My Dog Drank Coffee with Cream and Sugar – Follow 4 Quick Steps to Keep Your Dog Safe

dog drank coffee with cream sugar
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We people like to start our morning with a swig of caffeine but our pets do not need a cup of coffee to start their day.

What if your pet drinks coffee by accident?

Have your dog ever accidentally drank coffee with cream and sugar?

It is possible as dogs are curious critters and do not hesitate eating a mouthful of food, they find exciting.

Coffee could be harmful for dogs according to their body size.

Do you know what could happen with your dog if he accidently drinks lot of coffee loaded with cream and sugar.

Too much of sugar is not a big issue for your pets.

But over consumption of caffeine from the coffee can badly affect the health of your dog.

It can cause several health issues for your cute pet such as vomiting, diarrhea, high blood pressure, fever, hyperactivity, etc.

In severe cases, it can even be fetal for your pet if you don’t treat the symptoms in time.

In this article, you will learn what are the primary health issues that can affect your dog when he consumes too much of coffee with cream and sugar.

Also, I will share 4 important steps you need to follow when you dog accidently drinks too much of coffee.

So, I recommend to read this article till the end and follow the tips carefully.

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What Happens If a Dog Accidentally Drinks Coffee with Cream and Sugar?

Sugar isn’t toxic to dogs but consumption in a large amount is also not good for your little creatures.

Like us, dogs also have taste buds for sweets, probably because they are omnivore animals.

Intake of granulated sugar can cause stomach upset and an imbalance of bacteria that live in the gut for dogs.

Symptoms can vary from mild issues to serious illness if your dog eats too much of sugar on a regular basis.

It can also cause weight gain, diabetes, tooth problems and so on.

Dairy products don’t prove toxic for dogs.

But I recommend to avoid those dairy items if your dog has signs of gas, vomiting or liquid stool after consuming these products.

So, overall if your dog consumes limited amount of cream, then it is not harmful for dogs.

On the other hand, coffee can be lethal for dogs as it contains caffeine which can cause serious illness to dogs when consumed in large quantity.

And if all the three of this are consumed together by your pet friend, then you really need to consult your vet asap.

I highly recommend you to get in touch with the pet helpline number.

You can call here: Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661).

You can also visit the website link below for more details.

Primary Symptoms in Dogs After Consuming Lot of Creamed Coffee with Sugar

Some of the most important symptoms that you may observe in your dog is he drinks too much coffee loaded with cream and sugar.


Increased heart rate

High blood pressure




Excessive urination

Excessive panting

Severe Cases of Caffeine Toxicity may include the following symptoms:





If your dog is facing any of these health problems then you must consult your vet asap.

You will then need to follow proper measures as recommended by your Vet in order to keep your dog’s condition stable.


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How Much Coffee with Cream and Sugar is Toxic for Dogs?

It’s true that one or two licks from your coffee mug are unlikely to be poisonous for your dog.

However, larger amount of caffeine can cause serious adverse health effects for your dog’s condition.

And if you have a pup, you need to be extra cautious because they have a higher chance of getting ill as compared to adult dogs.

Caffeine acts as a stimulant, which is why we consume coffee to stay awake.

Unfortunately, for dogs this stimulant proves to be extremely harmful and it usually results in caffeine toxicity.

Dogs are more sensitive to caffeine as compared to humans.

The above mentioned symptoms can occur within 30-60 minutes of ingestion in dog’s body.

These symptoms may last up to 12 hours, if your dog has consumed too much of coffee with cream and sugar.

In this condition, you need to monitor them for signs of toxicity.

The degree of toxicity can be determined by the amount of caffeine ingested by the pet as well as the size and health of the dog.

A large, young and healthy dog may have lesser outcomes than a smaller, older and unhealthy dog.

However, regardless of its age, the extreme caffeine dosage can lead to organ failures like the heart, liver, kidney and central nervous system.

If you have a small dog like Pomeranian, Affenpinscher, Yorkshire, etc., then you need to take extra precautions.

The larger dog breeds such as German Shepherd, Rottweile, Beauceron or Husky have more resistance against caffeine intake.

And they can tolerate high intake of sugar and cream to a certain level.

Coffee contains a range of 95-165 mg of caffeine for a standard 8-ounce cup.

If you use sugar free substitutes in your coffee, then it can cause more harm to your dog’s health.

There is a type of alcohol, named as Xylitol which is often used in making these sugar free products such as mints, candies, gums, sugar free powder, etc.

When your dog consumes such type of sugar free products through the coffee, then it is highly dangerous for your pets.

In such case, you should immediately see your vet before any health complications happen for the dog.

One of the major health side effects of Xylitol is it causes a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels.

