Nespresso Pixie Won’t Turn On – 4 Main Reasons and 4 Simple Remedies to Fix Power Issues

nespresso pixie won't turn on
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Is your Nespresso Pixie coffee machine facing some power related issues?

Yes, sometimes, after years of usage, green lights will not show up when you switch on your Nespresso Pixie machine.

Your machine might be working okay before few days back and suddenly now it has stopped working.

You can’t get your Nespresso machine to start at all and nothing happens even if the switch is flipped.

Some people even try out holding down lungo and espresso button for 20 seconds to turn on the machine.

If your machine is not powering up even after trying out this method, then this article is for you.

In this article I am going to explain major issues that cause this problem and also will explain few of remedies that you can try to solve or fix these problems quickly on your own.

The majority of Nespresso machine models lack an evident power button that would indicate whether they are On or Off.

I will provide few easy actions you can take to turn on and off your Pixie machine that you possess.

There will often be some flashing lights when you turn on your coffee maker while it warms up.

Your machine is ready for use when the light or lights change to a constant hue.

You can also read my other article about red lights staying on the Nespresso Pixie after you learn how to switch on your machine properly in this article.

There is an energy-saving auto-off option on almost all Nespresso Pixie machines.

The auto-off trigger timings for each device have been compiled.

Continue reading this article further to understand the main underlying reasons and their solutions for fixing power related problems of your Pixie machine.

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4 Main Reasons Why Nespresso Pixie Not Turning On and 4 Easy Solutions

There can be multiple reasons behind your Nespresso Pixie machine not starting at all.

Here are my 4 main reasons and their simple solutions that are mentioned as follows.

Reason 1: Power Cord is Damaged

Yes, this is the number one reason that causes your machine to not start at all when you switch it on.

Damaged or broken power cord or even a loose power cord causes power interruption when the machine is switched on.

A continuity test or a stress test is required to identify any errors in the power cord.

Solution 1: Replace the Power Cord

A simple solution is to just replace the old damaged power cord with the new one.

You can get the new power cord at your nearest coffee machine repair store or call the Nespresso support centre to get it replaced.

Reason 2: Broken Switch and Damaged Wiring

Your Pixie machine won’t operate properly if the switch is broken or there is a wiring issue.

You can use Ohmmeter or a multimeter to check the short circuit wirings of your machine.

Solution 2: Replace Defective Cables and Power Switch

The machine’s power switch which has ON/OFF facility sometimes makes switching noises.

If you find the power switch is faulty, then you need to replace it asap with the new one.

Also, the same applies with the defective cables or short circuit wirings of the machine.

The damaged wiring must be changed.

You can contact the Nespresso company support to get them fixed asap.

Reason 3: Defective Thermoblock and Fuse

In certain cases, thermoblock of the Pixie machine is damaged which causes power malfunction in the machine.

Also, check the fuse of the machine is the machine is not turning on.

The fuse is a device that is susceptible to failure at any moment.

To identify the root cause of the fuse malfunction, you must do a proper testing.

Fuse can be damaged due to internal power surges.

Solution 3: Replace Broken Thermoblock and the Fuse

In case, you find out the thermoblock is broken and the fuse is burnt, then it is time to replace them.

You can order thermoblock and the fuse from the company website or get them from your local coffee machine repair shops.

Reason 4: Problem in the Circuit Board and Power Outlet

One last and not the least important reason for not turning on your Pixie machine is the fault in the circuit board and the electrical outlet.

Sometimes, you forget to plug the power cord properly in the electrical outlet.

The outlet can also be short circuited due to the improper earthing issues.

The power surge can also badly affect the internal control board or the circuit board of your machine.

The damaged circuit board often causes power failure and your machine does not get powered up when you switch it on.

Solution 4: Consult with Nespresso Customer Support

If you notice that there is current issue with the electrical outlet, then you need to call the electrician to fix the issue.

In case, there is internal circuit board malfunction, then you should call Nespresso customer support and get it fixed as soon as possible.

One of the parts or the components of the power board can be damaged which needs to be fixed to start your machine properly.

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Tip 1: Replacement is always the best course of action to address each of the issues outlined in this article.

Tip 2: Make use of a multimeter or a Ohmmeter to test the broken switch, wirings and a circuit board.

Check to see whether there is current flowing in the electrical outlet.

Tip 3: Change the plug right away and replace it if you find that is it not functioning the way it should be.

Tip 4: Replace the power cord as soon as possible if the test result is “0” and it does not beep.

Don’t forget to check the thermostat, the thermocouple, and the fuse’s resistance.

Replace everything that is broken or useless.

Tip 5: The components for the power board that need to be checked are the supply voltage and the output voltages.

Be careful to replace them all if any of them are damaged.

There is no other option with a control board that has an off LED besides replacement.

Tip 6: There are further viable solutions as well when it comes to fixing your Nespresso Pixie machine.

I recommend to check out the user’s manual to find out more solutions.

There are many explanations for why your Nespresso machine no longer works.

Read the whole instruction manual to understand the exact problem and its solution.


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