Breville Barista Pro Steam Coming from Bottom – 2 Main Reasons and 3 Easy Solutions

For all the espresso lovers who love to consume frothed milk along with their favorite cup of coffee, the steam wand holds significant importance.

It not only steams the milk to prepare foam but gives it a tasty flavor too.

It makes your coffee tastier and more flavorful than ever before.

Breville Barista Pro is often considered the best espresso machine that froths the milk and gives it the desired texture to make your espresso consumption even more delicious.

If you do not know, milk frothing is the process of thickening milk using heat pressure and giving it a foamy texture.

People often use it to consume with their cappuccino or espresso coffee cup to give it an extra texture and creamy and foamy flavor.

But being a machine, it does not always go the way you want.

Sometimes, it might make things worse for you.

In this article, I will be covering a frequent issue that many Breville Barista Pro users have faced and reported.

I will mention 2 main reasons why the steam leaks from the bottom of Breville Barista Pro coffee machine and will also provide 3 simple remedies for them.

In my extensive research, I have found out that the machine sometimes leaks steam from the bottom and makes some irritating noises as well.

It not only makes the frothing process just worthless but also makes an annoying experience for you.

Just think of steaming milk for your morning coffee in a sugar factory.

Horrible, am I right?

One major cause for your Breville Barista Pro leaking steam from the bottom is the blockage in the steam wand holes.

When any of the holes are blocked, completely or partially, it causes high pressure on the steam wand.

As a result, the machine leaks steam from the drip trays at the bottom.

An easy fix for this issue is to eliminate the blockage in the holes.

You can clean the steam wand using a steam wand cleaner or any other similar cleaning tools as well.

Once you remove the blockage, the machine will be again ready to froth milk for your espresso without making any fuss.

I will mention other important reasons further down the article.

So, I hope you will read this entire article till the end to understand the main issues and their solutions as well.

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2 Main Reasons Why Your Breville Barista Pro Leaks Steam from Bottom

Well, there is not only a single cause for the Breville Barista Pro espresso machine steaming from the bottom.

There are several other reasons as well.

Below, I have gathered 2 important reasons for the issue after doing the deep research.

The below mentioned are the major reasons that are causing steaming issues in your Breville Barista Pro espresso machine.

Reason 1: Insufficient Hot Water in the Machine

One possible reason why your Breville Barista Pro is leaking steam from the bottom is the insufficient amount of hot water coming from the machine.

We all know how steam is formed, by heating water, right?

That’s the same process in the Breville Barista Pro machine.

The machine carries out the hot water to its water tank.

After that the thermostat converts it into steam and then completes the frothing process.

But what if the machine doesn’t carry enough hot water to the water tank?

It won’t make enough steam and the extra pressure will cause steam leaking from the bottom. 

This is the problem here.

And because of the same reason, the machine makes irritating noises as well.

Reason 2: Trapped Air inside the Water Tank

In the other case, air might be getting trapped in the water tank of your Breville espresso machine.

This trapped air then causes the steaming issue.

If it is so, it obstructs the water supply process.

This eventually cause steam leaking from the drip tray along with making some unusual noises.

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3 Easy Solutions to Solve Steam Leaking from Bottom of Breville Barista Pro Machine

Till now, you have read about the 2 major reasons that cause the steaming issue in your Breville Barista Pro machine.

Now, it’s time to fix those issues and get your espresso machine froth milk in the best way it can.

As there are different causes for the issue of steam leaking from the bottom of the machine, there are different solutions as well.

Below, I have listed 3 of the best solutions to fix this issue as quick as possible.

All you need to do is to first find the reason that causes the issue and then implement the relevant solution to get it fixed.

Solution 1: Fill the Water Tank Properly

If the steam leaking issue is caused due to the insufficient amount of hot water in the water tank, then the solution is quite simple.

Just fill the water tank properly with hot water and it will make the process smoother.

It will also prevent steam leaking problem in your machine.

Solution 2: Let the Trapped Air Go out

Trapped air inside the water tank can possibly cause the steam leaking issue.

