Nespresso Pixie Not Piercing Pods – 5 Common Reasons and 5 Simple Solutions

Have you been using Nespresso’s one of the most popular coffee machine models, Nespresso Pixie?

If yes, then you might have encountered this problem of the machine not being able to pierce the capsules or pods properly.

You could find that the capsule hasn’t been perforated as it typically would, and water can’t get in, after removing it from the device.

Why do you think your Nespresso Pixie machine fail to puncture the capsules or the pods?

One of the possible reasons is that you have not inserted the coffee pod correctly, which is the most frequent cause too.

The pod must be dropped into the loading chamber on top of the machine with the cap facing you.

Another typical explanation is that the handle usually is not entirely depressed, which leaves the capsule chamber partially open.

If the issue persists, try cleaning and descaling your Nespresso machine.

You can clean your machine with the help of a toothbrush to remove any muck out of the capsule holder’s inside.

Let’s investigate the possible causes and potential fixes for your Nespresso Pixie machine not piercing capsules anymore.

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5 Main Causes and 5 Solutions for Nespresso Pixie’s Failure to Pierce Pods

The most important thing for your Pixie machine is that the hot water must be able to enter and leave the capsules properly in order for Nespresso espresso to reach your cup.

You won’t receive coffee if your Nespresso isn’t piercing or puncturing the coffee capsules or coffee pods correctly.

A dirty pod holder or insufficient water pressure can also be the main culprit.

I have enlisted 5 main reasons of this problem along with their 5 easy remedies.

You can start with the first simple ones so that you may eliminate them first before addressing the trickier problems ahead.

Reason 1: Nespresso Pod Not Inserted Correctly

In most cases, the coffee pod is not inserted appropriately in your Pixie machine.

This is why the machine is not able to pierce the capsule properly.

Solution 1: Insert the Coffee Pod in the Right Position

In order for the pod to function properly, it should have its flat lid facing towards you.

The pod’s dome-shaped end has to face the machine’s rear.

Make sure the lever is fully up and open before placing the pod into the brewing chamber.

In the brewing chamber, the capsule will be able to sit appropriately as a result.

After that, gently pull the lever closed.

Make sure that the pod is straight and not at an angle before attempting to close the lever if you are having any problems.

A Nespresso Pixie machine accepts pods with ease.

Place the capsule in the pod holder after opening the brew head.

You should only be able to see the foil cover and the dome form will be pointing downward.

Reason 2: Original Lever Not Closed Completely or Lid Not Locked

Another reason is that the lever or lid is not completely shut if your used capsule container is overfilled.

In this case, red light error or orange light error will appear on your Pixie machine.

There won’t be enough pressure built up within the chamber to puncture the capsule if you attempt to brew a Nespresso pod while the lever is slightly open.

Solution 2: Close the Lever and Lock the Lid Properly

To prevent the above issue, you need to recycle the capsule container after use.

After that, put in a fresh pod and fully seal the lever.

You shouldn’t need to apply any force at all if you are using certain coffee machines such as the Nespresso Creatista Plus Espresso Machine.

You might have to press it down a little harder in certain models, such as the Essenza Mini.

Pushing down on the lever somewhat strongly shouldn’t harm your machine as long as you are using an authentic Nespresso pod and it is installed properly.

Reason 3: Third-Party “Nespresso” Capsules Not Piercing Correctly

You shouldn’t use third-party capsules in your Nespresso coffee machine, as per the recommendation of Nespresso company.

However, as per my research, you won’t have any issues if you use a different model.

The only accessible pods are those produced by Nespresso (or its official partner Starbucks).

However, you may be tempted to test some capsules from a different manufacturer if you have an Original line machine.

If you want, you can use good quality pods of other reputed companies like Peet’s Coffee Pods and Lavazza Coffee Pods for your Nespresso coffee machine.

Many retailers, like Trader Joe’s, Williams-Sonoma, and Target, now produce their own versions of these pods.

This is useful if you’re attempting to figure out where to get pods nearby.

Solution 3: Use Only Authentic Nespresso Pods if Possible

In most cases, I recommend you to use only authentic Nespresso coffee pods in place of a third-party capsule if your Nespresso is having trouble opening it.

If the Nespresso pod is properly perforated, the problem lies with the particular brand of pods you are using.

So, it is a good practice to use the official company recommended Nespresso pods.

Use other brand pods only when you don’t have easy access to Nespresso coffee pods.

Reason 4: Dirty or Clogged Nespresso Pod Holder Brewing Chamber

Do you often use your Nespresso Pixie machine’s cleaning cycles?

