Can You Use Espresso Beans in a French Press? – 5 Easy Steps to Make Espresso Coffee

French Press coffee makers are well known for producing delicious coffee with complex flavours and revitalizing aroma.

I usually use regular coffee beans to prepare coffee in French press maker.

But what if you are craving espresso today?

Can you really use espresso beans in a French Press coffee maker?

Are espresso beans safe to use in a French Press machine?

Can they damage the French Press?

If such questions are also buzzing in your mind, then my simple answer is don’t worry.

Yes, you can safely use espresso beans in a French Press coffee maker to prepare your favourite espresso coffee.

To know all the details, you will have to skim through this article to the end.

I have provided all the answers to all your related questions of this topic.

So, without delay let’s get started.

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5 Simple Steps to Make French Press Coffee Using Espresso Beans

Before jumping to the ingredients and procedure, I will discuss a bit about the grinds.

You will need espresso roast for this procedure to get the outright strong and typical espresso taste.

I highly recommend to use only medium fine grind to avoid sedimentation in the French Press maker.

Now, let’s move to the ingredients and the actual recipe.


1. Half cup of espresso roast or 36 g

2. 205 g of water


1. First, grind the espresso beans to medium fine level.

2. Use a kettle to heat the water until its warm at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Add coffee followed by water in the French Press maker and stir the mixture thoroughly.

4. Set a 4-minute timer.

5. Next cover the French Press with a lid and push the plunger down gradually.

Lastly, pour the espresso coffee in the coffee cups and serve it hot.

Now, you are going to love this espresso.

It is not necessary that you get the perfect output, initially.

But once you experiment with French Press and play within different ratios, you will eventually learn to make the perfect cup of espresso in your French Press maker.

Can You Use Espresso Beans for a Regular Coffee?

Yes, you can certainly use espresso beans for a regular cup of coffee.

Because there is a minor difference between both types of coffee beans.

The overall flavor and quality of coffee mainly depends on the method of brewing rather than the type of the beans used.

However, espresso beans will produce the best taste in a good quality espresso coffee maker because it will give you the most authentic and original flavour.

It’s recommended to use a medium grind for a flavourful coffee.

You have to follow the same process for preparing coffee from espresso beans as you use for your regular coffee beans.

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Can You Put Espresso Beans in a Coffee Maker?

Yes, you can use coffee maker to prepare coffee from espresso beans.

It’s not necessary for you to buy a very expensive espresso coffee makers to make coffee from espresso beans.

If you are also using your regular coffee machine to prepare espresso, then I recommend to use the following 4 steps to make the best tasting espresso coffee at home.

Step 1: Reduce the quantity of water.

Use approximately 2 oz. water for one tbsp. of coffee.

Step 2: Espresso beans should have medium fine grind.

If you grind them too fine, then the brewing process will prolong.

And if the grinds are too coarse, your coffee will have a weak flavour.

So, grind the espresso beans carefully to get the medium ground coffee.

Step 3: Use warm water so that the machine can heat it further.

Set the temperature at 190 to 210 degree Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Brew for a short period.

Allow the coffee and water to merge in lesser time period.

Consequently, add less water.

If you are using finely grounded beans, the end result will be a tasteless, metallic or a bitter cup of coffee.

Is It Okay to Use Espresso Ground Coffee in a French Press Maker?

If you know how to properly operate French Press Coffee Maker then yes, you can do it.

But if the coffee beans are too finely grounded, then you may not be able to filter them properly from a French Press maker.

Otherwise, it’s completely perfect to use espresso grounds in a French Press maker.

But I warn you that you should not expect the signature taste of espresso in a French press.

Espresso is all about the pressure exerted by the espresso maker.

French Press may not exert the same intense pressure so you may not get the same original taste and flavor.

The process of extraction continues for a few minutes because coffee and water fuse in to one another for a longer period of time.

Anyhow, you can use French Press Maker to prepare a bold cup of espresso.

Temperature of the water can also affect the taste.

Ideal temperature for French Press is 93 degrees C or 200 degrees F.

You can use any type of roast with coarse grounds for a nice cup.

I recommend you to experiment with your French press maker and your favourite espresso beans to get the best possible results.

What is the Ideal French Press Espresso Ratio?

Once the French Press maker is heated and you are ready to put in the grinds, you will have to determine the proper ratio of espresso.

I use finely grounded beans while preparing espresso in French Press.

So, to maintain the taste and flavour of espresso, I usually go for 2:1 proportion.

It means for 1 cup of water, you will add 2 tablespoons of coffee.

I double the amount of coffee, otherwise it will taste weak and gross.

Precisely, you can add a tablespoon of coffee containing 6 tablespoons or 60 g of expresso in 34 oz. of water.

For further calculations, follow the table below.

SizeAmount of Coffee
51 oz.8 tbsp. or 80 g
17 oz.3 tbsp. or 28 g
12 oz.2 tbsp. or 20 g

4 Best Espresso Beans to Make a French Press Coffee

Here I have shortlisted 4 of my favourite beans for preparing espresso in the French press.

Let’s have a look.

1. Lifeboost Coffee

Life boost beans have been extracted from Nicaraguan mountains.

It has a medium roast with a flavourful blend of aromas.

It also has a low acidity.

2. Peet’s Coffee

This Peet’s coffee is medium roasted with a smoky flavour.

It works best in a French Press.

It has a complex blend which will make you a rich cup of Joe.

3. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee offers fruity flavours.

It is a medium roast and mild bodied, enriched with floral aromas.

It also includes notes of lemon and honey which adds extra flavor in your coffee.

4. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica

Coffee Bros. Costa Rica grows in Costa Rica valley and is known as one of the best coffees around the world.

They have medium roast with enriched taste of cocoa and toffee.

These are some of the best coffee beans you can use for espresso.

5 Important Tips to Make Best Tasting Espresso in a French Press

Now, I will share some worthy tips with you that will help you to make best flavoured and tasted espresso coffee in your French Press machine.

1. Get yourself a good quality French Press maker first.

2. Use only whole coffee beans rather than pre-grinded coffee.

Grind the beans right before brewing.

3. Buy freshly roasted beans for a cup of coffee to get the full aroma and the freshness of coffee beans.

4. Thoroughly clean your machine before using in order to remove debris and avoid clogging of machine.

5. Try out different types of coffee beans for your French Press and experiment with different ratios.

And then choose the one that you like the most.


You have finally reached the end of the article.

So, if you have espresso beans and you want to prepare a regular cup of coffee, then you don’t need to rush to the market for fresh coffee beans.

Espresso beans will make you a good cup of coffee too at your home.

Now, you can use above provided simple recipe for making espresso with a French Press.

I also recommend to keep the same ratio which I have mentioned above to get the best results.

And to get the best tasting espresso coffee, you will have to use fresh and medium roasted espresso beans only.

You can use any one of the espresso beans provided above to prepare the best flavoured coffee in your French Press machine.


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