Breville Barista Pro Stops After 5 Seconds – 2 Main Reasons and 3 Easy Solutions to Solve This Issue

Coffee brewing is one of the favorite tasks a true coffee-lover wants to perform every day.

Getting up in the morning and brewing a fresh cup of hot/cold coffee that will keep you active and fresh all day long is just an amazing experience.

High-tech coffee brewing machines make it even easier and more fun activity.

One such most popular coffee machine is the Breville Barista Pro that provides you with a delightful cup of coffee in a very short time.

The machine grinds the coffee to a certain level to ensure you get the best taste and flavor possible.

But being a machine, Breville Barista Pro has its own problems too!

Sometimes, brewing a single cup of coffee from the machine seems really hard.

Because the Breville Barista Pro machine stops after every 5 seconds of brewing.

It makes you quite a frustrated and irritating man (or woman) when the Breville Barista Pro stops after every 5 seconds without even brewing up a full a single cup of coffee.

In this article, I am going to discuss about this same issue completely.

I will also discuss 2 main reasons and 3 simple solutions of this problem that can help you deal with them if you face them while handling your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine.

The main possible reason why your Breville Barista Pro stops after 5 seconds is because of the actual grind size of the coffee particles that are being used in the machine.

The coffee might have been ground too coarsely and the large coffee size is what is causing the brewing issue in your coffee machine.

When grinding the coffee beans in the machine’s own grinder, you need to take care that the grind size should be the right one which is neither too fine nor too coarse.

The grind size of the coffee beans simply affects the rate at which water flows through the ground coffee in the filter basket.

Also, it affects the taste of your coffee too!

This could result in making your Breville espresso stopped brewing after every 5 seconds.

The best way to fix the issue is by setting the coffee ground level properly.

The Breville Barista Pro comes with 30 different grinding options with the default being 15.

On the left side of the machine, use the grind size controller and adjust the grind size between COARSER and FINER.

This will mostly fix the issue quickly with no hassle at all.

I also recommend to read this article to know other possible reasons and quick remedies of this problem.

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2 Main Reasons Why Does Breville Barista Pro Machine Stop After 5 Seconds of Power On

Well, there is not only one reason that causes your machine to stop after 5 seconds of power on.

The issue may be caused by 2 different reasons and there are 3 different solutions for them as well.

Below, I have provided 2 major reasons that are causing the Breville Barista Pro machine to stop after 5 seconds.

Reason 1: There is not Enough Coffee in the Filter Basket

One possible reason that is causing a stoppage in your Breville Barista Pro machine is the too little amount of coffee in the filter basket.

To grind properly, there needs to be a certain amount of coffee beans in the filter basket.

When there is not enough coffee in the basket, the machine will find it quite hard to brew up coffee for your morning freshness or late-night studies.

And ultimately, it stops working after 5 seconds.

Reason 2: Coffee Tamped Too Lightly

If the coffee is tamped too lightly, it may also lead to your machine to stop working after a few seconds of power on.

In the portafilter, you need to evenly spread the coffee particles.

And after that, tamp them with the tamper to a certain pressure.

If not, the machine may stop working after 5 seconds.

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3 Easy Solutions to Prevent Breville Barista Pro Machine Stopping After 5 Seconds

If your Breville Barista Pro stops working after 5 seconds of power on, there may be few possible reasons for this issue as I have already mentioned 2 main problems above.

Once you know what is causing the issue, it becomes quite easier to fix it.

Below, I have mentioned 3 best solutions to prevent the stoppage of the Breville Barista Pro machine.

Solution 1: Increase the Amount of Dose Coffee in the Filter Basket

As we have mentioned above, the issue might have been happened due to too little coffee in the filter basket.

The solution to this issue is quite easy.

Just fill the filter basket with more coffee.

To do so manually, press and hold the portafilter in the grinding cradle until the amount of coffee you need has been dosed properly.

Solution 2: Tamp the Coffee Particles with Proper Pressure

If the coffee is tamped too lightly in the portafilter, it may lead to the machine stopping to work after a few seconds.

To fix the issue, you need to make sure that the machine is tamping coffee at the proper pressure.

To tamp the coffee particles, first remove the portafilter from the grinding cradle.

Then tap the portafilter several times to make sure the coffee particles have collapsed and spread evenly in the filter basket.

Tamp down the coffee particles firmly using the tamper.

The recommended tamping pressure is between 15-20 kg.

Also, make sure that the pressure remains constant every time you tamp the coffee particles.

Solution 3: Descale the Coffee Machine

It is surely the best and the easiest way to fix the issue of machine stopping after 5 seconds without any major problem.

You may try a force descaling through the system to get everything cleaned and the machine working again.

Click Here to Get Best Descaling Tablets for Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine.

How Long Does Breville Barista Pro-Last?

If you take care of the machine properly, it can easily last up to 6-8 years.

Being one of the best products from the Breville company, this coffee machine uses only the best quality products and materials to brew up the freshest cup of coffee for you.

There may have some issues with the machine, but with proper care and solutions, the machine is surely going to serve you for even the next ten years.

What Does Flush Mean on Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine?

On the Breville Barista Pro coffee machine, you can see a Flush alert.

It means that you now need to perform the flush cleaning cycle on the machine.

This process is also known as the backflush.

It is a very important process to keep your machine healthy and working properly for a long time.

In the flush clean cycle, you clean the group head from oil residue that may damage your machine and affect its working.

In this process, a cleaning tablet is dissolved and flushed back to the group head in the machine from the portafilter.

The solution then comes out in the back of the drip tray, cleaning everything properly.

4 Easy Steps to Reset a Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Well, resetting your Breville Barista Pro coffee machine is really an easy task and takes only few minutes to do.

To do so, you just need to follow some simple steps that I have mentioned below.

Also, I have tried to make the steps simpler than ever so that you do not get any hurdles in your way to reset the machine.

1. Enter the main menu of the machine by pressing the MENU button.

2. Navigate the main menu using the GRIND DIAL and head to RESET DEFAULTS.

3. When you press the RESET DEFAULTS button, you will hear a beep sound from the machine.

4. Once done, everything including the GRIND AMOUNT, FILTER SIZE, SHOT TEMP, 1 CUP and 2 CUP settings will be reset to its factory defaults settings.

After the machine is successfully reset, it will return to READY mode and you can use it to brew your favorite cup of coffee again easily.


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