Proctor Silex Coffee Maker Not Working – 4 Main Issues and 3 Easy Remedies

proctor silex coffee maker not working
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If you are looking for a simple coffee machine with no special programming buttons, no automatic on/off feature, no cleaning cycle and no clock but only simple on or off button, then Proctor Silex Single Serve Coffee Maker is the best choice for you.

However, just like any other machine, this coffee machine can have some technical issues after few months of usage.

If your Proctor Silex coffee maker is not working properly then you must know the main reason first and then apply the right solution to fix that problem.

As per my experience, the best way to make your Proctor Silex coffee maker work is by first checking the power supply and make sure the power switch and power cord are working properly.

You need to carefully observe the power socket first, then the machine’s power cable, power switch and finally machine’s internal wiring.

Make sure to check all these components properly to make sure there is no wiring fault in the machine.

Your coffee maker does not work in majority cases due to lack of proper power supply.

And this lack of power can be due to faulty power cable, power switch, power cord and faulty internal wiring.

If you can’t diagnose this problem on your own, then I highly suggest calling the company technicians to solve this technical problem of your coffee machine.

In this article, I have provided 4 most important reasons that cause your Proctor Silex coffee machine to not work properly.

Don’t worry, I have also provided their simple solutions so that it will be easier for you to fix those problems as soon as possible.

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4 Main Reasons That Cause Proctor Silex Coffee Maker to Stop Working

The main function of your coffee maker is to brew the coffee.

But if it doesn’t function properly, then you have to find the main reason behind it and fix it asap.

There are 4 important potential reasons that usually cause problems in your Proctor Silex coffee maker functioning.

Those reasons are as follows.

Reason 1: Insufficient Power Supply

If your coffee machine is not working properly, then the first thing you have to check is the power supply or the power unit of the machine.

Insufficient supply of power is the biggest and could be the main reason your coffee machine is not working.

Issues in the power cord, main switch, and plug may be the reason your machine is not functioning as it should be.

Reason 2: Clogged Machine

Now this is another most common problem behind the improper working or functioning of Proctor Silex coffee machine.

Due to continuous usage and coffee brewing, over a period the machine starts accumulating debris, limescale buildup inside the components.

If the water you use for brewing coffee is really hard in nature, then it starts clogging different parts of your machine.

If you don’t clean and descale your coffee machine on a regular basis, then yes, it can clog your entire machine.

A clogged machine will of course have several issues and it will malfunction when you switch on its power.

If you don’t clean and maintain your machine properly, then it will gradually make your machine completely unusable.

I will discuss how you can unclog your Proctor Silex coffee machine easily at home at the end of this article.

Reason 3: Insufficient Water in the Reservoir

Lack of sufficient water level in the water tank of your coffee machine also leads to the malfunction of your machine.

In several cases, we tend to forget filling up sufficient water in the water reservoir.

After that, less water in the reservoir makes the brewing process difficult.

Due to lack of enough water and interruption in brewing process, Proctor Silex coffee machine stops working.

Reason 4: Lack of Paper Filter

Paper filter is very important for the conducting proper brewing process in your Proctor Silex coffee maker.

When there is no paper filter, your coffee machine can’t work properly.

Also, small size paper and dirty paper filter could lead to malfunctioning of your Proctor Silex machine.

3 Easy Solutions to Fix Proctor Silex Coffee Maker

Now, you can follow the following 3 troubleshooting solutions when you face the reasons that cause the Proctor Silex Coffee maker to stop working.

Solution 1: Clean the Tube by Removing Debris

The best and high-quality coffee can be obtained only when the machine is properly working.

If the machine components and internal tubes and pump are jammed and clogged, then your coffee machine can’t work smoothly.

All you have to do is to remove all the internally accumulated debris or mineral deposits from the tube.

You can do this by tapping it slowly or using the wire to remove the debris.

Paper clips are the best things to clean the debris from various parts of the coffee machine.

Solution 2: Check the Power Outlet and Power Cord

As mentioned in the introduction part of this article, in majority of cases, power cord or power outlet failure cause machine to not work properly.

Therefore, you need to check all the connections properly especially the power cable.

If it is damaged, then you will have to replace it completely.

Don’t try to repair it as repaired cable may damage once again in future.

Also check the power socket or the outlet in which you are plugging your machine.

Checking the main switch or calling a technician to check the internal connections of the coffee machine can resolve all power issues.

Solution 3: Fill up the Water Reservoir Completely

Coffee brewing can’t happen properly when the water tank or reservoir has insufficient water quantity.

This problem leads to coffee maker to stop working properly.

If you want to avoid this problem, then you must fill the water reservoir adequately so the coffee can be brewed appropriately. 

You can also see the mark indicating the sufficient quantity of water in the reservoir and fill up the water accordingly.

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5 Steps to Unclog and Clean Proctor Silex Coffee Maker

I recommend to follow the below mentioned 5 steps to unclog Proctor Silex coffee machine.

Step 1: Firstly, remove everything from your coffee pot and make it completely empty.

Step 2: Also remove the coffee grounds and other debris from the filter.

Step 3: Now, take vinegar and clean water and mix them properly to make a vinegar descaling solution.

Step 4: Fill the machine with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Step 5: Finally, perform brew cycles with this vinegar solution.

I recommend to perform only 1-2 water only brew cycles once you complete the vinegar solution descaling of your machine.

That’s how you clean and unclog your Proctor Silex coffee maker.

I recommend repeating this descaling process every 1-2 months.

How to Clean Proctor Silex Coffee Maker?

The cleaning of the Proctor Silex coffee maker is most important for improving durability and overall life span of the machine.

You can follow the below mentioned steps to clean your coffee maker.

Step 1: Clean the Coffee Filter

Cleaning the coffee filter is the most important part of cleaning your coffee machine.

However, you can clean the filter only if the filter is reusable.

Otherwise, make sure to replace the filter from time to time.

Step 2: Clean the Exit Needle

If the exit needle is not cleaned or unclogged regularly, then the machine will not further brew the coffee.

Using paper clips for unclogging the needle is the best way to keep your machine functional without any issues.

If you want to have your Proctor Silex coffee maker working and functional with the best potential, then I highly recommend to keep your coffee maker clean and clogging free all the time. 

Every machine requires proper maintenance and care especially when it is in continuous use.

A coffee machine is used frequently so it requires proper care.

By knowing all reasons mentioned above you can prevent your machine from getting malfunctioned in future.

Also, if your machine is not working you can follow different processes that are mentioned above to make it work again smoothly.


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