Can You Put Coffee Thermos in the Fridge? – Learn The Best Way to Store Coffee in The Refrigerator

Coffee is a beverage that has large varieties like cappuccino, Dalgona, etc.

Some prefer it hot while some prefer it cold.

Many of us brew a large volume of coffee and then plan to use the leftover coffee later on.

In this situation, you always need to store it safely so that it will not be spoiled after some time.

So, naturally our first choice is to store it in our fridge or refrigerator.

However, there is a long-time debate whether to store coffee in the fridge or not.

Some believe that it is not healthy to drink coffee once it is stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

While some say that its perfectly fine to store the coffee thermos or flask in the fridge for few days.

Coffee stored in a thermos remains hot or cold for a much long period.

The period varies with the kind of coffee thermos or flask you are using.

According to this article from, it is perfectly safe to store coffee thermos in the refrigerator.

These coffee thermos or flasks are designed to keep cool things cooler and hot things hotter for considerable time period.

Its vacuum insulation provides a good barrier and it allows your coffee to stay hot or cold for a longer time.

I think it is pretty safe to store thermos in the fridge but it is preferable not to store it in the freezer.

People confuse it between fridge and freezer.

Although you can’t see any instructions provided by the thermos companies, it is better to not put thermos or coffee flask in the freezer.

Usually, coffee can be kept in the thermos for up to 1 week but it’s best to drink it within 3 days.

In this article, we are going to deep dive about this topic and are going to know how to store your coffee safely for longer period with the help of a reliable coffee thermos or flask.

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Can Thermos Keep Coffee Hot and For How Long It Keeps Hot?

Yes, a good quality coffee thermos can maintain the hotness of your coffee for a good 24 hours.

This time could vary a bit depending on its material quality and storage technology used.

A thermos or a coffee flask can keep coffee hot for a long time and the duration varies with different types of thermoses.

The duration up to which thermoses can keep coffee hot very much depends on the type of material used to make thermoses.

Thermos is based on vacuum technology and has two parts.

It has an inside container that holds your coffee or any drink you want to keep hot and an outside container that surrounds the inside container.

The outside container does not touch the inner container except in some places and the gap between these two containers is the vacuum space.

This vacuum insulates the inner container and doesn’t let heat escape from it and thus keeps coffee and other substances hot for hours.

A standard thermos can keep your coffee hot for approximately 24 hours and it differs from one thermos to another depending on the substances and technology used in making those thermoses.

Can You Put an Insulated Coffee Thermos in the Fridge?

Thermos is designed to contain and keep both hot and cold drinks.

There seem to be no instructions by the thermos companies whether you should keep your thermos in the fridge or not.

You can put an insulated coffee thermos in the fridge or a refrigerator.

There should be no harm to store it in your fridge for few hours.

But I highly recommend not to store it in your freezer.

People often confuse between which things to store in the fridge and which things to store in the freezer.

As the temperature in the freezer is very low, the coffee inside the thermos freezes.

After few hours, the frozen coffee can expand and break the vacuum seal of the thermos.

Thus, it might damage the insulating properties of your thermos flask.

It is very least likely to occur but it’s better to take precautions and prevent any damage to your valuable coffee thermos.

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Will an Insulated Hot Coffee Thermos Get Cold in the Refrigerator?

Hot coffee inside the insulated thermos will eventually cool down when kept in the refrigerator after few hours.

But it will take more time to cool down as compared to when it is stored in a non-insulated bottle.

Thermos vacuum acts as an insulator between the inner container of the thermos and the cold surrounding provided by the fridge.

This will extend the time of coffee to cool down in the thermos stored in your fridge.

But due to cold temperature inside your fridge, eventually, your coffee will also be cold after few hours.

This time varies depending on several factors such as material quality of the thermos, storage technology used in the flask, the temperature of your fridge and actual temperature of your hot coffee.

How Do You Chill a Coffee Thermos?

There are many ways which can be used to chill your coffee.

The easiest process of chilling a coffee thermos is as follows.

1. Brew a strong coffee and add some ice into it.

If you do not want to dilute your coffee, you can make some frozen coffee cubes in advance.

