Can You Use ESE Pods in Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine – 5 Steps to Use ESE Pods in Espresso Machine

For many people, owning a coffee machine is not a luxury but rather a need.

Coffee lovers who wish to have café-like espresso in the comfort of their homes should definitely invest in a good espresso machine just like Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine.

There are numerous espresso machines in the market currently, but Gaggia Classic has been in the market since last so many years and providing best quality espresso compared to the other brands in my opinion.

Gaggia is an Italian brand that launched its business in the 1930s.

While Gaggia machines are known for their unique and innovative features, one of the best things that I like about a Gaggia classic espresso machine is that you can use coffee pods in this machine.

Thus, you don’t need a coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans separately if you have Gaggia Classic espresso machine at home.

So, as an espresso drinker, the next obvious question that you may ask is that can you use ESE pods in the Gaggia Classic espresso machine?

And the straightforward answer to your question is Yes, of course.

You can sure use the ESE pods in the Gaggia Classic espresso machine without any issues.

Any ESE coffee pod, which is of 44mm size in diameter, will be compatible with the Gaggia Classic espresso machine.

There are several benefits of using ESE or Easy Serve Espresso pods while preparing your espresso in Gaggia Classic machine.

Firstly, by using these pods, you save more time and energy required to make an espresso.

You also save yourself from making the mess by grinding the coffee beans because you don’t need one to use.

Also, it’s pretty easy to use these ESE coffee pods in any espresso machine.

All you have to do is insert the pod in the filter basket, and click on the start button to brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee.

In this article, I am going to discuss how you can use ESE coffee pods in your Gaggia Classic machine without making any fuss.

You will also learn how to use these ESE pods without using your coffee machine.

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Can You Use ESE Pods in Any Espresso Machine?

The actual answer is “Yes” and “No” both.

It actually depends on the type of the espresso machine you use at your home.

While ESE pods can be used in most of the espresso machines, there are some machines with which they are not compatible.

To use ESE pods successfully, you must ensure that the espresso machine comes with pressurised filter baskets.

ESE pods can’t be used with espresso machines that have in pressurised filter baskets.

Also, there are some brands such as Nespresso and Tassimo that produce their own coffee pods.

These company made pods are meant to fit specifically in their own machines.

No other brand pods perfectly fit these espresso machines.

Hence, ESE pods can’t be used in these espresso machines as well.

5 Steps to Use ESE Pods in Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

There are 5 basic steps that you can follow to properly use ESE Coffee Pods in your Gaggia Classic espresso machine.

Step 1: First, make sure that you are using the correct filter basket.

Actually, there are 3 baskets that are provided with the Gaggia Classic espresso machine.

For preparing espresso using the ESE pods, you need to choose the single shot pressurized basket.

Step 2: Put the diffuser at the center of the basket and lock the basket carefully.

Step 3: Next step is to insert the ESE coffee pod.

If your ESE pod contains a logo, then insert it with the logo facing upwards.

If no logo is present, you can insert it any way you want.

Step 4: Once you insert the pod, attach the filter to the machine and make sure it is locked perfectly.

If not locked perfectly, you will get brown water instead of coffee when you start to brew.

So, make sure you have inserted the coffee pod properly.

Step 5: Finally, place a cup on the slot provided and switch on the brew button.

Now, espresso will start to brew as you intended.

I recommend to watch the following short video tutorial to understand how to properly use ESE pods with Gaggia Classic machine.

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2 Main Methods Use ESE Coffee Pods without a Coffee Machine

Some people believe that you can’t use ESE coffee pods if you don’t have any espresso machine at home.

But that is not correct.

You can still make use of ESE pods even if you don’t have coffee machine at home.

The 2 main methods to use these pods without a coffee machine are provided as follows.

Method 1:

1. Remove the packaging of the ESE coffee pod and put it in a coffee cup.

2. Pour a hot water in the cup and over the pod and stop once it’s half an inch from the brim.

3. Allow the pod to steep for a while.

If you notice that the pod is floating, hold it under water using a spoon.

4. Let the pod steep for about 4 minutes.

This will get you a hot cup of energizing espresso.

Method 2:

1. This method is perfect to use if you own a French Press or a normal pour over coffee maker.

First, carefully open your ESE pods and insert some coffee grounds inside it into your French press or pour over ‘s filter.

2. Next step is to bloom your coffee for about 20 seconds.

Blooming makes your coffee taste fresher than ever.

You can do it by pouring hot water slowly over the coffee grounds.

This expands the grounds and pushes out all the inside trapped CO2.

3. Once blooming is done, pour the remaining hot water and let the espresso bloom for about 5 minutes for a strong flavour.

What Coffee Pods are Compatible with Gaggia Classic Machine?

All ESE coffee pods that have a diameter of 44mm are compatible with Gaggia classic espresso machine.

Please note that the ESE pods are single-serve coffee pods.

This means one pod can be used to brew coffee for just one time.

Also, people who love drinking double-shot espresso should use 2 ESE pods.

Don’t forget to use 2 pods because one pod contains only enough coffee grounds to make a single shot espresso.


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