Breville Oracle Touch Problems – 15 Problems and 15 Solutions of Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

If you are an avid coffee lover, then you must possess a perfect coffee brewing machine to prepare yourself a fresh cup of Joe every morning.

If you get a wholesome cup of coffee in the morning, the positive energy lasts for the whole day for sure.

Today, in this article, I want to talk about my opinion related to the Breville Oracle Touch machine and its various issues that we need to deal with.

I will share my experience with the machine and the problems I encountered in last few months.

After that, I visited different websites and have found suitable solutions for these problems which I will discuss in this article in detail.

If you haven’t used this machine, then I highly recommend you to try making coffee using Breville Oracle Touch Automatic Espresso Machine.

However, there are quite a few problems of this machine which you should know in advance so that you can handle them properly whenever you face them.

There are quite a few problems that you may encounter while using this machine such as leakage of the portafilter, machine auto start issue, water leaking out of the steam wand, machine getting clogged and grinder making too much noise, etc.

If you know the main cause then it becomes easier to solve that problem.

That’s why I highly recommend to read through the whole article, so that if your machine is not working properly, you can locate the error and fix it.

So, let’s jump into the main topic quickly.

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15 Main Problems of Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Machine

I have encountered few of these myself and have read about the rest of the issues from other users of this machine online.

Here are 15 problems regarding Breville Oracle Touch machine that you may experience while using this machine at some point of time.

1. Portafilter Leakage

Sometimes, espresso or coffee can leak out of the portafilter of the machine. This happens because either portafilter is not properly inserted or there is debris around the portafilter basket.

2. Portafilter Slippage

Portafilter may come out during extraction.

If the portafilter is wet, it will decrease the friction and reduce the pressure.

This is the reason sometimes, the portafilter may slip out.

3. Auto Start Issue

If you are facing an auto start problem, it may be because the clock is not set properly.

4. Water Leakage

The water outlet of the machine starts leaking water due to lack of cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

In some cases, the steam coming out of the wand is very wet due to leakage of the water.

5. False Empty Water Tank Message

In certain cases, when you do not set water tank appropriately, then the machine may give out error message.

If the display of the machine shows that the water tank is empty but you have filled the tank then you may not have inserted the lock properly.

So, you always need to make sure that you have set up the water tank at its proper place.

6. Clogged Steam Wand

If no steam is coming out of the machine while brewing, then there is a problem with the steam wand functioning.

In this case, most probably the steam wand gets clogged and stopped working properly.

7. Machine Does not Start

Sometimes, there is power issue which cause problems in the machine function.

You may have turned on the machine but it won’t operate does not get start.

8. Lack of Proper Espresso Shots

When you use too much finely ground coffee, then you do not get proper espresso shots.

You may encounter restricted espresso shots because you have ground the coffee too finely.

9. Espresso Coming our Too Fast

In certain situation, the Breville Oracle Touch machine starts brewing espresso too fast.

If espresso comes out rapidly or there is no crema, then most probably your coffee beans are stale and too coarse.

10. Low Amount of Coffee Produced

Yes, coffee brewed by the machine is sometimes very less as compared to the usage of ground coffee beans.

If you have not changed any settings but the amount of extracted coffee decreases, then it may be because of the aged coffee beans.

It can cause change and affect the volume of the coffee produced.

11. Coffee Stuck in the Grinder

If the grinder starts but no ground coffee is coming out, then there is a chance that coffee beans are either stuck in the grinder or the hopper.

12. Grinder Making Loud Noises

If your Breville Oracle Touch grinder is making loud noise while operating, then there are chances that either the grinder is blocked or there is moisture inside it.

13. Hopper Not Working Properly

The hopper of the machine sometimes gets blocked and does not work as it should be.

If the hopper of the grinder is not locking back in place, then there must be coffee beans overfilled that are obstructing the hopper.

14. Grinder Stops Working

The machine grinder gets clogged and it stops working correctly.

This is why your need to clean the grinder at regular intervals.

15. Grinder Keeps Running Constantly

If the grinder keeps on running continuously, either there are no beans in the grinder or the tamper is removed.

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15 Easy Solutions to Fix Breville Oracle Touch Machine Problems

1. Set Portafilter Properly

In order to prevent portafilter slippage and coffee leakage, you will have to set up portafilter properly in its place.

For that, you will have to rotate the portafilter and lock it in its place.

And make sure not to damage the silicone seal.

2. Keep Portafilter Clean and Dry

To prevent slippage issue, you need to keep it clean and dry.

Remove the debris and any leftover coffee particles from the portafilter before you put it back in its place.

Also make it dry before installing the portafilter.

