Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother not Working – 7 True Reasons and 7 Easy Solutions

Have you been using the most popular Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine and are facing some technical issues with it?

Is your Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother not working correctly?

Sometimes, you hear the motor is working okay but it can not froth milk after first 2-3 seconds.

After those first 3 seconds, all you see that just the air is blowing out in the cup by the milk frother.

If you have tried all the methods and still cannot fix this problem, then I am here to help you solve this problem.

There can be multiple issues with the machine that can affect the milk frother function.

Some of those problems can be related to the grinding motor malfunction or touch screen errors.

There is this issue related with an steam wand malfunction and internal clogging of the tubes and openings.

The long usage of the machine often leads to internal clogging because of the coffee oil produced and limescale buildup due to the hard water.

This obviously leads to internal blockage and clogging which often affects the performance of the milk frother.

For example, Your Breville Oracle Touch milk frother may not be functioning as intended and proper milk texture is not provided by the steam wand.

Sometimes, the milk frother’s foam volume starts decreasing.

These issues can be attributed to the steam wand clogging or blockage.

To rectify this problem, all you have to do is to clean and decalcify the steam wand, internal tubes and openings  properly.

Further, if your machine faces some more issues like it spins for some seconds and then starts beeping, then you just need to reset the machine.

All you have to do is to turn off the main power and turn the dial back to cold spin and start again.

In some cases, your coffee may stop brewing because solenoids may have started jamming.

So, once you descale and clean Breville Oracle Touch machine with good quality Breville Descaling Solution, then most of these problems go away automatically.

More important thing to remember here is that different brands and types of milk and milk alternatives create different textures.

So, you will have to adjust the froth level according to the type and brand of milk you use in your machine.

Now, I will go in more depth and will explain you 7 real reasons that can cause milk frother malfunction for your Breville Oracle Touch machine.

Don’t worry! I will also provide 7 easy solutions to fix these problems without much hassles.

So, keep reading this article till the end.

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7 Reasons Why Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother not Working Properly

The 7 real reasons that affect the overall performance of the Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother are provided as follows.

Most problems start with grinding motor malfunction due to which coffee can not come out of the outlet properly.

Here are the root causes.

Reason 1: Stuck Coffee Beans in the Hopper

Sometimes, you fill up low amount of coffee beans in the hopper.

In some cases, you overfill the hopper with the beans.

Due to this issue, the machine grinder gets clogged and lot of coffee oil and other debris get stuck inside the hopper.

This affects the performance of milk frother too.

Reason 2: Lack of Needle and Grinder Cleaning

After few months of usage, if you don’t regularly clean your coffee machine, then it starts to get clogged later on.

Mainly, the machine parts such as puncture needle, ports, steam wand, grinding equipment, water tubes, etc. get clogged by the debris and coffee oil.

You need to clean and descale these parts on a regular basis if you don’t want the milk frothing function to affect badly.

Reason 4: Use of Regular Tap Water

When you use your regular tap water, it contains lot of minerals and minute particles.

The calcium contained in such tap water forms limescale buildup inside your machine components and also in the steam wand.

This obviously leads to poor performance of the milk frother later on.

This is the reason, you need to use fresh, pure and filtered water all the time when you brew coffee in your Breville Oracle Touch machine.

Reason 4: Lack of Water Tank Cleaning

Lack of water tank maintenance also leads to internal clogging and blockage due to debris and limescale buildup.

If this happens, then water can not flow properly and machine can’t pump enough water.

This also affects milk frothing function adversely.

Reason 5: Lack of Steam Wand Cleaning

When there is not enough steam and the texture of the milk is not enough, then milk frother can not work properly.

It may occur when the steam wand is blocked due to coffee oil and limescale buildup.

So, regular steam wand cleaning is also essential to prevent bad working of the machine’s milk frother.

Reason 6: Use of Too Fine Coffee Grounds

When coffee grounds are too fine, then it can affect the water flow of the machine.

Tamping these too fine coffee grounds will have not so good impact on the milk frothing capability of the machine.

Reasons 7: Use of Different Brands and Types of Milk

When you keep experimenting with different varieties of milk types and milk brands, then also it affects the performance of your machine’s milk frother.

Different types and brands of milk have different levels of milk foams and textures.

The milk frother will have hard time to create the desired milk texture if you keep using different milk brands.

Eventually, it stops working when milk gets gummed up in the tubes and affects the performance of milk frother adversely.

7 Easy Solutions to Fix Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother

If your Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother is not working properly due to the above mentioned issues, then I recommend to try out the following 7 simple remedies.

Solution 1: Regular Cleaning and Unclogging of the Machine

The first thing you need to focus is on to cleaning and unclogging your Breville machine.

Regular cleaning maintenance of this machine will prevent the bad performance of its milk frother.

I highly recommend to clean and descale your Breville Oracle Touch machine with the Breville Descaling Solution to get the best cleaning results.