Excessive consumption can even damage the liver and in extreme case, it can lead to the death of the pet.

When your dog has consumed too much coffee with sugar free substance and cream, then immediately bring this to your vet’s notice about the presence of xylitol. 

An average cup of coffee contains 50 mg of caffeine.

If your dog has taken half of it then on an average, this would work out to a dose of 1.5 mg/kg of his body weight.

This amount is a low dose and may not affect much to your canine.

And if it consumes more, then such symptoms can occur or you may also need the vet to examine the little pet.

Caffeine is lethal to dogs in a ratio of 70 mg per pound of the body weight.

However, some dogs may show symptoms at 9-14 mg per pound of the body weight.

So, always check how much amount of coffee and sugar was consumed by your dog and inform your vet accordingly.

How Long Does Caffeine Stay in the Dog’s system?

It takes about 24-48 hours for the caffeine to pass through your dog’s system.

Till your dog’s stomach is settled, you need to provide him a light diet for a few days.

You can include things in his diet such as cooked white rice with boiled chicken, scrambled egg, boiled fish or meat baby food.

You can also cover him with antacid to keep his stomach settled.

You can buy a number of antacids over the counter or you can purchase them online.

You can even try Pepcid or Zantac which is highly recommended by doctors.

They are usually given 20 minutes before consuming the food but you may better consult your doctor before giving any dose to your dog.

It is always best to seek medical advice from a veterinary professional in order to avoid circumstances regarding the condition of your little friend.

4 Steps to Follow When Your Dog Drinks Coffee with Cream and Sugar

1. Check Your Dog Behavior

Check whether your dog is behaving normal or abnormal than usual.

If your dog shows any signs of tremors then quickly make your way to the nearest vet specialist.

If your dog is active and behaving normal, then continue to step 2.

2. Keep You Dog Away from More Caffeine

Make sure that you keep away the coffee and any caffeine-containing products from your dog.

This is extremely important to prevent your dog accidently tasting any coffee products again.

Also, clean up all the spilled coffee from the ground so that the dog won’t lick it again.

3. Check How Much Coffee Your Dog Has Consumed

Gather all the information about how much coffee was there in the coffee cup earlier and how much your dog consumed.

Also, find if it was instant coffee or freshly ground beans and note down the time at which your dog drank the coffee.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the age, weight, size and breed of your dog.

This basic information is really important to know for your vet and it would help him treat the dog much faster.

4. Visit Your Vet Specialist ASAP

Once you note down all the above info, then immediately call your vet and give him all the details.

He will advise you to take your pet straight to the clinic if the dog’s condition is serious.

Your veterinarian specialist may likely want to induce vomiting in this case.

This process is important to remove the toxins from your dog’s system before it gets absorbed into the body cells.

Keep in mind, that you never try inducing vomiting of your dog by yourself.

It may be harmful and cause serious medical complications for your dog.

Vomiting of your dog should be done under the expert supervision of your vet specialist to prevent side effects such as aspiration pneumonia.

The doctor may also provide activated charcoal for minimal absorption of any remaining toxin from the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

Those medications will control heart rates, tremors and seizures.

For adequate treatment, your vet might advise to admit the pet in the hospital, if the case is severe.

What To Do If Your Dog Keeps Consuming Sweeteners?

There are several food products available in the market nowadays that contain caffeine in varying quantity.

Food items like chocolates, energy drinks, ice creams, chewing gums, cocoa beans, kola nut, green tea, guarana, coffee and chocolate flavored foods,etc. can contain caffeine.

There are other sweet foods which contain granulated sugar which must be avoided for your dog.

So, try to stay away from these high sugar food items and don’t give them to your dog at any cost.

This is important so that your dog doesn’t fall ill and develops certain health issues.

You can keep a check on your pet and make sure to exercise your pet regularly.

It’ll help the dog to stay fit and healthy and develop higher immunity.

Consuming a large amount of sugar on a regular basis can cause diabetes in dogs too.

It may develop the unhealthy conditions in your dog such as being over weight, laziness, inactivity, increased heart rate, heart malfunctioning, etc.

You should try your best to prevent your pet from consuming a lot of sugar.

However, if your dog still continues to eat sugary products then you can treat him with something that can satisfy their sweet tooth without causing any harm to their health.

You can provide them blueberries, apples, watermelons and other similar fruits in the form of popsicles.

You can bake a dog-friendly sugar free cake.

You can even get dog-safe cake kits available online that you can bring home and treat your dog.

You can also pick up a special gourmet dog food from a local pet shop or from online stores too.

All these options can let your dog safely enjoy their sweet treat.

Make sure you don’t give it on a daily basis though.

Feed them such things occasionally to avoid health issues and let them know how much you care about your cute pet.


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