Are Hydro Flask Coffee Mugs Dishwasher Safe? – Learn Which Versions are Dishwasher Friendly

Hydro Flask coffee mugs are best to store hot coffee for several hours. You can even store cold coffee in this mug for hours without ruining it.

But the main thing with Hydro Flask coffee mugs is they need to be cleaned and washed properly every time you store cold or hot coffee in them.

Lot of Hydro Flask owners ask this question in the forums about various ways to clean these mugs faster and more effectively.

Most of them ask this common question that I have seen online: Is Hydro Flask Coffee Mug Dishwasher Safe?

The fact is the old models were not dishwasher safe but the newer 2.0 versions are completely dishwasher safe.

The new improved 2.0 Hydro Flask coffee mugs come with Color Last Powder Coating which prevents discoloration and can withstand higher temperatures with ease.

Some people do use their dishwashers to clean these Hydro Flask bottles.

However, if you ask my opinion, then I would not recommend to clean these expensive Hydro Flask coffee mugs in the dishwasher.

But many folks have complained about the damage of powder coating and getting water stains on the outer side of these bottles after putting them in the dishwashers.

The inner double walled insulation can also be ruined by the exposure of excessive heating inside the dishwasher.

To prevent the discoloration of powder coating and damage to the insulation property of your Hydro Flask coffee mug, it is best to not put them in the dishwasher.

I have already provided 5 easy methods to clean your Hydro Flask coffee bottles at this website. You can check them out and apply those easy cleaning methods at your home.

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FAQ Regarding Cleaning Hydro Flask Coffee Mugs in the Dishwasher

Are New Hydro Flask Water Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug - 16 oz, Pacific

Yes, the company is saying that new Hydro Flask models are completely dishwasher friendly.

And you won’t have any issues cleaning and washing them inside the dishwasher.

Their new proprietary Color Last Powder Coating does help in preventing discoloration of the coffee mug when put through the dishwasher.

However, if you ask me; I won’t take any chances and will clean them by hands only.

It does not take long to clean and wash them with your hands.

And in my experience, there is always a risk of discoloration or damage to the inner walled insulation of your Hydroflask bottle.

Therefore, even if new bottles are dishwasher friendly; I will still clean them with traditional cleaning methods.

Click here to know how I use 5 simple methods to clean Hydro Flask coffee mugs at home.

3 Main Reasons Why You Should not Put Hydro Flask Coffee Mugs in the Dishwasher

1. Discoloration of Powder Coating: Yes, the powder coating of your Hydro Flask mug can be damaged when exposed to an excessive heat of the dishwasher.

2. Ruining of Insulation Property: Another most important reason why you should not put these bottles in the dishwasher is the risk of getting damage to the insulation walls.

Too much hot temperature of the dishwasher can spoil the double walled insulation inside the mug. And after that it will not be able to work efficiently.

3. Possibility of Getting Water Stains: Some people have complained that their Hydro Flask bottles got water stains on the outside when put through the dishwasher.

So, if it gets water stains, then it does not look good and cleaning those stains can be a tedious task for you.

There are 3 prime reasons why I stay away from cleaning these expensive coffee mugs through the dishwasher.

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Which Version of Hydro Flask Coffee Mug is Dishwasher Safe?

As discussed earlier, the old models of Hydro Flask mugs are not entirely dishwasher safe.

But the latest version 2.0 coffee mugs are designed in such a way that you can safely clean and put them through your dishwashers.

The new Color Last Powder Coating protects your new coffee mugs from excessive heat and discoloration of the coating.

This newly developed color paint or powder coating can withstand higher temperatures without any issues and prevents any discoloration problem.

And I am sure the inner vacuum wall might also be enhanced to withstand extra heat produced inside the dishwasher.

They have also revamped the wide mouth Flex Cap of the Hydro Flask coffee mugs.

The new model 2.0 that I am talking about is mainly available in 16 oz and 20 oz capacity.

Click Here to Check out new Hydro Flask 2.0 Coffee Travel Mug.

Is Hydro Flask Coffee Mug Lid Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the lid or flap of the Hydro Flask coffee mug is completely dishwasher safe.

Whether you have old versions or newer 2.0 improved versions of these coffee mugs, you can safely clean the lid of these mugs in the top-rack dishwasher.

However, if you want to increase its life span, then I highly recommend washing them with your hands.

It does not take long and you can even use vinegar, baking soda or your regular soapy water to clean these wide mouth Flex sips or lids to make sure they are bacteria free.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning Hydro Flask coffee travel mugs or regular coffee mugs is a very easy process and does not take long if you wash them with your hands.

The old 1.0 versions were not completely dishwasher safe but the newer 2.0 versions of these Hydro Flask coffee mugs are completely top-rack dishwasher friendly.

Thanks to its new powder coating technology, it can now withstand higher heat temperatures and can prevent any type of discoloration.


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