Perk Coffee vs Hook Coffee – Know Which Coffee has the Better Taste and Flavor

Coffee has several die-hard fans across the globe.

People like to drink different types of coffee depending upon their taste and mood.

Many coffee lovers like to check out different coffee flavors along with the different ways of making coffee.

According to the recent survey, people nowadays tend to be more into real and fresh products even if it costs an extra amount for them.

For us to get the best kind of cup of coffee, the most important factor to be looked for is the quality of the coffee beans.

For all kinds of coffee and its related products, coffee beans are the base for its taste.

The majority of the time, the bad taste of coffee is due to the use of stale coffee beans or bad quality coffee beans.

When it comes to checking out the quality of the coffee beans, two brands are rising rapidly in the coffee market today.

Those brands are Perk Coffee and Hook Coffee.

If you are someone who gets easily inclined towards a fruity flavor if given a choice, then I must say the Perk Coffee is the best choice for you.

However, if you are someone who still needs different natural flavored coffee, then Hook Coffee will suit you the most.

They offer many different flavors of coffee and the best part is you can always choose your flavor from the name of the beans.

Today, in this article, I am going to compare the best features along with their pros and cons of both the coffee brands.

This will help us understand who has better features and which coffee has better taste and flavor.

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A Little History of Perk Coffee

Perk coffee brand actually started to flourish in Malaysia which was launched by a couple, Paul and Serena.

They were passionate about different types of coffees and traveling together.

The initiative of starting Perk Coffee was done way long before in the territory of Africa itself by both of them.

Perk coffee is a branded coffee company that provides individuals with many different kinds and flavors of coffee.

They specialize in providing fruit-flavored coffee beans.

They can provide the coffee beans in the form of whole beans, grounded coffee, powder, or in the form of drip bags.

If you are looking for another famous drip coffee brand online, then do check out UCC Craftsman Drip Coffee.

A Little Background of Hook Coffee

Hook Coffee was founded in the year 2016 by two people named Ernest and Faye on the land of Singapore.

They were just University students when the idea of opening the coffee business popped up in their minds.

Hook coffee is especially famous for its great customer-friendly services.

The most famous thing about Hook coffee is that the name of the coffee beans is purely based on the flavor it gives off.

Hook Coffee is known to provide personalized quizzes for all to know their preference in coffee and choose accordingly.

They are known to provide coffee in different ways such as coffee beans as in whole beans, grounded coffee powder, and also as a drip coffee bag.

Main Features of Perk Coffee

Perk Coffee is one of the best-known coffee brands in Singapore.

It has many admirers across the globe due to its unique concept.

Perk coffee was born to provide affordable yet great quality coffee beans of different flavors to all coffee lovers.

They are especially known to provide coffee in the flavor of fruits and nuts.

So, if you are someone who just loves the fruity flavor in your coffee, then you can choose to drink Perk Coffee without any issues.

Their coffee beans are of the most superior and premium quality.

They mainly make use of only Arabica coffee seeds for manufacturing Perk Coffee.

The Perk team gives their all to select Arabica coffee that is grown positively in the farms of Africa and South America and is chosen selectively.

Another great thing about perk is that its founder Paul himself has practiced farming and discovered many different locations with at last selecting Singapore as their junction.

Another main feature of a perk is its belief.

They believe in the quote “fresher is better”.

They do provide various coffee grounds and beans as fresh as possible which makes them highly trusted coffee provider.

You can visit their About Us page to know more details about the company.

I will recommend you to try the other famously branded coffee beans provider which is similar to Perk coffee quality.

That coffee brand is Real Good Coffee Company Beans.

Main Features of Hook Coffee

Hook Coffee is known to provide coffee that is unique in its flavor.

They are among the top brands in Singapore providing fresh coffee beans as per requirement.

Their team helps out each customer by keeping their needs in mind and providing them with the best coffee experience ever in life.

Just like perk coffee, they also come in three ways that are in the form of whole beans, grounded powder, and the form drip.

Their flavors are clearly stated by the name of the beans.

They are known to provide freshly roasted coffee beans for not more than 1 week.

Their beans are of finite quality available with the intention of providing the best available coffee to its customer.

To know more about the Hook Coffee, I recommend to read their About Us page on their website.

If you are looking for alternative coffee brand that is more similar in terms of quality to the Hook Coffee, then check out the Lavazza coffee brand.

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Pros and Cons of Using Perk Coffee


1. The Perk coffee beans provided are of usual top quality.

2. They are roasted suitably and if added any instruction, they can be roasted upon your demand like a darker roast or double roast.

3. Uses only Arabica Coffee for their products.

4. Provides coffee in the flavor of fruits and nuts.

5. All the beans once roasted are delivered to the customer within one week of roasting for their freshness to stay.

6. Coffee is provided in three different forms, a whole bean, a grounded form, and a drip bag.

You can select whichever type you prefer.

7. Along with coffee beans, different coffee-related equipment is also provided by them.


1. Their main drawback is they are not widely available to buy specially on popular online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.

2. Price is bit on the higher side as compared to the other similar coffee brands.

Pros and Cons of Using Hook Coffee

Hook Coffee was born with a very pure intention of providing the luxury of tasting great coffee from the comfort of your home.

However, not all things can be perfect.

Let us first lookout at the main pros and cons of Hook Coffee.


1. Provides the finest quality coffee beans to its customers.

2. Has many great reviews regarding its customer support team.

3. Provides unique flavored coffee beans.

4. Has a very clear relation between the name of a product and its flavor, avoiding confusion.

5. They deliver the roasted coffee beans within one week of the process of roasting.

6. Uses only high-quality Arabica Coffee Seeds for their products.

7. Known to provide ethically sourced coffee beans that too at very affordable prices.

8. This brand can provide unique flavored coffee in different forms such as whole coffee beans, in a grounded form, in bags in the form of pods.

9. Along with coffee beans, this company also provides some coffee-related equipment.


1. Not found on most popular online stores such as Ebay or Amazon.

2. Can be shipped to selected countries only.

In other words, it’s not compatible with every country for its order.

3. Has a limited area of reach.

Who is The Best Among Perk Coffee vs Hook Coffee?

Comparing the Perk Coffee vs Hook Coffee will not be a wise idea in my opinion.

Both the brands have their own merits and demerits.

Their merits also depend upon their customers and their demerits are also defined by their users only.

Someone like me, who never prefers to go with the fruity flavor in anything will go for the Hook Coffee brand.

And for someone, who lives at a place that is not in the area of delivery by Hook Coffee brand, will need to go with a Perk Coffee eventually.

Both the options are great.

If you ask honest opinion, then I would provide both Hook Coffee and Perk Coffee brands 8 out of 10 ratings.

Both of these brands are great options for true coffee lovers who prefer to drink coffee made from original Arabica coffee beans.


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