If not, there can be coffee grinds accumulating within your brewing chamber.

When this occurs, they get trapped on the internal components utilized to assist in puncturing the pods.

Your Nespresso machine may not be piercing the coffee capsules if the grinds are dulling the sharpness of these components.

Solution 4: Clean and Descale Your Machine Properly

The first thing you need to do is to run some water through the machine.

You must carry out the instructions to start a cleaning cycle if you have a Nespresso Pixie machine especially.

To remove a pod from the chamber on a machine, just lift the lever.

After that, shut it off without inserting a pod and push the lungo button.

Your cup will get water, which will presumably seem to be quite filthy.

Repeat this as many times as possible until the water seems clean.

After three attempts, if the water is still unclean, take a spare toothbrush and wet it with warm water.

Open the brew head on your Pixie machine if you have one.

Scrub the rotating component on the bottom of the lid that pierces the pod foil cover.

Clean it with care and delicacy when you use toothbrush.

Put the toothbrush in the pod chamber of an Original machine with the bristles facing you.

Use the toothbrush to gently scrub.

The toothbrush will probably seem extremely brown when you take it out.

Consider doing a cleaning cycle a few more times.

Now, it must become crystal clear.

When the water is mostly clean, try putting it in the fresh pod.

You could have a problem with the water pressure if your machine still isn’t piercing Nespresso capsules.

If you still facing this problem, then check out the next reason and its solution.

Reason 5: Limescale Buildup Reducing Water Pressure Needed for Piercing Nespresso Pods

After few months of regular usage, your Nespresso machine starts accumulating minerals from the hard water which is used to brew your pods.

These minerals can badly affect the machine’s water pressure and water flow if they are not removed in time.

Limescale accumulation can also be the main reason of your capsules not being pierced properly.

Because the water pressure is a key factor in Nespresso pod piercing and if the machine fails to get the proper water flow and the pressure, then it can not pierce pods the way it should be.

Solution 5: Descale Machine to Remove Scale Buildup

The stuck up minerals and scale buildup can be easily removed by regular cleaning descaling of your Nespresso Pixie machine.

You should descale your coffee machine after every 2-3 months or when 300 capsules are used, whichever comes first, according to Nespresso.

You have to do this more regularly if your tap has the “hard water”.

Hard water contains higher concentration of several types of harmful chemicals and minerals which can only be removed when you descale your machine.

Click Here to Know What to Do When Your Nespresso Pixie Machine is Stuck in the Descaling Mode.

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Can You Use Other Pods in Nespresso Pixie?

Yes, you can use other brand coffee pods in your Nespresso Pixie machine.

But I highly recommend to use only Nespresso recommended Nespresso Coffee Pods to get the best results.

The stylish Nespresso coffee maker produces excellent espresso shots.

It costs a lot, but after pushing a button, it can generate superb espresso in a matter of seconds.

Aluminum disposable pods known as Nespresso capsules are filled with Nespresso coffee grinds and water.

They are also airtight packaged with foil.

To prepare wonderful, fresh espresso at home, this single-use capsule eliminates the need to scoop any ground coffee, fill any water tank, or use any other appliance.

You may use the search feature to check for suitable kinds if you are unsure of the type of pod you have.

If you live in Australia, you may locate the varieties that are compatible with a Nespresso coffee maker by going to K-Cup Coffee Pods.

Alternatively, you may purchase every kind of pod online at K-Cup Shop if you wish to try a different kind.

Click Here to Get Popular K Cup Coffee Pods for Your Nespresso machine.

Can You Use a Punctured Nespresso Pods?

No, I do not recommend using once punctured Nespresso coffee pod in your Pixie machine.

As previously stated, Nespresso advises against using the same pod more than once.

The explanation is straightforward.

Nespresso capsules are only intended to be used once, and doing so would require sacrificing the taste of your coffee.

Numerous coffee lovers assert that using Nespresso capsules more than once won’t alter the coffee’s quality (the second shot will be a little watered down but is still drinkable).

In theory, a Nespresso pod may be used twice.

The first Nespresso devices lack a sensor to determine if a pod is in the chamber or not.

Additionally, Pixie line models of brew pods may be used as long as the barcode on the top surface of the pod is scanned.

The Nespresso pod can be used twice, however, so there are certain restrictions.

This technique only works well if there hasn’t been a lengthy gap between two brewings.

Because, as soon as the pierced pod is exposed to air, it rapidly loses its desirable scent and appearance.

Therefore, if you leave a used pod in the machine, don’t count on having a decent cup of coffee the following day.


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