Can You Microwave Coffee with Creamer? – Learn The Best Way to Reheat Cold Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee with a pinch of creamer in it is by far the best experience and it is a great mental stimulant for many of us coffee connoisseurs.

But several folks love to drink their coffee sip by sip slowly while sitting on their couch at home or by the pool side.

In this case, your hot coffee often gets cold after some time and then you either avoid drinking it or try to reheat it using your microwave or a stove.

Now the question that many coffee lovers usually ask online is can you microwave coffee with creamer in it. If you ask me, then my answer is definitely “Yes”.

Yeah, you can safely reheat your coffee with creamer inside the microwave oven. There are no health side effects of consuming such coffee once you heat it up in the microwave oven.

There might be slight changes in taste and flavor of your coffee after reheating in the oven. But that is mainly credited to the two main reasons. One is how much time you take to heat up your coffee and what is the actual temperature level you set for the oven.

 That’s my answer and it is also confirmed by this article at

Although, you can use your microwave oven for heating up your coffee as well as coffee creamer, there are few things you need to follow properly.

Keep reading this article till the end so that you know the actual Do’s and Don’ts you need to remember while heating or reheating your coffee with creamer in the microwave oven.

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How to Microwave Your Cold Coffee with Creamer in It?

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Microwaving your cold coffee with creamer is pretty simple and quick using your home microwave machine.

But there are few things you need to take care of.

Things You will Need:

1. Microwave Safe Coffee Mug

2. Microwave Oven

3. Cold Coffee

4. A quality liquid coffee creamer which you can heat up safely in the microwave oven like Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer

5. Paper Towel to cover the coffee mug

The actual process you need to follow is as mentioned below.    

1. First thing you need to have is to get a coffee mug that is safe to use inside the microwave oven.

A quality microwave safe coffee mug is ideal for heating up your cold coffee to prevent overheating and to maintain the original taste and flavor of your coffee as much as possible.

2. Pour your cold coffee inside the microwave safe coffee mug and then pour the desired quantity of liquid coffee creamer in it too.

When you pour coffee in the mug, kindly keep some empty space inside it. This will prevent spilling of your coffee in case it starts boiling due to overheating.

3. Now you can add a liquid coffee creamer in your cold coffee before reheating it in the machine.

I recommend to use Coffee Mate liquid coffee creamer in this case.

Because this coffee creamer does not get spoiled inside the microwave.

And you can safely add it in your cold coffee before you heat it up.

It also helps to reduce the bitterness and enhances the flavor and taste of your coffee once you reheat it.

4. Once you add liquid coffee creamer in your coffee, you can additionally cover the coffee mug with the paper towel before placing it in the machine.

5. Now comes the most important part of this whole process.

It is about how much time interval you need to set to properly reheat your cold coffee.

The average time it takes to reheat your cold coffee in the microwave oven ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

It also depends on how much amount of cold coffee you have in your coffee mug.

If the mug has half the coffee then it is safe to set 30-45 seconds time interval.

If you set more than this time interval, then you might risk of burning your coffee.

So, the ideal time of reheating should be set in between 30 seconds to 45 seconds in your microwave machine for half cup of coffee.

If you are not satisfied with the end result, then you are free to heat it again for 30 seconds more.

6. Once you set the timer, it is also important not to forget the power level settings of your machine.

The default power level of your microwave is usually set to 10.

But in order to safely reheat your cold coffee without burning it, you will need to set the power level to 2 notches below the default level.

This means you will have to set power level of 8 before you start heating process.

7. That’s it guys. Power level and temperature level are the only 2 settings that are critical for perfectly heating up coffee with creamer inside the microwave.

Once you take care of these two things, then the entire process becomes really easy.

8. Once you get your coffee at perfect temperature level, you might experience the slight change in the taste and flavor of your coffee.

This is natural guys. Because any beverage that contains caffeine is subject to change in its flavor and taste once you reheat it.

