Can You Microwave McDonald’s Coffee Cups? – Use These Microwave Safe Coffee Cups Instead

Do you love drinking McDonald’s coffee every now and then?

McDonald’s needs no introduction.

It is one of the most popular coffee-selling brands worldwide.

They have been serving coffee lovers for ages with a variety of coffee flavors and tastes.

But have you every wondered if you can reheat your McDonald’s coffee cup in your microwave machine?

If you ask my opinion, then I would simply say “No”.

You should not microwave your McDonald’s coffee cups because company also says not to put their coffee cups in microwave machines.

If that’s not enough reason for you then let me tell you few facts regarding use of paper coffee cups.

The older McDonald’s coffee cups were purely made up of plastic which was non-recyclable by nature.

Those paper coffee cups had wax and paper lining inside.

When you put such types of coffee cups in your microwave machine, then there are high chances that these cups would melt due to higher temperature exposure.

After melting of these cups, they could seep into your coffee which could make your coffee a health hazard to drink.

These paper coffee cups at McDonald’s could also break, smoke or catch fire under extreme heat exposure inside the microwave machine.

Due to all these reasons, I highly prohibit using these McDonald’s paper coffee cups in your Microwave machine at home.

In this article, I will mainly focus on the coffee cups used by MacDonald’s and if there are any safe alternative coffee cups to use in the microwave.

So, without any delay, let’s begin.

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Can You Reheat McDonald’s Coffee Cups?

Well, the simple answer to this question is “Yes” and “No” both.

If it is the old McDonald’s paper coffee cup, then I would say you should not try reheating it in your microwave.

Because although it is a paper coffee cup, it is manufactured with the mixture of plastic and wax material.

These coffee cups can hold hot beverages for certain time, but they can not withstand high heat exposure of the microwave machine.

This is why I would not recommend you to microwave McDonald’s old paper coffee cups.

But if it is a new reusable coffee cup from McDonald’s, then you may reheat it in microwave under certain temperature limit.

However, you should consume coffee only when it is fresh and hot.

Stale coffee is the worst thing you can ever think of.

Right after the coffee is brewed, it remains fresh only for 30 minutes to an hour.

As your coffee cools down, the flavor goes along with the evaporating steam.

The caffeine present in the coffee will work up to certain time but the taste will be weird when your coffee becomes stale.

And when you reheat MacDonald’s coffee it cools down even faster than before, according to the evaporation phenomena.

If there is no other option than reheating your coffee, then you should transfer it quickly from the MacDonald’s coffee cup to other better option.

You can replace the paper cup with a ceramic or glass coffee mug.

In case, if you don’t have any other option, then you may try microwaving the MacDonald’s paper coffee cup by following few precautions.

Always remember to take off the lid of your paper cup.

Don’t get it piping hot. Keep temperature of your microwave under certain limit.

Lower the temperature and have warm coffee.

Do not increase the temperature in order to make your coffee hot again.

Follow these tips and you will be able to safely reheat your McDonald’s paper coffee cup in your microwave machine.

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Is It Safe to Microwave McDonald’s Paper Coffee Cups?

As I mentioned earlier in the introduction section of this article, it is unsafe to microwave McDonald’s paper coffee cups at home.

I would say “No” to this option.

Kindly, try to refrain from microwaving your MacDonald’s coffee cups.

MacDonald’s paper cups have a lining of plastic and wax inside it.

When you microwave these paper cups, they can melt or warp and will become useless.

The plastic and wax used in making these paper coffee cups can be melted in your coffee.

Drinking such spoiled coffee can be harmful for your health.

And the beverage can also spill inside your microwave machine which can damage your machine too.

The heat in the microwave machine is also not uniform in several situations.

The dry part of the coffee cup could also be affected the most.

It can also catch fire.

The part of the cup which is in contact with coffee stays safe as compared to the rim and remaining parts.

Due to all these risks and dangers, I would highly recommend you not to microwave McDonald’s paper coffee cups at any cost.

How Long You Should Put McDonald’s Coffee Cups in the Microwave Machine?

In normal conditions, I would advice not to put your regular McDonald’s paper coffee cups in your microwave machine.

Still, if you don’t have any other option, then you should do it while following few important precautions.