To fix this issue, all you need to do is just let the air go out and your machine will be working again with no issues.

To do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

A. Turn off the coffee machine and empty the water tank

B. Take out the water filter and fill the water tank again with water

C. Put the water tank back in place and switch the machine on

D. Try dispensing some hot water from the machine after it gets a bit heated up.

After two or three cups of hot water dispensing, the machine will work properly.

If not, you should reach out to the official Breville customer support team to fix this issue asap.

Solution 3: Descale Breville Barista Pro Machine

Yes, descaling is another best solution to fix this steam leaking problem.

If none of the above solutions work for you, then descaling your coffee machine can be the best idea.

I personally had the same issue and it really got me crazy.

After trying different tricks and solutions, nothing worked for me.

Then I went through the official Breville Barista Pro manual that suggested a descale for this kind of issue.

After a few descaling attempts, my coffee machine again started frothing milk and I was able to drink my favorite cup of coffee the way I wanted.

You can perform a descale on your machine using effective descaling solutions provided by Breville or easily available online.

One of the best espresso coffee machine descaler solutions that I recommend to use is Urnex Dezcal.

This descaler solution is highly effective against tough scale buildup.

It comes in the powder form and very easy to use.

It is compatible to use with all Breville Barista coffee machines and much safer option than using vinegar.

Why is My Breville Barista Pro Steam Wand Weak?

A weak steam wand can ruin the whole milk-steaming process or the milk frothing process.

Just think if the milk is not frothed enough and has a bad texture, then what will happen?

Would you use it with your coffee or espresso?

Would it give the same taste and flavor as it did after the proper steaming?

No, it won’t.

When you steam or froth milk with a weak steam wand, the poorly textured milk can just ruin your coffee taste and flavor.

But why is your coffee machine’s steam wand weak?

Well, it can be due to blockage in the holes present inside the wand.

The steam wand might get blocked completely or partially due to coffee particles and oil residue.

This leads to weakening of the steam wand.

To fix the issue, you need to clean the steam wand properly using a steam wand cleaner.

3 Easy Steps to Remove Breville Barista Pro Steam Wand Tip

If you want to change the steam wand tip of your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine, it can be a tough task sometimes.

Many Breville Barista Pro customers have reported that they are unable to properly remove the steam wand tip from their machine.

To solve the issue, kindly follow 3 simple steps below that will help you to get the tip-off quite easily.

1. Equip rubber gloves to make a better grip on the steam wand tip.

2. Hold the bottom of the tip and rotate it clockwise to easily unscrew the tip and change it.

3. After removing the steam wand tip, you can clean it and reinstall the tip quite easily.

Also, you can use the steam wand cleaning tool that comes with the coffee machine to remove the steam wand tip.

Just hold the tip from the middle hole of the tool and rotate it clockwise to unscrew the tip. 

5 Simple Steps to Unclog a Breville Barista Pro Steam Wand

For most of the steam-related issues that you are facing with your Breville Barista Pro machine, the steam wand is the main culprit.

Every time after milk frothing, you should properly clean the steam wand.

Also, you should purge the steam wand for a few seconds to let any remaining milk go out of the wand properly.

If there is any blockage or clogging in the steam wand, it may cause multiple issues.

This also includes the machine leaking steam from the bottom.

The easiest and best way to fix this issue is by unclogging the steam wand in your Breville Barista Pro.

But how to do that?

Don’t worry, I have mentioned 5 simple steps below that will help you can clean the steam wand and make your machine froth milk properly.

Step 1: Get the steam wand cleaning tool that comes with the Breville Barista Pro coffee machine.

Step 2: Hold the steam wand tip from the center gap in the tool and rotate it to unscrew the tip.

Step 3: Clean the steam wand tip properly using water or other liquid solution and try to remove any residue present on the tip.

You can also use a blunt knife to clean the tip as well.

Step 4: Use the pin present in the tool to clean the holes of the tips properly.

Step 5: Reinstall the tip in the steam wand carefully and do a steam test for a few seconds to make sure everything is in place and works as expected.


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