate produced and if you want a higher quantity then I recommend to select a thin or medium density option.

So, that’s how you prepare a delicious hot chocolate using De’longhi Prima Donna Exclusive ESAM 6900M Coffee Machine. I also recommend you to watch the following video.

Here, you will get to see the actual hot chocolate making process with this machine in more detail.

How to Prepare Hot Chocolate with Just the Water and Chocolate Powder?

Now that I have covered the procedure with a specific coffee machine brand, you can try this simple recipe with your regular coffee maker.

You can follow the same process even if you don’t want to add milk. You can make hot chocolate with just the water and cocoa powder or chocolate powder.

It will work even if it has no special “Chocolate” making option available. Just follow the below procedure.

• At first, fill the coffee maker with 5-6 cups of water.
• Buy 3-4 good quality hot chocolate packets online.
• Put them in a coffee maker and mix it up with water.
• If you want to prepare 3-4 cups of hot chocolate mixture then I recommend adding 5-6 cups of water to make it thin or medium dense.
• To get more taste, add your favorite sweetener. I prefer to add sugarless ingredients.
• Then, turn on the coffee maker and allow a few minutes to properly mix both the things inside the machine.
• You will need to make sure that the mixture is appropriately boiled and the powder is dissolved into the mix.
• If you see that the mixture is hot and ingredients are mixed properly, then switch off the machine. Now take out the mixture and serve it in 3-4 cups.

Apart from this process, I know that you folks have a few more questions regarding this hot chocolate recipe.

I have enlisted them below. Kindly read them too to get your answers.

Most Frequently Asked Questions for Hot Chocolate Coffee Machines

What is the Best Nespresso Machine for Hot Chocolate?

Nespresso by De'Longhi ENV135B Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

I did a lot of research to find the best Nespresso coffee machine that can make a delicious hot chocolate.

After several hours of research, I found the ideal machine which can make hot chocolate with the help of Nespresso hot chocolate pods.

If you are looking for such a machine then I would recommend you to check out Nespresso by De’longhi ENV135B Coffee Machine.

With the help of the right Nespresso hot chocolate pods, you can easily prepare hot chocolate in this machine.

If you want to know how to make hot chocolate with any type of Nespresso coffee machine, then I recommend to check out the following video.

Can You Use Milk Frother to Prepare Hot Chocolate?

Yes, you certainly can make hot chocolate with the good quality Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker.

Right now, the best milk frother for making tasty hot chocolate in the market is Secura 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker.

With this machine, you can make up to 1 cup of hot chocolate at a time.

You just need to mix milk and hot chocolate powder in the machine. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare a hot chocolate with this Secura 4 in 1 Milk Frother.

What are the Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods or Capsules to Use for Your Nespresso Coffee Machine?

I have used a lot of capsules and pods in the past and I have finally found a few hot chocolate pods and capsules that work best with most of the Nespresso coffee machines.

If you are searching for the best quality hot chocolate pods and capsules for your Nespresso machines then I suggest you to try my 3 favorite brands as follows.

No. 1: Caffe Hardy Italy Espresso Capsules

No. 2: Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules

No. 3: Podista Nespresso Original Line Compatible Capsules

These three hot chocolate capsules are compatible with almost all popular Nespresso coffee machines.

You can use frothed milk along with these hot chocolate capsules and obtain a yummy and creamy hot chocolate mixture in just 5 minutes.

Can You Put Cocoa Powder in a Coffee Maker?

Yes, you can add a Cocoa powder in Coffee maker. But, make sure to add limited contents in the maker.

You can mix everything well and add it with hot milk or water. Usually, you need to add about 25 grams of cocoa powder when you want to make 1 cup of hot chocolate.

Similarly, you will require about 50 grams of cocoa powder for making 2 cups of hot chocolate.

You can also reduce or increase the quantity depending on how thicker or denser you want to prepare the mixture.

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in An Espresso Machine?

Yes of course. As already mentioned above, you can certainly use Espresso coffee machines to prepare hot chocolates.

Some espresso machines like Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine and Breville BES840XL/A Infuser Espresso Machine come with an outlet for instant hot water.

I want to remind you that most of these machines do not make hot chocolate directly.

You will have to mix milk and cocoa powder in a separate pot and then use the hot water coming from these machine outlets to mix the solution properly.

Can You Put Milk in A Coffee Maker while Preparing Hot Chocolate?

My answer would be no. Its highly recommended not to take any risk with your expensive coffee machine.

The milk when boiled, becomes crusty and it can clog various parts of your machine badly.

Constant use of milk can cause mold inside your machine and it would be really unhealthy for you to prepare a coffee inside such a machine and drink the same.

For more details, please read this Quora answer.

Due to these reasons, you should avoid using milk in a coffee maker.

They are designed to make brewed coffee by heating water. It would always be better to make coffee using water and add milk later on.

The same applies when you prepare hot chocolate in a coffee maker. It’s best to use water only if your coffee machine doesn’t have any feature to add milk.


I know this article has become a little bit longer to read. But I wanted to provide all the possible answers to the most frequently asked queries regarding hot chocolate making in a coffee maker.

Finally, we have come to know how easy it is to make hot chocolate using various types of coffee makers.

The best coffee machine that I have come across which can prepare hot chocolate directly is De’longhi Prima Donna Exclusive ESAM 6900.M Espresso Machine.

You can certainly use espresso machines as well as Nespresso coffee machines to prepare hot chocolate with the help of good quality hot chocolate pods or capsules.

I hope you have liked this comprehensive guide. If you have any remaining queries, then kindly get in touch with me via the contact section.


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