Bunn NHBX Leaking from Bottom – 3 Main Reasons and 2 Simple Solutions to Solve This Issue

Does your Bunn NHBX-B or NHBX-W coffee maker start leaking recently?

One of the main reasons of water leakage in your Bunn coffee maker is due to the damage of the silicone seal which is present in between the water reservoir and the stainless steel water tank of the machine.

Many of the users might experience either water leaking from sides of the water tank or from the bottom of their coffee maker.

If you read online about this issue, then you will find out that many of the users recommend just throwing out the coffee maker and buy a new one instead of troubleshooting it.

But not everyone is capable of just discarding their 150 bucks investment and buy the new one quickly.

This is the reason, today I will share with you 3 of the most important causes of Bunn NHBX leaking from the bottom.

I will also share 2 efficient methods to solve this issue at your home. Without any delays, lets get to the point.

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3 Main Reasons Why Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker Leaks from the Bottom

Reason 1: Damage of the Silicone Seal

Yes, this is the number one reason why your Bunn NHBX coffee maker starts leaking water from the bottom and from the sides.

Due to consistent usage and continuous exposure to heat, the soft silicon seal which is present in between the water tank and the water reservoir, starts melting and diminishing.

It gets damaged after a certain time period. This phenomenon is called as a Planned Obsolescence.

Once this seal is damaged or spoiled, you will not be able to ask the company to repair it because they will not replace this seal themselves.

Reason 2: Improper Handling of the Machine

Sometimes, improper usage of the coffee maker leads to occasional wear and tear of the machine.

This often causes loosening or damaging of the internal circuitry.

It leads to water not going inside the water tank properly and instead coming out from the bottom and from the sides of the coffee maker.

So, improper handling could also cause water leaking from Bunn coffee maker.

Reason 3: Internal Mineral Deposit Buildup

This is also one of the most important reasons which causes water leaking from the bottom and from the sides of the coffee maker.

If the water you are using in your coffee machine is very hard and rich with minerals, then those minerals get deposited inside the machine circuitry over a period.

It often causes machine to not perform properly and water is not able to flow in the water tank; instead it starts coming out from the sides and from the bottom.

Therefore, mineral deposits buildup is also responsible to cause water leaking for Bunn NHBX coffee maker.

I have separately written about why Bunn coffee maker overflows or why water leakage happens in the first place.

Click here to check out this article.

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No. 1 Solution to Fix Bunn NHBX Leaking from Bottom Issue

If the water leaking issue is due to damage to the internal soft silicon seal, then obviously you will not get a replacement seal from the company.

In this case, you will have to replace it manually.

Don’t worry. It’s not that hard.

You can easily do it yourself at home if you know the right method to do it.

Here is the actual troubleshooting method to fix damaged silicon seal of your Bunn NHBX coffee maker.

Things You will Need:

1. Aqueon Silicone Sealant

2. Replacement Silicone Gasket for Bunn Coffee Maker

3. Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Procedure to Follow:

1. The first thing that you will have to do is to properly open the top cover of your Bunn NHBX coffee machine.

It has few screws on the top that you will have to remove first with your magnetic screwdriver set.

2. First remove the top plastic cover, then carefully take out the plastic plunger inside which controls the water flow.

If you want, you can clean it properly because it gets dirty over a period.

3. Once you take out the plunger, you will see a silicone seal which is often gets damaged or melt down due to exposure to constant heat.

4. Now you will need to replace it with another silicone gasket which is available in the market already.

You can get this replacement silicone gasket for Bunn coffee maker on Amazon.

5. Take out the old brittle silicone gasket or seal carefully, and fit this replacement silicone gasket or seal in the same sport carefully.

Make sure you have fit it properly in its place so that water will not leak again.

6. To reassure that this new seal has fit in its place, we will use Aqueon Silicone Sealant to create a strong and waterproof seal.

This silicone sealant product is excellent in creating strong and long lasting bond that does not crack or shrink due to constant heat or liquid exposure.

This sealant is easy to apply and it is not toxic at all which helps us to drink coffee without any risk of toxins exposure.

7. Once you apply this sealant to the new silicone gasket, then allow few minutes to create a strong bond between the two.

8. Now pour some water and test whether the water leaks from the bottom or from the sides of your coffee maker.

If you don’t see any leakage, then you have done the fixing correctly and well done for completing this task successfully.

Method No. 2 to Fix Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker Water Leakage

There is another simple trick you can do to fix your currently damaged silicone seal of the Bunn coffee maker.

It this seal has got some cracks or has become loose after a long period of usage, you can still repair it without getting it replaced.

In this method, you will not require a new silicone gasket or seal.

You can just use a good quality silicone sealant to create a strong waterproof bond which fixes the loose silicone seal.

Things You will Need:

1. Permatex Silicone Adhesive Sealant

2. Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Fixing Procedure:

a. As already mentioned in the first method, you will need a good quality magnetic screwdriver set to open the top cover of your Bunn coffee machine.

Then take out the plunger and clean it carefully.

2. Now, you will see the brittle or cracked silicone seal in the water reservoir.

All you need to do is to apply the newly bought Permatex Silicone Sealant to this silicone gasket properly.

This adhesive sealant works great in preventing the melting of the silicone gasket by protecting it against the constant heat exposure.

It is non toxic and easy to apply too.

Therefore, it is completely safe to drink coffee from such a machine once you start using it again.

3. Apply this sealant in a circular fashion and allow few minutes to become dry.

Make sure that the sealant feels flat when you touch.

This is important step because only then the plunger fits perfectly on this seal. Otherwise, it will not be able to prevent water leakage.

If you want to know this procedure in detail, then I recommend you to watch the following short video.

Wrapping Up

By now you must have understood how easy it is to fix the water leakage issue of your Bunn NHBX coffee maker.

Whenever you see that the water is leaking from the bottom or from the sides of your coffee machine, then make sure you perform any of the above mentioned troubleshooting steps.

These methods are easy to carry out at your home and you don’t need a professional to do the same.

The company obviously does not provide any assistance regarding this issue.

But we can certainly fix our costly coffee machines at home with just few easy methods.

I strongly recommend you to use the above fixing methods such as replacing an old silicone gasket with a new one or just fixing it with a reliable silicone adhesive sealant.

This way, you can prevent any water leakage and can use your Bunn NHBX coffee maker for long term without any issues.




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