Can You Make Instant Coffee with Milk? – Use This Alternative Milk for Your Coffee

make instant coffee with milk
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Coffee is a regular native drink to almost half of the population of the world by now.

According to Euromonitor data, sales of instant coffee have been nearly tripled since 2000.

Instant coffee is usually the one type of coffee powder that dissolves easily in hot water and has been popularized by companies such as Nescafe.

Instant coffee accounts for more than 34% of all retail brewed coffee consumed globally.

The rise has been both steady and significant.

Usually, the instant coffee packets adorn the instructions to brew it in hot water only.

However, there have been significant questions in the minds of the consumers if milk is a suitable substitute to water in the case of instant coffee.

If you are asking the same question as if you can use milk to make instant coffee, then you will definitely get the right answer here.

The answer to your question is Yes.

You can surely use milk to make instant coffee instead of hot water.

In fact, there are thousands of coffee lovers who are already following this practice of adding milk to their instant coffee instead of water.

Some people do associate the health hazards like indigestion with the consumption of instant coffee with milk.

However, it is quite safe to have your favorite morning drink with milk if you are not allergic to milk.

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Can You Make Instant Coffee with Milk instead of Water?

The idea of having instant coffee with milk instead of water is not an alienated concept.

You can definitely make your instant coffee by mixing a cup of milk in it.

When you make coffee with just water, the flavors are quite strong.

Mixing the instant coffee with milk comparatively weakens the flavor of the coffee and makes it taste more like a latte.

In this case, to attain a strong flavor, you may have to increase the quantity of instant coffee powder.

An easy hack to make your coffee taste even better with milk, you can always add a pinch of cocoa powder to your coffee.

Cocoa powder gives an instant thickness and rich flavor to your drink.

So, little pinch of cocoa powder mixed with well-lathered milk provides an amazing taste for your cup of coffee.

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Can You Make Nescafe with Just Milk?

The answer is a Yes.

Nescafe can be made with just milk.

Using a plain full fat milk for your coffee will make the coffee a lot thicker and fuller.

If you are planning to have your Nescafe with just milk, then make sure to use a greater quantity of coffee powder to get a better taste out of your coffee.

The type of coffee you wish to have, is also a deciding factor.

All milk coffees can get very creamy and thick.

They would be a full meal in themselves.

Nescafe has a wide range of coffee choices.

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Will Instant Coffee Dissolve in Cold Milk?

The answer to this question is Yes.

Instant coffee can very easily get dissolved in Cold milk.

It is the same way how it works for hot water or milk.

The finer the particles of the coffee are, the easier it gets for it to dissolve in the milk.

The coffee however might take a little longer to get completely mixed up in the cold milk as compared to the hot water or hot milk.

To get a good cold coffee, try mixing the coffee in the cold mix and running it on the mixer for a few seconds.

It gives a good loathe to the coffee and also helps the coffee to get dissolved better and quicker.

Instant coffee is a convenient caffeine fix that does not involve the use of a coffee maker.

Although it is recommended to make instant coffee with hot water or milk, it can also be done with cold water or milk.

People all over the world like iced coffee, which is simple to make with instant coffee granules.

There are numerous advantages to drinking coffee, and instant coffee has a high concentration of antioxidants.

Overall, instant coffee is a low-calorie, healthful beverage that is an excellent supplement to any modern diet.

The only one issue which I want to address here is the quality of the instant coffee.

Cheap coffee brands do not get dissolved in the cold milk easily and clump up quickly instead of dissolving.

Therefore, I highly recommend to choose only the most popular and highest rated instant coffee brands such as Starbucks Medium Roast Instant Coffee or Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee.

Can You Use Both Milk and Water in Your Instant Coffee?

Yes, you can surely use milk as well as water in your instant coffee without any issues.

Ideally, the best coffee is the one with the balanced amount of water and milk.

If you add milk, reduce the amount of water you use.

Most instant coffees require 8 to 10 ounces of water on average.

If you want to add milk, use two ounces of milk and six ounces of water.

This prevents your coffee from tasting watered down or bland.

How Much Milk Quantity is Safe to Use in Instant Coffee?

There is no such safe quantity of milk to be used in instant coffee.

You can use any quantity of milk as you like with instant coffee.

If the milk you use is fresh and not spoiled, then it does not cause any health hazard.

Milk being an animal protein, if used in higher quantity can make you feel full.

The greater the amount of milk used in a coffee, the lighter the flavor of the coffee is.

Using a lot of milk in your coffee can also eventually make it taste like a kid’s drink.

To get the best taste out of your instant coffee, it is advised to use half quantity of milk and half the quantity of water.

This 50-50 percent proportion of water and milk will maintain the taste and flavor of your instant coffee.

You can also very the proportion of the milk depending on your taste and preferences.

