Breville Cafe Roma Problems – Identifying 9 Main Issues and 9 Easy Solutions

I am a regular user of Breville Cafe Roma coffee machine and I often come across the issue of espresso either coming out slowly or very quickly.

Sometimes it also happens that the espresso does not even come through.

In this article, we will take a look at the 9 main problems faced by coffee lovers like us while using Breville Café Roma for making their coffee.

I will also provide 9 simple solutions for these problems which you can implement at your home easily.

Some of the main issues that you may face while handling Breville Café Roma machine are coffee running out abruptly, milk frothing not working properly, lack of steam production, coffee not getting hot or machine making too much noise and few others.

We will take a look at these problems one by one and also find easy remedies to solve them easily and without too much fuss.

But for that, you need to read this article till the end.

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9 Main Breville Café Roma Problems and 9 Easy Solutions

When you find out that your Breville Café Roma machine is not working properly, then you need to first find out its root cause and then implement the right solution to fix that problem.

There can be a number of reasons for this including very tightly packed espresso particles.

However, there are certain strategies too that can help you to solve these problems quickly and without any hassles.

9 main issues of Breville Café Roma Machine and their 9 simple solutions are provided as follows.

Problem 1 and its Solution: Coffee Runs out Abruptly

The coffee runs out around the edge of the channel holder.

Some of the reasons for this are:

A. It isn’t embedded in the edge of the filter channel holder properly.

B. There are coffee grounds around the channel rim.

C. There is too much espresso in the filter.

D. Coffee has been packed too firmly.

By properly cleaning the channel rim and channel holder, you can remove stuck coffee grounds.

You also need to remove excess espresso collected inside the filter and make sure coffee is poured properly inside the machine.

Once you take care of these things, then you can easily solve this problem.

Problem 2 and Its Solution: Milk Frothing Not Working

Sometimes, there is a malfunction in the milk frothing process.

Milk does not froth properly after foaming due to insufficient steam in the machine.

It can also happen because milk isn’t new and cold enough.

By making sure there is enough steam production in the machine and using the fresh and cold milk, you can solve this frothing problem.

Problem 3 and its Solution: Coffee Particles Do not Go Though Properly

In some cases, coffee particles do not go through the machine the way it meant to be.

Some of the causes of this could be:

A. Machine is not turned on or plugged in properly.

B. Water tank is empty.

C. Selector control is not in Espresso mode.

D. Coffee grind is too fine.

E. There is too much coffee in the filter or the filter channel is blocked.

To solve this problem, just ensure that power is properly turned ON and water tank is appropriately filled with water.

Always, make sure that selector control is not set in espresso mode.

And see that the coffee grind is either medium or coarse grind and not too much finely grounded.

By following these things, you can solve the problem no. 3 easily.

Problem 4 and its Solution: Machine Making Too Much Noise

After few months of usage, Breville Café Roma machine may start producing some noise while working.

Sometimes, the machine becomes excessively noisy.

The main reason behind this issue is lack of proper water tank set up.

If you keep water tank empty and do not adjust its position properly, then machine starts making noise.

By properly setting up the water tank and keeping the sufficient amount of water in the tank, you can reduce or eliminate the machine noise.

Problem 5 and its Solution: Coffee Not Getting Sufficiently Hot

Coffee coming out of the machine does not get hot properly and remain cold after it is brewed.

Coffee becomes gradually cold because machine is not pre-heated or the coffee cups are not pre-heated sufficiently.

It can also be due to milk not being warm enough for a cappuccino or latte.

In this case, you need to make sure that the Café Roma machine is pre-heated properly as well as coffee cups are pre-heated at the same time.

Plus, the milk you use should be warm enough so that you get warm and hot coffee coming out of the machine.

Problem 6 and its Solution: Lack of Enough Steam Production

After some months of usage, there could be a problem with steam production inside the machine.

No steam production or lack of sufficient steam in the machine can be attributed to the following reasons.

A. Machine is not properly turned ON.

B. Water tank is empty.

C. Selector control is not in the steam mode.

D. The steam wand is blocked.

If you take care of all the above factors before brewing your coffee, then I am sure you will not have problem with sufficient steam production in the machine.

So, make sure you have turned on the machine and there is enough power for the machine to work.

Keep water tank filled with water and also check if the selector control is in the steam mode.

If the steam wand is blocked or damaged then you can get it replaced with the new working one.

