Can You Drink Curdled Almond Milk in Coffee? – 3 Reasons and 3 Solutions to Avoid Milk Curdling in Coffee

almond milk curdling in coffee
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Almond milk is nowadays the most favourite non-dairy milk option for several coffee drinkers.

It is even more popular than the soy milk because of its better capability to fight off indigestion and allergy issues which is the case in using soy milk.

Plus, the soy milk has additional sugar and other preservatives which makes it less favorable option for several diet conscious coffee lovers.

But the one question that bothers a lot of coffee drinkers is the possibility of almond milk curdling in the coffee.

Can you really drink curdled almond milk in your coffee?

The short answer to this question is in most cases “Yes”.

It mainly depends on the acidity of the coffee and quality of the almond milk used.

If the almond milk being added in your coffee is expired or spoiled then you should definitely avoid drinking that coffee.

If the milk is not spoiled or expired, then the curdled almond milk is fine to drink with your coffee.

Actually, the extreme temperature differences between your hot brewed coffee and the cold almond milk from the pack leads to milk curdling issue.

But as long as the milk is not spoiled or expired, it is completely fine to consume such a coffee with curdled almond milk.

I will explain further the 3 main reasons behind this curdling and the three tested methods to prevent this curdling.

So, kindly read this article till the end to get all your answers.

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3 Reasons Why Almond Milk Curdles in Your Coffee

Most dairy milk products made from cow milk or buffalo milk easily get curdled when added in the hot brewed coffee.

But in case of non-dairy milk products that are made from soy milk, coconut milk or almond milk do not get curdled easily when added in the coffee.

Then what are those primary reasons which causes an almond milk getting curdled when added to the hot cup of coffee.

Let us discuss those reasons here.

Reason 1: Higher Acidity of Your Coffee

This is the number one reason which causes almond milk or a nut milk to curdle when mixed with hot coffee.

The strong coffee beans used in making the coffee create higher acetic acid in the coffee.

This higher amount of acetic acid in your coffee is the main culprit to cause milk curdling or milk separation in the coffee.

Reason 2: Overheating of Almond Milk

Difference in temperature of the coffee and your milk also leads to milk curdling.

So, if you try to heat your almond milk from the packet and if you go beyond its usual boiling point, then there are higher chances of almond milk getting curdled when added to the coffee.

Therefore, it is important to not overheat your almond milk before you add it to your coffee.

Reason 3: Using Sub-Standard Almond Milk Products

If the almond milk you bought from the local store is not made with quality standards then such sub-standard milk gets easily curdled when added to the hot coffee.

In order to prevent this issue, all you have to do is to use only properly blended and well processed almond milk from the market such as Silk Non-Dairy Almond Milk.

This Silk almond milk has no added sugar, flavors or artificial colors used in its making.

This unsweetened almond milk is also good for your health as it contains several vitamins and minerals as well.

I strongly recommend to always use such types of well blended and properly processed unsweetened almond milk to prevent curdling in your coffee.

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3 Methods to Prevent Almond Milk Curdling in the Coffee

Method 1: Allow Your Coffee to Become Warm and Heat up Almond Milk

The extreme temperature differences between your hot cup of coffee and cold almond milk is what causes milk curdling.

You can certainly prevent this issue by following few simple precautions.

The first thing you will need to do is to put your hot cup of coffee on the table for a while.

Allow 2-3 minutes to lower its temperature a bit.

In the meanwhile, you can heat up the cold almond milk a little bit.

Try not to overheat the milk which might cause curdling again.

Once your almond milk becomes warm then you can add it to your somewhat warmer coffee.

By doing this, you are reducing the extreme temperature differences between both the coffee and the milk.

This method always works extremely well. So, do try it at your home today.

Method 2: Use No Acid or Low Acid Coffee Beans

Another major reason that causes almond milk curdling in the coffee is the use of strong coffee beans.

A stronger coffee means there will be a higher acidity.

A higher amount of acetic acid quickly reacts with the almond milk at high temperature and causes curdling in the coffee.

If you want to stop this curdling then the other method is to use either no acid or low acid organic ground coffee beans.

Yes, you can surely get such type of no acid or low acid coffee beans from the market.

If you want the best brand for no acid coffee then my recommendation would be to get Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee.

And if you are looking for a coffee which contains lower acidic content then I recommend to use Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee.

These no acid or low acid coffee beans are also extremely helpful for people who are suffering from ailments such as acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, etc.

I highly recommend you to use these ground coffee products on a regular basis if you want a healthy coffee drink with no milk curdling in it.

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Method 3: Use Well Blended and Processed Almond Milk

Almond milk is also curdled in the coffee if it is not made properly in the factory.

There are lot of low quality almond milk products available in the market which are not well processed or properly blended.

Such low quality milk easily gets curdled when added to the hot cup of coffee.

You can surely prevent this from happening by getting a good quality and well processed almond milk product from the market.

I have already mentioned the best almond milk product above which you can use at your home.

I highly recommend you to use this Silk Non-Dairy Almond Milk to avoid curdling issue.

It does not contain any additional flavors or additives which keeps it unspoiled for at least a week.

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Final Thoughts

If the almond milk is not spoiled or expired then it is certainly good to add to your coffee.

Even after that if the almond milk is curdled in the coffee, then also you can drink it without any issues.

But I strongly prohibit using spoiled or expired almond milk in your coffee which always spoils your cup of coffee too.

I have already mentioned 3 main reasons above that causes almond milk curdling in the coffee.

You can prevent this curdling by following few precautions such as heating up almond milk, using a good quality almond milk brand and by using no acid or low acid coffee beans for your daily coffee.

I am sure if you follow these tips, you will not face this milk curdling issue in the future.

Good luck.


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