Lelit Anna PL41TEM vs Gaggia Classic Pro – 4 Comparison Factors to Decide The Better Performer

lelit anna pl41tem vs gaggia classic pro

If you want to consume espresso literally on a daily basis and want to avoid spending a lot of money at a coffee shop, then buying a good quality espresso machine is highly beneficial and convenient for you.

In this article, I am specifically going to talk about the 2 most popular espresso machines in the market.

Those two machines are Lelit Anna PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Pro.

Both of these machines are not that difficult to use and you can make your favourite espresso in these machines within few minutes.

Both of them can give a flavorful espresso from your choice of beans, but there could be few differences between the taste, aroma and flavor between the two espressos.

If you are here, it is most likely that you are an avid espresso lover.

And you also want an automatic machine that can quickly provide you the espresso with your own taste and flavor within few minutes.

With the help of a good quality and reliable espresso machine, you save money by eliminating the need to frequent coffee shops on a daily basis.

Lelit and Gaggia are two manufacturers you should wish to take into consideration because of their high-quality construction and use of reliable parts.

Lelit Anna PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Pro are two excellent options to take into consideration for individuals who wish to manually brew the espresso by choosing the beans and dosage.

You can also fiddle with the coffee ground step by step, depending on which feels most comfortable in your kitchen and wallet.

The convenience of making espresso as per your requirements is the strongest feature of both Lelit Anna PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Pro machines.

Despite the fact that both machines need some effort to use.

Provided their price range, they are very dependable for serving coffee on a regular basis.

Additionally, they have a few features built in to guarantee that you can always obtain your favorite beverage.

A nice coffee grinder is really essential to have alongside these machines since you will love how they taste when utilizing freshly ground coffee.

In this article, I am specifically going to talk about the best features of both these espresso machines along with their pros and cons.

In the end, I will compare Gaggia Classic Pro vs Lelit Anna PL41TEM machines and will provide my final verdict about who has the better features and performance.

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3 Main Features of Lelit Anna PL41TEM Machine

1. Attractive Design

This Lelit Anna PL41TEM machine has a stylish and attractive appearance.

It has a built-in PID display, certain accessories, and possesses a silver color.

The machine is not very bulky, measuring just 34 cm high and 23 cm broad.

So, it does not take up much room on your kitchen countertop.

Endurance and durability is also assured with a stainless steel body.

2. PID Display and Manometer

This coffee machine has a single, multifunctional boiler designed to make shots of espresso and Americano.

Additionally, you can rapidly steam milk in this machine for milk-based drinks such as latte and cappuccino.

The boiler of the machine, which is situated above the group, uses a PID display to set the boiler temperature.

The purpose of this digital PID is to increase temperature precision.

It is particularly important when making a specific type of coffee and trying it at various degrees to bring out its genuine taste.

With the help of a manometer, you can check if the brewing pressure is optimum.

The pressure used to pressurize your coffee during extraction can be measured with the use of a manometer or brew pressure gauge.

With this machine, you can easily modify your grind settings as per your requirements.

PID and manometer are both made of plastic, yet they work really well and considerably durable.

In the event that they are broken or damaged, you can still get replacements for about $50.

3. Steam Wand and Cup Warmer

This Lelit Anna coffee machine also comes with a multidirectional steam wand and a cup warmer.

The steam wand helps you in milk frothing and steaming the milk to make your espresso more flavorful and creamy.

The machine’s top has a cup warmer that has a capacity of six cups.

3 Main Features of Gaggia Classic Pro Machine

1.Durable Portafilter and Filter Baskets

The Gaggia Classic Pro machine includes two single wall filter baskets in addition to the 58mm portafilter that is commercial-sized (1 cup and 2 cups).

Keep in mind that coffee pods can also be placed in a single basket.

Additionally, a double-pressurized filter basket that Gaggia refers to as the “Crema Perfetta” filter is included.

Even if they don’t have the ideal grind size or tamp pressure, this is meant to assist a novice to achieve decent shots with crema.

For beginners who don’t yet know how to precisely adjust their grind size, this option is fantastic.

Even though I usually advise pairing an espresso machine with a superior coffee grinder, you can use this basket with pre-ground coffee from the store.

2. Doser and Tamper

A tamper and a doser for ground coffee are included with the Gaggia Classic Pro.

To prevent you from handling the grounds in a messy manner, the doser pours dry grounds into your portafilter.

You should be aware that a milk jug is not included and must be bought separately.

3. Durable and Reliable Steam Wand

A steam wand of Gaggia coffee machine is made of professional-grade stainless steel material which is included with this espresso maker.

This design, which you may also find at your neighborhood coffee shop, enables the foaming of milk to a cafe-quality standard.

It has a two-hole steam tip that may be used to make milk with a good texture for latte art.

Compared to the previous models of this machine, which came with a plastic “Panarello” type frother, the commercial steam wand is a huge improvement.

Users, who wish to rapidly create bubbly milk foam, may benefit from using frothers in the Panarello style.

However, this subpar design would leave out consumers who like flat whites or lattes and seek smooth, velvety microform or perform latte art.

The only time you can steam milk on this machine is before or after you draw your espresso shot since it only has one boiler.

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Pros and Cons of Lelit Anna PL41TEM Machine


1. Simple to use

2. Less expensive than alternatives

3. Warms up rapidly

4. Modern styling and robust construction

5. Its stainless steel body is rust-free

6. Takes very little room on your kitchen countertop


1. The machine’s power switch is located in the rear side which might be a little uncomfortable for few users.

2. Because it is too light, it frequently vibrates while in operation.

Pros and Cons of Gaggia Classic Pro Machine


1. Durable, high-quality construction

2. Strong and durable boiler

3. Durable and reliable steam wand

4. Simple to use

5. A pressurized portafilter basket is available in a variety of sizes

6. Brass portafilter with chrome plating

7. A 2.1-liter water tank


1. Comes with only one boiler

2. Looks somewhat smaller in size

3. Takes a little bit longer to learn all the functions

4. Prolonged descaling procedure

5. PID temperature control is absent

6. No automatic pre-infusion

4 Key Differences Between Gaggia Classic Pro vs Lelit Anna PL41TEM

These two machines are almost identical to one another and produce equally delicious espressos.

They are well manufactured and fairly easy to operate.

However, they are not as practical as pod-style or semi-automatic machines.

The distinction is that Lelit Anna has included a temperature-adjusting capability that can be programmed to operate in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The remaining powers, however, remain unchanged.

Lelit Anna PL41TEMGaggia Classic Pro
1. The PID boiler temperature controller enables the boiler’s temperature to be set for various types of coffee.1. PID temperature controller is not present.
2. For faster response when cold water enters the boiler, a 1000-watt heating coils is used.2. This machine contains a three-way solenoid valve for heating the water.
3. An external manometer, also known as a brew pressure sensor, is used to monitor the brew force.3. Brew Group Head with 58mm portafilter is used for analyzing brew extraction.
4. This machines has expert multidirectional steam lance that makes it possible to make creamy cappuccinos.4. This machine makes use of the simple Turbo-Frother steam wand attachment to make cappuccino.

My Verdict

Overall, you can select any of them since both of them provide excellent features and customer service.

But if I had to choose one, I would go with Lelit Anna PL41TEM machine.

Because it allows me to change the perfect temperature or desired temperature for various coffees as per my taste.

Plus, it has PID controller and more attractive design than Gaggia machine.










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