Evaporated Milk vs Half and Half in Coffee – 9 Key Differences You Must Know Before Using Them

Do you know according to the research report published by Scientific and Academic Publishing, it has been found out that the addition of evaporated milk, also called as unsweetened condensed milk in your daily coffee reduces its antioxidant properties to some extent?

The overall hydrogen peroxide and DPPH scavenging activity of your coffee is depleted more when you add evaporated milk in comparison to the regular cow’s milk.

So, your regular milk and evaporated milk both affects antioxidant properties of your coffee to different levels.

On the other side, coffee creamers like Half and Half coffee creamer contains around 50 percent milk and the other 50 percent cream along with the milk.

Today, we are going to compare evaporated milk vs Half and Half in coffee.

And then we will decide which is a healthier option and which one should we use in our daily coffee.

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Comparison of Evaporated Milk vs Half and Half Coffee Creamer

Evaporated MilkHalf and Half Creamer
Evaporated milk is made by heating regular milk and removing 60% water content from it.Half and Half creamer is a mixture of 50% milk and 50% cream.
It is highly concentrated and caramelized version of your regular milk.Half and Half creamer has a thicker texture than evaporated milk.
Carbs and overall calorie content of evaporated milk is much higher than most coffee creamers.Carbohydrates and overall calorie content is lower than evaporated milk.
With evaporated milk, you will not get much smoothness and taste as compared to coffee creamers.It enhances the taste, flavor and smoothness of your coffee.
It has a high protein content (17 gm per 240 ml) and less fat content as compared to coffee creamers.Its protein nutritional content is lesser and fat content is higher than evaporated milk.
For lactose intolerant folks, this is not an ideal option.Half and Half coffee creamer is much better option for people having lactose allergy.
Evaporated milk is an ideal choice for people looking to gain their weight and muscles.Half and Half creamer is ideal for people planning to lose their weight and body fat.
It has a very less sugar content in it. So, it’s best for diabetic people.This does contain higher sugar so diabetic people must use it carefully.
The shelf life of opened evaporated milk is about 3-5 days.

(Source: Doesitgobad.com)
The shelf life of opened half and half coffee creamer is about 7-10 days.

(Source: Doesitgobad.com)

Is Evaporated Milk Healthy?

Now, we already know about the 9 key differences between unsweetened condensed milk and half & half coffee creamer, let us discuss whether evaporated milk should be used in our daily coffee.

Is evaporated milk a healthier choice to use in your coffee?

The answer to this question lies in the nutritional profile of evaporated milk.

The whole evaporated milk contains 338 calories, about 25 gm of sugar and carbs, 17 gm of proteins and 19 gm of fat.

On the other side, the whole cow milk contains 149 calories, about 12 gm of sugar and carbs, 8 gm of proteins and 8 gm of fat content.

Now, if you compare the nutritional content of evaporated milk with the regular cow’s milk, then you will understand that evaporated milk contains much higher calories, carbs, sugar, proteins and fat.

The mineral content is also slightly higher in unsweetened condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk versions.

Plus, it is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous.

So, if you are an underweight person who is looking to gain weight healthy way, then yes I definitely recommend you to consume evaporated milk on a regular basis.

Even for normal healthy person, using this type of milk is highly recommended as it contains lot of nutrients and less sugar and fat in comparison to the most coffee creamers available in the market.

You can also add this type of condensed milk in your daily coffee in moderation.

As per your preferences and taste buds, you can either get sweetened condensed milk or unsweetened condensed milk from the market.

If you want some sugar then you can add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee too.

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Can You Use Half and Half as a Coffee Creamer?

If you are a health-conscious person and don’t want to use high fat and high calorie non-dairy coffee creamers, then yes; you can certainly use half and half as a coffee creamer in your daily coffee.

It is a pretty healthier option in comparison to non-dairy coffee creamers.