Solution 2: Use Medium Corse Coffee Grounds

You have seen in the above list of reasons, that if you use too fine coffee grounds, then it obstructs the water flow.

This later on affects the milk frother performance.

You also Need to check whether the tamping fan is in its proper position.

If it is not placed at its position properly, then you have to first put it in its right place.

BY using little bit coarse to medium coffee grounds, you can solve the problem of water leakage too and help in improving milk frothing function.

Solution 3: Use Only One Type and Brand of Milk

By using different types and brands of milk every time in your machine, you tend to clog and adversely affect the milk frother.

Milk frother forms different milk textures and also milk particles can clog the tubes and pipes.

This can happen when you use lot of different varieties of milk with different brands.

Therefore, try to stick to the one type and brand of milk to prevent any complications with the milk frothing function of your Breville machine.

Solution 4: Always Keep Water Reservoir Clean

If the water tank or water reservoir gets clogged due to limescale buildup and other debris particles, then it can’t function properly.

After that you will experience water clogging and lack of proper water supply when you brew your coffee in the machine.

This obviously affect the performance of the machine’s milk frother and it can’t froth milk as it should be.

To prevent this problem, it is important to keep the machine’s water tank clean and scale free.

You can use pure and filtered water instead of tap water as mentioned above to prevent limescale buildup in the water reservoir.

Solution 5: Clean Grinder and Needle Regularly

The other important machine components that need regular cleaning and descaling are the machine grinder and needle.

Both of these components get clogged due to the constant exposure to coffee oil and debris collection.

You have to keep these parts clean and debris free if you want the machine’s milk frother to work properly.

You can use Breville Descaling Solution to keep these parts clean and clog free.

Solution 6: Use Fresh and Filtered Water Only

Your regular tap water usually contains lot of chemicals, minerals and sediments.

This tap water can create lot of limescale and debris buildup inside various components of your Breville Oracle Touch machine.

Constant clogging and limescale buildup obviously affect the overall performance of the machine.

It also affects the milk frothing function badly because you don’t get enough pressure.

Therefore, to prevent these problems, it is a best idea to use fresh, filtered water that is free from harmful chemicals, sediments and minerals.

Solution 7: Keep Steam Wand Clean and Debris Free

When the steam wand gets clogged due to coffee oil and other debris particles, it can not function properly.

Lack of enough steam leads to bad performance of the machine’s milk frother.

Therefore, if you want the milk frother to function correctly, then the steam wand must work properly first.

For that, you need regularly clean and descale the steam wand to prevent any coffee oil or debris buildup inside the steam wand.

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Should You Replace the Steam Wand of Breville Oracle Touch if Milk Frother is not Working?

The simple answer is Yes if steam wand is completely broken and can’t repair it properly.

And the answer is No if you can solve the problem by simply cleaning and descaling the clogged steam wand.

There is a wise saying that Prevention is always better than cure.

So, you should keep proper maintenance of your Breville machine if you want to get best taste and flavor from your daily coffee.

You should follow all the instructions for cleaning this machine before or after use.

If the steam wand of Breville Oracle Touch Milk Frother is not working properly then you should try to check out the possible reasons for its malfunctioning first.

Sometimes, the steam wand is blocked or the sensor for temperature is damaged or not working properly.

And if the steam wand is blocked you should ensure its proper cleaning.

If the temperature sensor is malfunctioning then you will have to replace it with the new one.

If the above-mentioned solution does not work, then you will have to contact Breville support.

The support will suggest you the proper way to replace the steam wand.

Well before replacing it, you must check all the possible ways to correct it.

If none of them work then you should go for replacing it.

8 Steps to Clean Breville Oracle Touch Machine Steam Wand with Steam Wand Cleaner

You are always advised to clean the steam wand after every use.

For this, you should wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid blocking holes.

If any of the steam wands get blocked then you can clean them with steam tip cleansing tools.

They will help you to unclog the holes of the steam wand.

Partially blocked holes of the steam wand can disrupt the proper functioning of the Breville Oracle Touch machine.

If the steam wand remains blocked then there is another method of cleansing it, and that is to use Breville Steam Wand Cleaner.

Below are few simple steps to properly use these cleansing tablets.

1. Simply open the top metal wand.

2. Add 1 packet of this cleansing power into 240 ml of hot water.

3. Remove the steam tip and replace it with the steam wand in the jug and leave it there for 20 minutes.

4. Then clean, rinse and replace the steam tip.

5. Fill the jug with fresh water and place the wand back into the milk jug and activate steam for 10 seconds.

6. Leave it to soak for 5 minutes.

7. Purge the steam wand several time and then wipe the steam wand dry with a damp cloth.

8. And at last, rinse the jug thoroughly.

So, this is how you will clean Breville Oracle Touch machine’s steam wand properly.

I recommend you to watch the following video tutorial to understand the whole steam wand cleaning process.


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