Nespresso Pixie Red Light Stays On – 2 Main Reasons Why Nespresso Pixie Red Light Keep Flashing

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker does have an issue that must be addressed if it’s red light is on, flickering, or constant.

As stated on the authorized Nespresso website, if your maker is emitting a steady, completely circular red light, then it is overheated and it needs to cool down immediately.

Throughout this situation, the first thing you ought to do is to unhook the device’s power cable.

And then let it be for at least 15 mins to cool it down (a longer time is preferable if you have time).

Then you may attempt starting it once again after plugging it in.

This time, I am sure everything will go smoothly.

This often happens if you don’t remember to switch the appliance off after each use.

It can also happen in case you use the machine to make a lot of drinks throughout a celebration or other similar events.

Even after trying out this method, the problem still remains, then you need to contact Nespresso customer care to solve this problem.

However, be prepared to wait some time on the hotline and you may experience considerable lengthy wait times over this hotline.

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What Does the Red Light on Nespresso Pixie mean?

The red light signal indicates that something went wrong with your Nespresso Pixie machine.

It has to be turned off, the power cable unplugged, and let it cool down for at least 10 mins.

Then, reconnect the power supply when that period of time has elapsed.

And depress the handle to switch the system back on.

When the device has warmed up and is suitable for use once again, this time the indicator will turn green.

Call Nespresso service and provide them with the code WVP17 if anything mentioned in this article doesn’t work.

Why is my Nespresso Pixie Still Flashing Red Light After descaling?

If your Nespresso Pixie has been fully descaled but the red light is still on, the issue must be somewhere else.

As I have already stated, there are a number of issues that contribute to the red-light issue with Nespresso makers.

Therefore, if descaling wasn’t successful, look for the other solutions to solve this problem.

Reboot the equipment, cleanse the capsule reservoir, re-insert the pods, examine the device’s head for obstructions, and more.

Any of these methods will help you solve this problem for sure.

Execute the red-light remedies for the Nespresso maker you have at your house depending on the particular unit initially.

Depending on the particular machine, the remedies or their methods might vary.

Then, if the device is still flashing red light, there is only one thing left in the end.

Call Nespresso customer care support  and file your complaint.

Alternatively, you might first investigate whether any fixes are given in the user’s handbook.

Do not really hesitate too long to seek expert assistance.

You need to get in touch with the experts in case the red-light issue keeps happening and the Nespresso maker isn’t operating anymore.

1. Warranty

The good thing regarding your device’s warranty is that you could receive qualified assistance without much cost.

A 2 years warranty is provided with almost all Nespresso makers.

If the cause of the red-light problem is anything that is significantly flawed or malfunctioning, you are entitled to a complimentary repair underneath the guarantee.

2. Without Warranty

The same applies to Nespresso makers without a warranty.

Due to the considerable Nespresso device durability, every Nespresso machine comes with at least a 2 years warranty.

If your machine does not have it, then it must be really old and ancient one.

Therefore, expert assistance may not be covered by a warranty, but you probably won’t need it anyway.

The majority of red-light problems are simple to fix on your own and from the comfort of your home.

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1. When your Nespresso Pixie machine will not start properly, then a red light will blink twice before becoming steadily green.

The most probable cause of a red light that flashes twice before becoming steadily green is either a low water level in the container or a problem with the capsules.

In this case, you need to test the water container for enough water level right away to start with the simpler approach.

The Nespresso maker spilling can culminate in an emptied water reservoir.

Additionally, you’ll need to see that the Nespresso maker is not malfunctioning due to this problem.

If adding more water to the tank doesn’t work, then you can check the capsules by opening the unit head.

Remove the old capsules and replace them with new capsules or properly re-insert them.

Your difficulties will probably be resolved by using these methods.

The Nespresso machine will resume its operation automatically when the red light stops blinking.

2. When flashing three times per 2 seconds, a red light returns to being stable red.

This indicates that your Nespresso maker has internal obstacles.

These impediments not only prevent the equipment from operating as it should, but they also cause the red light to blink every 2 seconds before becoming stable.

There are various solutions to this problem.

Remove the device head and look inside for any obstacles first.

You may also totally clean the pill box as an additional option.

To clean the canister, use a cleaning brush or use a dry towel.

This problem may also be resolved by putting a fresh Nespresso Pixie Capsule into the device.

5 Simple Steps to Reset the Red Light on a Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Resetting the Nespresso maker to factory defaults is necessary if you see red light errors on your machine or if you want to return to the standard cup size options.

1. For Pixie machines, this requires turning it off first, followed by pressing and holding the lungo key while they turn it back on.

2. It is now time to revert both switches to their default configuration of 40 ml for espresso and 110 ml for lungo.

3. Ensure that the appliance does not have any power.

4. For 5 seconds, hold down the Lungo key.

5. To verify that the machine has been reset to factory default, the LED lights will rapidly flicker 3 times.

As it warms up, the indicators will keep blinking.

It becomes operational when the signal remains constant.

The medium, portable Nespresso Pixie model has an elegant design, a 2 key user interface, and a detachable water tank.

You can configure the auto-off pre-set and choose the appropriate brewing volume.

Additionally, there is a helpful automated cleaning process and a helpful minimal alarm.

However, as this model lacks milk foaming features, you’ll have to buy a different appliance to create lattes or cappuccinos.

It can’t make full-sized cups of espresso and I think it’s a bit overpriced considering its limited features.


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