If you take a look at its nutritional profile then you will realize that half and half does contain minimal processing and comes with calcium and vitamin A.

It has also lower sodium content which is good for high blood pressure patients.

The only issue I have is that it also contains a bit of higher calories and fat in comparison to unsweetened condensed milk (evaporated milk).

So, I recommend you to use half and half in moderation in your coffee as a creamer option.

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Does Half and Half Taste Good in Coffee?

Yes, certainly half and half does improve the overall taste and flavor of your coffee.

Half and Half is basically a mixture of milk and cream.

But it does contain some sugar and other nutritional elements too as mentioned above.

So, in order to increase the taste and flavor of your coffee, you can add half and half in the coffee.

The mixture of milk and cream enhances the overall texture and flavor of your coffee for sure.

It feels and tastes better in your mouth and reduces the bitterness of the coffee to a great extent.

The higher fat content of half and half also helps to improve the smoothness of flavor and creamier taste of your coffee.

What is a Good Substitute for Half and Half Creamer in a Coffee?

If you are looking for a healthy substitute for half and half creamer in your coffee, then I recommend to use either yogurt, or soy milk.

You can also use honey instead of half and half creamers.

If you want to use something dairy related, then you can make a mixture of cow’s whole milk and heavy cream.

On the other side a healthier option would be to use a sweetened condensed milk and then add some cream in it.

When to Use Half and Half in Your Coffee?

The simple answer would be when you want some creaminess and sweetness in your coffee.

Originally, the coffee tastes bitter and you can reduce this bitterness by just adding a good quality half and half coffee creamer in it.

Half and Half creamer is also a much healthier option to use in comparison to the use of heavy cream and other non-dairy coffee creamers.

There are a lot more nutritional elements in the half and half creamers in comparison to heavy cream and other non-dairy creamers.

Therefore, if you don’t want to use higher fat and higher calorie heavy creamers and non-dairy coffee creamers, then your best option is to use a half and half creamer for your coffee.

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When to Use Evaporated Milk in Your Coffee?

Evaporated milk or unsweetened condensed milk should be used when you need more creamier texture and less sweetness in your coffee.

However, the evaporated milk is highly concentrated mixture of milk and cream.

This is the reason it has higher thickness and creaminess in nature.

Most coffee creamers have less thickness and creamier content.

Therefore, in comparison to most coffee creamers, you must use evaporated milk in moderation when adding it in your coffee.

You might have to add a little amount of sugar in your coffee after that because evaporated milk has very less amount of sugar in it.

What is a Healthier Option – Evaporated Milk or Half and Half Creamer?

Now comes the final decision guys.

Who is the best and healthier option among both of them?

We have already compared the nutritional profile of both the evaporated milk as well as half and half creamer.

The overall carbohydrates and calorie content are bit higher in evaporated milk as compared to half and half creamer.

But at the same time, evaporated milk contains higher proteins and less fat in comparison to half and half.

The sugar content is also pretty low in it when you compare it with half and half creamer.

So, basically; if you are more health-conscious person, then I think using evaporated milk would be an ideal option.

For diabetic and overweight people also, using evaporated milk would be the much healthier choice.

But if you are a healthy person or if you are looking to gain your weight, then adding half and half creamer in your coffee would be the best option.

Both options are healthier in comparison to using non-dairy high fat and high calorie coffee creamers.

In the end, it all depends on your current health status, your likeness and your coffee drinking habits.

Final Thoughts

So, can you use evaporated milk instead of half and half in your coffee?

The answer is definitely “Yes”.

What is the best option to use in your coffee – Half and Half or Evaporated Milk?

In my opinion, evaporated milk is much healthier option for health-conscious person.

But if you are lactose intolerant then I would recommend to opt for half and half creamer in your coffee.

For the rest, the majority will have no issues using evaporated milk in their coffee.

You can just add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar to increase the sweetness of your coffee after you add unsweetened condensed milk in it.








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