1. First, remove the lid of your paper coffee cup before putting it in the microwave.

2. Then, lower the temperature of your microwave machine and heat up your coffee cup for a maximum of two minutes and don’t go overboard.

3. While reheating your coffee cup, it is advisable to take few intermediate intervals and keep checking on the cups to make sure they are safe.

Do not overheat these coffee cups in the microwave. If you go beyond the pre-defined temperature limit, then it could spoil your coffee and can even affect the functioning of your microwave.

4. After heating it at a low temperature, your coffee will get warm.

Once you warm off your coffee, then take out the coffee cup and stir it thoroughly to distribute the heat evenly.

Follow these instructions carefully while microwaving your MacDonald’s coffee cup.

Once you take out the coffee, you can transfer it to your regular glass mug or ceramic cup for drinking purpose.

If you keep the temperature of your coffee lower then you can minimize the risk of the chemicals leaching into your coffee.

There are few other important tips for you to follow as well.

1. If you order a latte, then heat it to 74 degrees Celsius to stop the growth of bacteria.

2. Always use a microwave-safe coffee mug.

3. Never cover your paper coffee cup with its lid while heating it in your microwave.

4, Use a heat resistant glove to hold the coffee cup; otherwise you may burn your fingers.

Is It Healthy to Drink Coffee from McDonald’s Coffee Cups?

No, MacDonald’s coffee cups are not healthy to drink coffee from them.

Because even though they are called as paper coffee cups, they do consists of plastic and wax material.

Anything that you drink from plastic cups is not good for your health.

Harmful additives are incorporated in the formation of plastic material required for these types of coffee cups.

Excessive use of such plastic cups can cause dangerous diseases like cancer and leukaemia.

When you drink coffee from a plastic cup, you are ingesting contaminants, ions, and heavy metals.

The chemicals present in the cup usually leach in the coffee at high temperatures which causes abrupt change in the taste and flavor of your coffee.

Due to all these health hazards, it is highly recommended to drink coffee from a glass coffee mug or ceramic coffee mug instead of MacDonald’s plastic coffee cups.

If you are getting coffee on the go from MacDonald’s then I suggest you to keep your own travel flask alongside such as Hydro Flask Travel Mug.

Without any doubt, ceramic or glass mugs are far much safe than MacDonald’s coffee cups.

What are the Best and Safest Coffee Cups to Use in Microwave?

Here, I will list a few of the best and safest coffee cups to use in your microwave.

1. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Size: 17 Oz.

Ceramic coffee mugs are made up of thick and durable material.

It is break-resistant and can be used regularly for having coffee.

The stains can be easily removed from the smooth glaze.

The handle is large enough to hold comfortably and is sturdy so that it won’t get hot in the microwave.

These mugs are free of chemicals and microwave safe.

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2. Porcelain Coffee Mug

Size: 15 Oz.

Porcelain coffee mugs are big and have enough capacity to hold your morning coffee.

Their design and colors are cool.

They have thick walls so that your coffee remains hot for a longer time.

They are safe for use in the oven and freezer.

These mugs are good alternatives to plastic coffee cups.

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3. Travel Coffee Mug

Size: 16 Oz.

Reusable travel mugs are made of biodegradable plastic-free material called as BPA.

It has a leak-proof lid filed with silicon.

These cups also have a silicone sleeve to hold the cup comfortably when it’s hot.

It is an environment friendly product to use and is completely recyclable.

If you get coffee regularly from coffee shops then you can keep your travel mug handy alongside.

You can have your coffee in it instead of having it in plastic cups.

It will not only be safe for your health but will also cut down on plastic waste.

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I have chosen these three best mugs for everyday use and travel.

You can choose the best among them which suits you the most.

Final Thoughts

By now, you are aware about the health risks of using plastic coffee cups.

As I said already, McDonald’s coffee cups are not safe for use in the microwave oven.

If overheated, they can melt, spill, and catch fire.

It is best to avoid using such types of plastic coffee cups.

Instead, you can use the above-mentioned nature friendly and cost-effective porcelain, ceramic and glass coffee mugs for your coffee.

You can use these microwave-safe cups to reheat your coffee.

Avoid using plastic cups for drinking purposes.

You can even keep reusable travel friendly flasks at your disposal to fill them with coffee which you buy from coffee shops.


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