Breville Barista Pro Leaking Water – 3 Causes and 3 Easy Solutions to Stop Water Leakage

A fresh cup of coffee is what most of us loves to get in the early morning.

It can be as pleasant as getting a surprise bonus from your boss on a random day sometimes.

To brew the tastiest and the best quality coffee, a large number of people use the Breville barista pro coffee machine.

It is a great coffee espresso machine and brews very delicious coffee in less than 5 minutes.

But being a machine, it comes with a few issues and one of those is the water leakage issue.

In this article, I am going to talk about this exact water leakage issue.

I am going to share 3 main reasons and 3 possible solutions for those problems as well.

The first main reason why your Breville Barista Pro is leaking water is that the water reservoir of the coffee machine is damaged.

The two plastic fittings in the machine may have stretched due to regular usage and that is what causing the leakage.

Also, if you regularly keep connecting and disconnecting the water reservoir, the issue may arise quickly.

When the water reservoir is damaged or the water tank is out of its place, it causes water leakage whenever you pour water into the machine.

So, what is the solution?

The best solution for this issue is that you remove the water reservoir and re-install the water tanks properly in the machine.

Also, make sure to clean up the water tanks as well as the machine before putting the water reservoir back to its place.

Well, this is just one of the main reasons that causes water leakage to your Breville barista Pro machine.

In this article, I will be talking about 3 more reasons as well.

At the end of the article, you will be ready to troubleshoot the water leakage issue of your coffee machine quite easily as long as it is a non-technical issue.

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3 Main Reasons Why Breville Barista Pro Leaks Water

As it is a coffee machine, there can be numerous reasons that give rise to this issue.

For example, the machine may have internal damage that is allowing water to come out of the machine from different sides.

It could also be because of the small dip tray that needs to be cleaned every 2-3 days but it hasn’t.

Below, I have mentioned 3 other reasons that are causing this annoying water leakage of your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine.

Reason 1: Boiler Relief Valves are Open

A major and frequent cause for water leakage in your Breville Barista Pro can be the boiler relief valves.

Boiler relief valves, also known as safety release valves.

They are installed in the coffee machines and other different machines to prevent pressure buildup.

Whenever the pressure in the machine increases, these valves open up to release that pressure and make the machine work flow smoother again.

This exact process also goes on inside the coffee machine.

Now what happens if the release valves remain open for a long time!

It will cause water leakage whenever you pour water into the machine for brewing, causing a great mess.

Reason 2: The Nozzle is Clogged

If the nozzle of your Breville Barista Pro is clogged, there are great chances of water leakage from the machine.

The clogging of the nozzle can be because of the very tiny coffee particles that are in the form of oil and are not flushed away properly.

This happens as follows.

When you brew coffee from the machine, it grinds the coffee particles to the finest level possible to ensure you get the best quality coffee.

The grinding is so fine that it transforms those coffee particles into their raw form, which is oil.

Yes, coffee particles do contain some form of oil.

When you frequently brew out coffee, these fine particles remain in the machine and flow with the water flow.

After frequent use, these oily substances start collecting coffee particles around the nozzle.

This causes nozzle clogging or blockage and does not allow anything to flow through it, even water.

This ultimately causes water leakage.

Reason 3: The Water Tank is Punctured

Another reason that is leading to the leakage of water in your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine can be the damaged water tanks.

If the water tanks present in the machine are punctured, it may lead to excessive water leakage.

However, it can be resolved by using industrial tape and fixing those cracks on the tank.

But if it doesn’t, then it must be replaced with the new tank as soon as possible.

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3 Solutions to Fix Leaking Water in Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine

Now that I have gone through 3 major reasons that are causing the issue of water leakage in your Breville Barista Pro machine, it’s time to head for the solutions.

The very first step to resolve the water leakage issue on your Breville Barista Pro is to know what is causing the problem.

Once you know the problem, it becomes quite easy to solve it.

Below, I have mentioned some of the best possible solutions that will help you fix your coffee machine from leaking water when brewing.

Solution 1: Fix the Valves

As I have already mentioned, the boiler relief valves can lead to your coffee machine water leakage.

To fix this, you first need to fill the water reservoir with water first.

Then, open the case and start brewing.

Now check if the machine is still leaking water from its body.

If it still does then the issue is not related to the valves in most cases.

In majority cases, this works but if it doesn’t, it’s always a good decision to contact the customer support team of Breville and get the things fixed asap.

Solution 2: Clean up the Nozzle

If the nozzle of your coffee machine is clogged or blocked, you can clean it to fix the issue of water leaking through the machine easily.

To fix the issue, you can reset the grind settings of the machine.

Also, you can clean the nozzle using a thin needle or something sharp.

You can use the needle on the nozzle head spout and clean the head from clogging or blockage.

Solution 3: Fix the Water Tanks

To avoid your Breville Barista Pro from leaking water while pouring, you can fix the punctured water tanks.

To do so, you can use industrial tape.

If the issue doesn’t get fixed, you should contact the official support team of Breville and get your coffee machine replaced as soon as possible.

9 Easy Steps to Clean and Descale Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine

The Breville Barista Pro coffee machine needs to be descaled at regular periods to keep it functional and increase its longevity.

Below, I have mentioned the 9 steps to descale and clean the Breville Barista Pro machine from the comfort of your home.

Before descaling the machine, make sure that the water filter is removed from the water tank before you add the descaling powder or Espresso cleaning tablets to descale the machine.

Now, follow these simple steps.

1. First, empty the drip tray and reinstall it to the machine properly.

Detach the water tank from the coffee machine and then put out the water filter from the water tanks.

2. Fill the water tank to the DESCALE line printed on the tank with water and add the descale powder or descaling tablets in it.

3. Attach the water tank to the machine again, along with the descaling solution inside it.

4. Head to the main menu by clicking the MENU button.

Using the GRIND AMOUNT dial, navigate to the descale menu and press the select button.

5. Click on the 1CUP button illuminated to start the descaling process of the machine.

The descaling process of your machine gets completed in three different steps.

First, it descales coffee, then hot water, and then steam.

Every time one descaling process is completed, the machine produces a beep sound.

At that time, you need to change the STEAM DIAL to hot water and then steam.

6. After the descaling process is done, the machine requires going through a rinse cycle.

This is when you remove the drip tray and empty it again.

Replace it onto the machine and make sure to empty any other remaining descaling liquid from the water tank.

7. Fill the water tank to the MAX line and reattach it to the machine.

8. Press the 1CUP button to start the rinse cycle which is also of three stages.

Here, you also need to make sure that the STEAM DIAL is before the relevant item is descaled.

Once the rinse cycle is completed successfully, the machine will make beep sound and will be at the READY mode.

9. At last, remove the drip tray and rinse it properly along with the water tank.

Before putting them back into the machine, make sure to dry them enough.

That’s it, now your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine has been cleaned and descaled properly to get fresh cup of coffee again.


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