E.g. If you plan to add milk in your instant coffee, then you can mix ¼ cup of milk to 4 oz water and 1 full tsp of coffee.

If you like creamy coffee, then you can add 50 percent milk and 50 percent instant coffee.

In the end, it all boils down to what kind of taste and flavor you prefer in your coffee.

How to Make Good Instant Coffee with Milk?

Making a flavorful instant coffee with milk isn’t a rocket science.

This 2 minute recipe will definitely help you make a quick delicious coffee.

Step 1 – Add 1 tablespoon of instant coffee powder into your coffee mug.

Step 2 – Heat up required amount of milk in a vessel.

Step 3 – Add required amount of sugar to the coffee powder in the mug.

Step 4 – Once the milk comes to a boil, turn off the flame.

Step 5 – Add the hot milk to the mixture of coffee and sugar in the mug.

Step 6 – Leave the coffee to brew for 10-15 seconds.

Step 7 – Give the coffee a good mix and wait for it to lather up.

That’s it.

Your coffee is finally ready for you to enjoy every sip of it.

You can even use a mixture of milk and water for the coffee as already discussed above.

Procedure for Making an Instant Iced Coffee or Instant Cold Coffee

Step 1 – Put instant coffee powder and sugar in a coffee cup.

Step 2 – Heat up a small amount of water and add around 1 spoon of hot water to the coffee and sugar mixture and prepare a concoction.

Step 3 – Add cold milk to the concoction, give it a stir and let it rest for some time.

Step 4 – You can top it with some ice cubes, ice cream, and cocoa powder for added flavor.

What is the Best Type of Milk to Use in Your Instant Coffee?

With so many alternatives in the market today, it might be difficult to decide which one is the best milk to use in your coffee.

However, spending a few minutes educating ourselves on what is available will go a long way towards increasing the quality of your coffee.

Here are some things to ponder upon when looking for the best dairy products in your area.

1. Source of the milk

2. Fat content

3. Type of product

A common rule of thumb when selecting milk is that the more fat there is in the milk, the richer and creamier it will taste.

As a result, most coffee shops prefer whole milk.

When blended with coffee, it produces an optimum balance of taste and texture with a fat content of roughly 3-4 percent.

Reduced-fat kinds of milk, such as 1% or 2%, lose some of the sweetness and body received from using the whole milk.

While not a bad way to save fat and calories, a latte or cappuccino made using reduced-fat milk may seem weak and watery in the cup.

When compared to reduced-fat milk, skim milk, which contains a little to no fat, preserves some sweetness.

It doesn’t provide much density to your brewed coffee because of its even lighter body.

Steamed, skim milk, on the other hand, produces a drier and denser head of foam, allowing the taste of the espresso to shine through.

Creams, on the other hand, can provide a substantial amount of body to a coffee.

Most creams, ranging from 12% fat in half-and-half to 38% fat in heavy cream, are best suited for little dashes in brewed coffee, especially in a dark roast.

However, using it as the major ingredient in a latte is equivalent to having your morning oatmeal with ice cream.

What Should be The Best Non-Dairy Alternative for Instant Coffee?

When scanning the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store, a shopper’s attention may be pulled to some of the more unusual milk alternatives, such as soy, rice, or coconut milk.

However, these reduced-calorie, non-dairy kinds of milk lack the chemical composition to produce the same taste impression as animal-based kinds of milk.

Because alternative kinds of milk include more water and fewer lipids and proteins.

Their thinner appearance does not have the same effect as animal-based milk in providing a rich, creamy texture when paired with coffee.

If you are drawn in by the exotic-sounding non-dairy alternatives, these are some of your best bets.

1. Almond Milk: It is light in both body and flavor, yet it has a distinct nutty flavor.

2. Soy Milk: This milk is thicker and sweeter than almond milk and has a distinct soy flavor.

3. Rice Milk: It is most similar to skim milk, but its thinner substance makes for a flimsy latte.

4. Coconut Milk: This type of milk has a somewhat nutty flavor with a little sour aftertaste.

In my opinion, the most famous and the preferred one stays the almond milk.

It is easily available and is loved for its flavor all over the globe.

The best Almond milk brand worldwide is the Califia Farms Unsweetened Pure Almond Milk.

You can also find more popular almond milk brands online.

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Final Thoughts

Instant coffee is one of the most loved beverages around the world.

Be with milk or with water, it continues to be the first drink that most of the coffee lovers prefer in the morning.

Instant coffee with milk is a good option and has a variety of ways to be paired and consumed with.

Having a cup of creamy and frothy coffee is the best suited option for a winter and lazy day.

At the same time, a strong beaten coffee would also be your go to option for a normal working day.

The kind of milk and the amount of coffee used changes the taste of the drink.

It is a very subjective choice on what amount of milk one would want with their coffee.

But if you ask me, I would always prefer to use unsweetened alternative milk product such as almond milk for my instant coffee.


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