By adding these coffee cubes, you can chill your coffee quickly without diluting it.

2. Keep your cream, milk, or sugar in the refrigerator and add them to your freshly brewed coffee.

This will give you a chilled and great-tasting coffee.

3. Take a container and put some ice sprinkled with salt in it.

Pour your coffee in a thermos or bottle and keep it in the container which includes ice sprinkled with salt.

This will quickly chill your coffee.

4. Take your thermos and put it in the fridge for pre-cooling.

Pour your coffee into the thermos and leave it for some time with the lid open.

5. When the temperature of the coffee gets a little lower, keep the thermos in the fridge to cool down further.

This method will quickly chill your coffee thermos to your desired temperature.

How to Use Thermos to Store Coffee?

Thermoses are designed to store both hot and cold beverages.

You can keep your coffee to the desired state whether you prefer hot or cold coffee.

If you want to store hot coffee in the thermos, you can preheat the thermos by pouring 2-3 cups of boiling water in it.

Let it sit for 5-6 minutes with the lid tightly closed.

Empty the flask and pour your freshly brewed coffee.

This method will extend the time and your coffee remains hot for much longer than before.

If you want to store cold coffee, you can pre-cool the thermos by keeping it in the fridge.

Then pour some freshly brewed coffee and let it sit with the lid open for a couple of minutes.

Chill the coffee either by putting it in the fridge or in the ice sprinkled with salt.

By using this method, you can store your cold coffee in the thermos and enjoy it for a little longer without any spoilage.

Is It safe and Healthy to Drink Thermos Coffee after Storing it in the Fridge?

Many people brew and store their coffee in the thermos flask for few hours.

It is pretty safe to drink coffee stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

As time passes, the taste of coffee changes, and there is a chance of bacterial growth in the long term which can affect your health.

It is best to drink the coffee within 3 days of storing it in the fridge rather than keeping it for more than a week.

But the stored coffee doesn’t taste as good as the freshly brewed coffee.

And I would not recommend to drink coffee stored in the fridge for more than a day or two max.

Even if you out coffee in the thermos and stored the thermos flask in the fridge, it is still important to drink it within a day.

What Type of Thermos is Best for Storing Coffee?

Picking a good thermos flask is essential for having a good coffee experience.

A good quality thermos will enhance your coffee experience while you are out camping or traveling.

A poor quality thermos can not keep your coffee to the right temperature and there is always the risk of leakage which can spoil your day.

A good thermos flask can maintain the temperature either hot or cold for a long time and that depends on insulation technology used.

The best thermos is constructed to provide the best insulation for your beverages.

It is made of double-walled stainless steel and with vacuum insulation to provide you best experience.

One of the best coffee thermos flasks I can recommend for you is Hydro Flask Coffee Travel Mug.

It comes with TempShield double walled vacuum insulation technology.

It is constructed with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel material which is highly durable.

It can keep coffee hot or cold for nearly 24 hours if you go out for camping and travelling.

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Final Thoughts

Coffee is a beverage that gives us more energy to start our day fresh.

With a wide variety of options to choose, we all have our different preferences.

Some of us like to store coffee in thermos flask in the fridge to drink it later.

Coffee can be stored in the fridge for a week but it is best to have it within 3 days.

Storing coffee can alter the taste of the coffee so it is better to brew and drink fresh cup of coffee.

Insulated thermos can keep the coffee hot for up to 24 hours.

You can store your hot coffee inside it to enjoy it later.

A good thermos can enhance your coffee experience while camping or traveling.

So, you have to choose your thermos flask wisely as poorly built thermos can spoil your day.

Hot coffee poured in a thermos will eventually cool down when kept inside the fridge but it will take longer than usual due to the insulation provided by the thermos.

You can drink your refrigerated coffee within 3 days.

But to get a best experience of coffee, it is important to consume a fresh coffee only.

Only a freshly brewed coffee will give you a great taste and aroma that stored coffee can’t provide.

So, do remember this thing all the time when you plan to store coffee for a longer period.


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