Which Coffee Creamer is Best to Add while Reheating Cold Coffee?

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When you plan to add any type of sweetener or sugar in your cold coffee, you need to take extra precautions.

Because adding sugar or coffee creamer can spoil your entire coffee during reheating process.

The extra heat or high temperature can spoil or burn dairy products quickly specially when those products contain higher amount of sweetener or sugar.

Additionally, if you set very high temperature or heat up your coffee for longer period in the oven, then it can degrade the taste and flavor of your cold coffee.

And the most important thing to remember is to never use powdered coffee creamers that are available in the market if you plan to use it while reheating your black coffee.

Powdered coffee creamers quickly spoil when exposed to high temperature and can degrade the whole taste of your coffee before you realize it.

Therefore, the only safest option remains for us is to use a liquid coffee creamer.

Liquid coffee creamer does not get spoiled or degraded when exposed to higher temperature inside the microwave.

Plus, it enhances the overall taste and flavor of your cold coffee and helps to reduce its bitterness once it gets hot again.

The best LCC that I can recommend for this process is Coffee Mate liquid coffee creamer.

Click Here to Get Coffee Mate Liquid Coffee Creamer to Enhance the Flavor of Your Cold Coffee.

What is the Best Way to Reheat Coffee?

If you ask my opinion, then I would highly recommend you to avoid microwaving your cold coffee.

The safest and the best method to reheat your black coffee is to heat it up on the stove with medium to low temperature.

Heating up your coffee on the stove does not lose its original aroma, flavor and taste.

If you have tried heating up your coffee inside the microwave, then you might have realized that it tastes bitter and its aroma is gone in several cases.

You don’t even need to use any special coffee mugs or pots for this process.

You can use any kitchen pot for reheating your coffee on the stove.

Heating up your coffee on low temperature does not require you to constantly stir it with a spoon.

Heating it for just 2-3 minutes is more than enough to get the best results with the help of your stove.

So, obviously the best way to reheat coffee is not the microwave oven but your kitchen stove.

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Does Reheating Coffee Destroy Caffeine?

If you look at the caffeine level in your regular coffee, it is usually heat stable in nature.

However, there are quite a few flavor compounds present in the coffee which might get altered or changed when exposed to higher heat temperature.

Caffeine does not get highly affected by exposure to higher heat.

The change in taste of your heated coffee happens due to alternation in flavor compounds.

Bitterness of your coffee can also be attributed to the amount of sugar and milk you add into your coffee.

If you are fearful of losing original aroma and flavor of your coffee after reheating it, then you can reduce those chances by just sealing the coffee mug before you place it inside the microwave oven.

Just cover the coffee mug with paper towel and set the heat timer for 30-45 seconds to prevent overheating.

Does Microwaving Coffee Make it Carcinogenic?

Many people have this same fear of getting cancer due to reheating coffee in the microwave oven.

If you refer to this Stackexchange forum discussion, then you will understand that this is just an old wives’ tale and far from truth.

Reheating your cold coffee in the microwave does not cause you cancer or does not make your coffee carcinogenic by any chance.

Yes, it is true that the aroma and flavor might be changed after you heat it up in the oven.

But that is also mainly attributed to the flavor compounds of the coffee and the addition of sugar, non-dairy creamers and milk.

I would highly recommend to avoid adding high amount of sugar and milk in your coffee if you plan to reheat it.

Use of liquid coffee creamer such as Coffee Mate is highly recommended to maintain the good flavor and reduce the bitterness of your cold coffee.

Wrapping Up

Congrats for reading till the end of this article.

The main takeaway from this article is that you can certainly use microwave oven to heat up your cold or black coffee.

To reduce its bitterness after heating, you can add liquid coffee creamer in it.

Just avoid adding high amount of sugar and milk in your coffee if you want to maintain its aroma, flavor and taste.

If you want to know how to use a toaster oven to make coffee or heat up cold coffee then check out this article.


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