Can You Heat Up Coffee in a Toaster Oven? – Discover 8 Simple Steps to Get Hot Coffee

Are you fancying over making coffee in your toaster oven?

Have you ever thought of heating up coffee in a toaster oven?

If not, you can certainly give it a try!

So, today’s article is just about this same topic.

Is it possible to heat up coffee in a toaster oven? My simple and straightforward answer is “Yes”. Yes, you can easily make a cowboy coffee in your toaster oven with no fuzz. Although, it will take longer time than your microwave heating, but it will get the job done with more consumption of electricity.

If you want to know what steps should be followed to prepare coffee inside the toaster oven then continue reading this article.

I will also explain you what precautions you need to take before you try making coffee in this machine.

Plus, you will get to know which type of toaster oven you should use to quickly reheat food items at much less cost of electricity.

So, kindly read this article till the end.

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8 Simple Steps to Help You Make Coffee in a Toaster Oven

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Recently I watched an interesting video on Youtube where the person shows you how to make a cowboy coffee in a toaster oven.

Basic things that you will need to prepare coffee in your toaster oven are:

a. Roasted coffee grounds or coffee powder

b. Sauce Pan or Cast Iron Skillet (small compact size is preferred.)

c. Water to add to the coffee

The steps to heat up coffee in the toaster oven according to this video are as follows.

Step 1: First gather basic tools that you will need to heat up your coffee.

The things that you will need are your roasted coffee, a sauce pan or a cast iron skillet and some water to add into the coffee.

Step 2: First take the small sized pan, then pour water in it as per your requirement.

Then add roasted coffee such as Folgers Coffee into the pan.

You can take up to 3 tablespoons of coffee for this experiment.

Step 3: First when you add roasted coffee into the pan full of water, it will float on the water surface in the beginning.

But when your toaster oven finishes heating up your coffee, then you will see that it has dissolved or sank in the water completely due to mild boiling.

Step 4: Now it is time to perform an actually exciting step.

You will place the pan which is full of water and roasted coffee grounds inside the toaster oven.

Here I forgot one thing to mention and that is the size of your pan.

It is very important to know that how much bigger the internal heating chamber of your toaster oven is.

Depending upon the internal space and size of the chamber, you will need to finalize the sauce pan or cast iron skillet which can fit inside the toaster oven.

Step 5: Once you place the pan inside the chamber, close the front cover appropriately.

Now, it is time to set the temperature and time interval to properly cook your coffee.

To get the best results, you will need to set as much high heating temperature as possible.

The heating temperature of 400 degree plus would do the work much better.

Step 6: As far as the timing for coffee heating is concerned, I believe 15 minutes are fine to get the best results.

Most toaster ovens take longer time to heat up items in comparison to microwave ovens.

If you use microwave oven for this purpose, then I guess you can heat your coffee in just 5 minutes.

Step 7: Once 15 minutes are completed, just have a look at the boiling coffee in the pan from outside.

If you take a closer look at it, then you will understand that the mixture starts to boil slowly.

It is not rapid boiling but you will see water bubbling up a bit. And you will also see that the coffee powder has sunk to the bottom.

This is the time you can stop heating up your coffee and take it out of a toaster oven.

Step 8: Now wear mittens or gloves and take out the sauce pan carefully from the toaster oven.

You will need to pour the hot coffee in your coffee mug very slowly to avoid coffee grounds getting into your mug.

Even though you get some grounds, it is not a big deal.

Once you pour all the coffee in your coffee mug or cup, its time to enjoy your hot cup of coffee.

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4 Important Tips to Remember while Making Coffee in a Toaster Oven

By now you have understood completely that it is a fairly simple process to heat or reheat your favorite coffee in a toaster oven.

But there are few things that you should remember before you try out this experiment at your home.

1. The taste of the final prepared coffee in the toaster oven will not be excellent but it will be just ok.

If you are a person who gives more importance to preservation of aroma, flavor and taste of original coffee beans or coffee powder, then this is not the best method to prepare your coffee at home.

2. There are basically 5-10 different types of settings available in the best quality toaster ovens.  

Those settings are Toast, Roast, Broil, Bagel, Cookies, Crumpet, Pizza, Warm, Slow Cook and Reheat.

In order to get the best hot coffee from the toaster oven, you can either set “Bake” or “Reheat” settings in your machine.

3. Another easy idea to get a hot cup of coffee is to just heat up the water inside your toaster oven and then pour the hot water inside the coffee mug and add instant coffee to it.

This way you will be able to save some electricity because water can heat up quickly as compared to a coffee with water inside the toaster oven.

4. The higher temperature you set, the better are the results.

You can go up to 450 degrees if your machine allows the same.

The higher temperature produces much faster results but consumes more electricity on the downside.

What Type of Toaster Oven is Best to Heat up Coffee?

Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro 1800 W Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Brushed Stainless Steel

As far as my experience and research is concerned, the best type of toaster oven for heating and reheating things is a Convection Toaster Oven.

The best model for such type of oven is Breville BOV845BSS Smart Convection Toaster Oven.

This convection toaster oven has all the 10 smart cooking functions that are mentioned above.

You can easily set “Bake” or “Reheat” option in this oven and can heat up or reheat every food item including your daily coffee.

Its convection heating design allows proper hot air circulation which speeds up heating up of your coffee much faster than the other regular toaster ovens.

 Its high powered 1800 watts machine is perfect for faster heating of various food items and consumes less amount of electricity.

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Microwave vs Toaster Oven – What is Best to Heat up Coffee?

If you compare the basic functions of toaster oven and microwave oven, then you will know that you can heat and reheat various food items in both of these machines.

Coffee can be easily prepared inside the toaster oven as well as in the microwave oven.

The only difference between both of them is the speed of heating and consumption of electricity.

The heating speed in most microwave ovens is much faster as compared to toaster ovens.

If you want to heat or reheat any liquid item e.g. coffee or water, then the best option for you is to use a microwave oven.

Because it can quickly boil water molecules at much faster pace which results in speedy heating process.

When you look at a regular toaster oven function, then you will understand that it takes longer time to distribute heat inside the heating chamber in comparison to microwave ovens.

This is the reason you need about 15-20 minutes to heat up coffee inside a toaster oven. While in most microwave ovens, you can heat up liquid items such as coffee and water within 3-5 minutes.

Therefore, when it comes to heating up liquid items such as coffee, my vote goes to microwave ovens rather than toaster ovens.

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Final Thoughts

If you currently have a toaster oven at your home and are thinking of making coffee in it, then you can definitely do the same without any issues.

You can comfortably heat up or reheat your coffee inside the toaster oven.

To get the faster and much better tasting coffee, I would recommend you to go for a good quality convection toaster oven such as Breville BOV845BSS Smart Convection Toaster Oven.

But if you want to further save upon electricity and want much faster results, then obviously you will need to get a reliable microwave oven.

Good luck guys.


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