Problem 7 and its Solution: Coffee Runs Out Too Fast

Yes, this is one of the problems that you may face with your Café Roma machine after few months of usage.

In certain cases, coffee runs out excessively fast.

There are two main reasons behind this issue.

One is the espresso grind can be too coarse and the other one is lack of enough espresso in the channel.

If you take care of these two things on a regular basis, then you will not face the issue of coffee running out too fast.

Problem 8 and its Solution: Lack of Créma

This occurs when coffee isn’t packed and pressed firmly enough or when espresso is not new or too coarse.

This lack of crèma issue can be handled properly by making sure coffee is packed appropriately.

You also need to make sure that espresso you use in this machine is not too much coarse grind.

You have to keep the grind either medium coarse or medium fine.

Problem 9 and its Solution: Coffee Oil Residue Blockage

And one last and not the least important problem is blockage of the machine due to minute coffee particles and coffee oil residue.

This blockage and clogging happen due to lack of regular cleaning of the machine.

You can solve this problem easily by regularly unclogging and cleaning the machine every week and every month.

I have provided the complete cleaning and unclogging method for Breville Café Roma machine in the following part.

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How Do You Clean and Unclog Breville Café Roma Machine?

Weekly and monthly regular cleaning of your Breville Cafe Roma coffee machine is very essential to keep it away from microscopic organisms and the development of grime.

The cleaning will eliminate mineral development and furthermore eliminate coffee oil residue from within the machine to continue its proper functioning.

Cleaning the machine is really significant for maintaining the original taste of your espresso.

Without the expulsion of every one of those grimy substances, they badly influence your coffee flavor and taste.

Regular cleaning of your coffee machine has the following benefits.

1. Regular cleaning of your machine keeps fungi and spillage away.

2. It prevents mineral development within the machine.

3. It also helps to eliminate all coffee oil residue from the machine and avoids clogging up of pores and bad coffee taste.

You can use a scrubbing brush, a container and a clean soft cloth for cleaning your Café Roma machine.

Each time you use your machine, or if nothing else every day, there are a couple of pieces you should clean to keep away from the microorganisms all over the machine.

Drip tray is probably the least demanding piece of the machine to clean.

There is a tab that springs up when the dribble plate is full and you should simply slide it out and dump it.

It is likewise suggested to give it a decent flush and scour to stay away from any awful stenches or development of germs.

The steam wand requires more consideration as well because it manages more perishable fixings.

After each usage, change the dial to the steam mode and run it to clear the cylinder by coordinating the wand tip to the dribble plate.

Put the machine at hold, let it cool, then, at that point, clean the wand.

On the off chance that the steam wand is yet obstructed, then clean the tip with the cleaning instrument that is included in the machine parts.

In the event that it is as yet impeded then open the tip of the wand with the apparatus and douse it short-term in a cleaning arrangement.

The little container that you dump your pre-owned grounds into, after you make your coffee, has to be essentially dumped and washed every day to keep away from any development within it.

Post coffee-making, it’s critical to clear the coffee filters to keep away from the blockage.

Dump the crate into the espresso grind receptacle and wash the bushel with water and cleanser daily to keep away from oil development.

Assuming that the container is stopped up, utilize the cleaning pin to unblock the channel openings.

Occasionally, you should run water through the machine with the portafilter set up to unstick any stuck espresso and to wash out the units.

For unclogging the pores, follow these steps:

1. Put the filter for the coffee in the portafilter and operate it one time without espresso beans.

2. Make use of the pin cleaning apparatus to clean blockages off of the channel openings.

3. To keep up with the tidiness of the channels you can run a cleaning cycle with everything set up.

Let’s take a look at the summary of all that we have gone through above about the cleaning process of Breville Cafe Roma.

Breville Café Roma coffee machine has a little light that will be ON when the time has come to run the cleaning cycle.

When the light comes on, run the cleaning cycle.

First run it to flush any item out of the machine.

Place the cup filter in the portafilter and put it in the cleaning plate.

At that point, place a cleaning tablet in the circle and connect the unit to the gathering head.

Long press the power button until the cleaning light glimmers to run the cleaning cycle.

Hang tight for the reverse cycles to wrap up.

Just a little amount of water will come out as the cleaning process is compelling water back through the framework.

Run one void cycle to flush out any cleaning items left behind.

This is how you unclog and clean your Breville coffee machine at home.


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