Best Grind Settings for Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine – Also Learn How to Use Advanced Menu

The Breville Oracle Touch Machine is a fully automatic espresso machine with a portafilter.

This machine is easy to use, but you should be well acquainted with the proper usage of this machine.

It is a barista in itself.

Before using this machine, you must at least know what are its various components and how they actually work.

Today, in this article, I will tell you about the best grind settings for Breville Oracle Machine and how to optimize them to get the best coffee from your machine.

This machine is made up of stainless steel material.

It comes with a commercial-grade portafilter and has a dual-boiler system through which you can brew coffee and steam the milk.

In addition, it has its milk frothing system that will give you a perfect cup of coffee.

Its grinder comes with 45 different grinding selections that will help you make a customized espresso as per your preference.

There are 5 pre-programmed drinks in this machine, and the user can set 8 more according to their choice.

The portafilter is 58 mm with a 1-cup and 2-cup filter basket for single and double shots.

Getting the right grind using this machine is really necessary if you want a perfect espresso shot.

If the coffee is very powdery and feels soft, it is way too finely ground.

But if the coffee powder is rough, it is too coarse, and this combination will not give you that perfect shot.

For the best espresso extraction, there are only three things in this machine that control the rate of flow.

First is the grind, the second is the right dose, and third factor is tamping force.

The Breville Oracle Touch machine automatically controls the amount and the tamp force.

So, you must adjust the grind size to get the correct flow rate.

You should know the perfect grind size to get an ideal espresso extraction from your machine which we are going to find out in this article.

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What is the Best Grind Size for Breville Oracle Touch Machine?

As previously mentioned, the Breville Oracle Machine has 45 different grind settings to get various coffee shots.

If you are a novice and do not know how to set the number, you can start with a grind size of 20.

Later on, you can adjust accordingly once you become more familiar with this machine.

To change the grind size, you will have to turn the grind dial on the side of the device.

When you turn the dial anti-clockwise, you will get a coarser grind.

This will increase the grind size and it results in a faster extraction, which is used for fresh coffee beans.

And when you turn it clockwise, it will give you a finer grind; this will decrease your grind size resulting in a slower extraction.

I recommend to check out the following video tutorial to understand how to properly extract coffee to get the best espresso shot in Breville Oracle Touch machine.

What is the Best Grind Number for Breville Oracle Touch?

Well, I guess you have so far understood how to properly use this machine to get the best espresso shot.

It is also essential to understand proper settings of the grind.

The dialing of this machine highly depends on the types of coffee beans you are using to grind.

You must understand the difference between the dialing for a dark roast and a medium roast.

You can set your grind setting on 17 for a medium roast.

And you can change it to 18,19 and 20 according to the humidity and the age of the coffee beans.

For a dark roast, you can adjust the grind size to 30.

For a perfect espresso shot, you will have to grind the dark roast coarser and the medium roast finer.

You will have to figure out what settings are suitable for your machine to make adjustments according to your coffee machine.

Check out the video below to understand how to dial in using Breville Oracle Touch machine.

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What are Breville Oracle Touch Advanced Settings?

In advanced settings, you can customize different settings of your Breville Oracle Touch Machine.

To reach the advanced menu, turn the machine off.

Then, press the single shot button and then press the power button.

Now, hold both buttons for three seconds, and the advanced menu will pop up on your machine.

Here is the list of settings in the advanced menu of your Breville Oracle Touch machine.

1. Reset: This option in the advanced menu allows you to reset the machine to its factory defaults.

2. Descale: The second option allows you to access the descaling mode.

3. Temperature: The next option allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature.

4. LCD: This option allows you to change the brightness of the LCD screen.

5. Spotlight: The spot setting option allows you to change the brightness of the drip tray and working area spotlight.

6. Steam: This option allows you to change the steam temperature.

7. Air: This setting allows you to choose the temperature and time at which air is introduced while automatic steam starts.

8. Sound: This option allows you to set the sound of beeps between off, low and high respectively.

9. Fan: This option is for the cooling fan, and it is used to cool the area around the bean hopper and the grinder.

You can adjust its sound to silent, standard or cool.

10. Clean: This option allows you to disable the clean me alert.

11. Clock: This setting allows you to choose the 12 hours to 24 hours time display.

12. Volume: Finally, this setting allows you to choose between a time-based extraction and volumetric-based extraction.

I recommend you to watch the following video to understand how to use advanced menu on your Breville Oracle machine.

3 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Espresso Using Breville Oracle Touch

To get that perfect espresso shot in your Breville Oracle Touch machine, perform the following steps.

Step 1: For making the perfect espresso, first put the beans in the hopper after choosing the correct dose, like 18-22 gm.

Now, turn on the machine.

It is recommended to start with grind size 20.

Step 2: Next, select the option “Espresso” from the coffee range.

Start the automatic grinding, dosing, and tamping by putting the portafilter in its place.

Insert the portafilter into the group head and press the one-cup or two-cup button.

Step 3: Fill your jug with fresh cold milk and set the foam.

It will set the temperature automatically.

Finally, brew the coffee and add the coffee to the milk to get the required espresso shot.


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