3. Set up Clock Properly

To prevent auto start problem of the Breville Oracle Touch machine, you will need to set up its clock appropriately in advance.

Just program the clock and set the right time before you brew your espresso.

4. Use Filtered Water

If you start using filtered water for brewing coffee, then there will not be any harmful chemicals in the water that could clog or damage the machine parts.

So, I recommend using filtered water only in the machine to prevent internal clogging and rusting of the parts.

5. Set Up Water Tank Properly

Water tank of the Breville Oracle Touch machine must be set up appropriately to prevent false empty water tank error message.

Push in the water tank and safely lock it in place to prevent any water tank related error messages.

6. Keep Steam Wand Clean Regularly

Clogged steam wand prevents proper brewing of the coffee and can cause coffee and water leakage later on.

Therefore, it is important to keep steam wand clean and clogging free all the time.

7. Restart Your Machine

Whenever you have some abrupt problems in your machine and machine stops itself in between, then you can try out this method.

Just turn off the machine and wait for a minute.

After a minute, turn it on and it will start working in most cases.

8. Use Coarse Ground Coffee

When you have issues with improper espresso shots, it is most probably because of usage of too finely ground coffee.

In this case, you need to adjust the grind size properly.

Select a slightly coarser grind size and you will be able to solve this problem.

9. Always Use Freshly Roasted Beans

Whenever you want a fresh cup of espresso, it is important to make sure that the coffee beans you grind in the machine are not stale and expired ones.

Only freshly roasted coffee beans can provide you the best taste and flavored espresso.

Plus, you won’t face the problem of espresso coming too fast and lack of crema if you use only fresh coffee beans.

10. Customize the Settings to Improve Coffee Amount

As stated earlier, the Breville Oracle Touch machine can sometimes produce less amount of coffee.

This can happen due to lack of proper brew settings.

In this case, you can customize the time of extraction by the Single or Double button.

This way, you can increase or extract the maximum coffee from the ground beans.

11. Regularly Clean the Grinder

After few weeks of usage, coffee particles can get stuck inside the grinder.

In that case, grinder either stops working abruptly or making loud noises while grinding the beans.

To prevent this issue, you need to clean the grinder on a regular basis.

If the grinder is blocked, disassemble the parts and clean them properly.

Remove all the debris and then put it back in place.

12. Keep Grinder Dry All the Time

When there is moisture inside the grinder, it starts making weird loud noises while grinding the beans.

To avoid this issue, you need to keep the grinder dry before grinding the beans.

Dry the grinder properly before incorporating it back in place.

You can also use a hairdryer to dry it quickly and thoroughly.

13. Lock the Hopper Properly

In certain cases, the hopper of this machine stops working abruptly.

If the hopper is not locking, then remove some beans from the top and lock the hopper back in its place.

This way, you can make the hopper work as it should be.

14. Unclog and Clean the Machine Regularly

In case, you see the machine is clogged with coffee oil and residue particles, then it is time to clean the entire machine thoroughly.

To keep machine working at its best level, you need to keep the espresso machine clean and dirt free.

Even grinder does not work properly when it is clogged with dirt and debris.

In this case, just unplug the machine from its power source and stop the function of tamping and auto grinding.

And finally, clean and unclog the Breville Oracle Touch machine with the help of espresso cleaning tablets.

15. Check if The Tamper is Properly Fixed

When the tamper of the grinder is not locked properly, then grinder keeps running constantly.

That is why you need to make sure if the tamper is in position and is mounted properly.

How Long Does Breville Oracle Touch Machine Last?

There are different views shared in this perspective depending upon every user of the machine.

Some consider that it lasts for more than 10 years while others threw it out after one year.

So, it completely depends on your own usage and experience.

On the other hand, if you take good care of the machine it may last up to an average of 5 years at least.

Why is My Breville Oracle Touch Not Heating Up?

If the Breville Oracle Touch is not heating up, then the fuse of the main boiler must have blown up.

Now the main task is how to repair the fuse.

Instead of pulling out the whole machine, make a small hole in the base of the machine.

You can purchase a new replacement thermal fuse online.

A fuse blows up when the debris is clogged in the drain and you descale the machine automatically.

If you have not emptied the boiler the machine will still heat the empty boiler.

As a result, the fuse will blow up.

After attaching the new fuse, glue the piece back in the machine.

It is important to descale your machine manually, otherwise, the chances of a blown fuse will increase.

How to Reset Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Machine?

There is a button on the Breville Oracle Touch coffee machine called factory reset.

Press this button to reset all the values to their original form.

It will also delete the saved settings of the custom drinks.

I also recommend you to descale your coffee machine manually step by step instead of using the auto descaling option.


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