Apple Cider Vinegar and Coffee – Should I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Mixed with Coffee?

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most popular weight loss trends right now.

Thousands of people are consuming it on a daily basis.

Some people do consume it with their daily coffee regime too.

So, I was searching about the right answers regarding whether you should drink coffee along with the apple cider vinegar.

Is it safe to drink apple cider vinegar before or after your coffee? And should you mix ACV with coffee?

The short answer is “No”.  After hours of research, the main thing that I found is it is not at all recommended to mix apple cider vinegar with coffee.

The main reason is the high acidity factor. Both of these drinks contain acetic acid and can cause various side effects such as nausea, heartburn, bloating, brittle bones and weakening of teeth enamel, etc. if you over drink both of them.

Therefore, my recommendation is to never drink both coffee and apple cider vinegar together. Yes, you can take apple cider vinegar or coffee alone in the morning.

But it is best to drink maximum of 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day.

If you drink it just before your lunch or dinner, then it can help you in proper digestion and if you take it after your meal, then it helps in boosting your metabolism.

So, limited amount of intake is highly recommended when it comes to consuming apple cider vinegar.

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Does Apple Cider Vinegar and Coffee Help in Reducing Your Weight?

Apple cider vinegar is basically made from the fermentation process of crushed apples.

It does contain some minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber along with acetic acid and some amount of citric acid.

According to this article, regular limited intake of apple cider vinegar does help in reducing your obesity, diabetes and in fat loss.

The simple reason being its ability to reduce your hunger.

When you consume some amount of ACV on a regular basis before your lunch or meal, the acetic acid of ACV helps in eliminating your overeating habits.

It creates the feeling of fullness in your belly once you consume it.

This is the reason, you eat less and obviously it helps in gradual weight loss and fat loss.

On the other side, coffee contains extremely higher amount of antioxidants and certain amount of nutritional elements.

According to this article on, 8 ounce of coffee does contain several vitamins such as vitamin B2, B5, B1, B3, folate, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

Regular intake of 1-2 cup of coffee can help you burn some fat and boost your metabolism.

This article also emphasizes the fact that regular intake of coffee can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancers.

So, basically drinking coffee will not harm your health but 1-2 cup of coffee can actually improve your health.

Therefore, we can conclude from the above facts that apple cider vinegar as well as coffee; if taken in limited quantity can actually improve our overall health and prevent certain lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Should I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Mixed with My Coffee in the Morning or in the Night?

If you are talking about mixing coffee with apple cider vinegar, then I am completely against it.

The first reason why I prohibit adding coffee in the apple cider vinegar is the high level of acidity.

Both of them are high in acetic acid and if taken in large quantity on a daily basis can actually cause several side effects such as bloating, nausea, high blood pressure, heart burn, etc.

Higher amount of caffeine in your daily coffee actually slows down the absorption of ACV in the body.

So, you actually can not obtain the full health benefits of apple cider vinegar due to its slow absorption in the blood stream.

Therefore, I don’t recommend drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with coffee either in the morning or in the night.

The only option for you is to drink either of the stuff in your morning or evening and not mixing them together.

If you don’t believe me, then I suggest you watch the following video which will help you clear your doubts about this issue.

Are There any Side Effects of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with Coffee?

Yes, there are some health side effects as mentioned in the video above.

ACV combined with coffee can increase acidity in your body.

And excessive consumption of both the drinks can cause side effects such as nausea, bloating, high blood pressure, and heart burn, etc.

So, it is best to either drink ACV or coffee alone and not mix them together.

Is It Good to Have Apple Cider Vinegar on Empty Stomach?

There are several health gurus and fitness experts who claim that drinking ACV on the empty stomach in the morning can have several health benefits for humans.

They say that regular drinking of ACV in the morning can help you lose weight by reducing your overeating habits. It also helps to remove toxins from your body.

But an article from clearly mentions that there is no concrete research done yet on studying the health benefits of ACV.

The main study or research is done only on animals and not on humans. So, the results are still inconclusive.

After few studies, however it has been found out that the acetic acid content of ACV helps to reduce your appetite or hunger and therefore you tend to eat less and thus reduce some weight over the period.

Although, you should not consume more than 15 ml to 30 ml dose every day.

Because over consumption is not good for your teeth enamel as well as for your intestines and liver.

You may take 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning on the empty stomach and then drink lukewarm water later on to reduce the acidity.

Should You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before or After Coffee?

You can drink apple cider vinegar either before your daily coffee or after drinking your cup of coffee.

But many people have this confusion that how long should they wait to drink their coffee after you consume apple cider vinegar.

The truth is I don’t recommend consuming both drinks together obviously due to certain health side effects mentioned above.

But if you can’t live with your daily cup of coffee then I suggest you to drink either decaf coffee or herbal tea or coffee when you consume apple cider vinegar.

Decaf Coffee is also called as decaffeinated coffee and it is actually a type of coffee which is made from coffee beans that have 97% caffeine removed with certain processing.

You can drink Decaffeinated coffee with ACV with no health side effects for your body.

You can also think of the other type of coffee known as Herbal Coffee.

Herbal coffee is actually made through a process by roasting coffee beans with other ingredients which are actually free from caffeine.

Therefore, both herbal coffee and decaf coffee does not contain lot of caffeine quantity and less acetic acid.

This is the reason they are safe to consume either before or after the consumption of apple cider vinegar.

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How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Should Be Taken on a Daily Basis?

If you don’t know how much apple cider vinegar or ACV should be consumed regularly then you must read this article on .

It says that you should not consume more than 15 ml to 30 ml of quantity every day.

This means you should consume only 1-2 tablespoons of ACV on a daily basis and not more than that.

Over consumption can lead to several health side effects as mentioned above.

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Is Apple Cider Vinegar More Acidic than Coffee?

There is no definite research which I found online about the actual acidity content of both the drinks.

But in my experience, the acidity content of ACV is obviously higher than that of coffee.

Coffee mainly contains rich antioxidants and caffeine.

But ACV actually contains acetic acid in large quantity as compared to the regular brewed coffee.

Therefore, when it comes to comparing acetic acid level, both of these drinks do contain certain level of acidity.

However, ACV does contain more acid than coffee and therefore, it is more acidic than coffee in my experience.

How Long Should I Wait to Drink Coffee After Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you ask my opinion, I would not recommend drinking coffee immediately after your apple cider vinegar dose.

Either before or after your consumption of ACV, you should either drink only Decaf Coffee or Herbal Coffee to reduce the acidity and bloating in your body.

It is good for your health if you drink ACV in the morning on the empty stomach. It will be much healthier and safer option for your body.

And as far as consumption of herbal or decaf coffee is concerned, you can have it in the evening or in the afternoon.

Only thing you should not forget is you have to avoid drinking coffee immediately after or before the consumption of ACV.

Which Apple Cider Vinegar is Best to Consume Every day?

If you are looking to drink apple cider vinegar which is completely made from raw, unfiltered and all-natural ingredients, then you should look for ACV product that is USDA certified and organically manufactured.

One such product that I found online is Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

It is made from organically grown apples and it is non-GMO verified, USDA certified and Kosher certified product too.

I highly recommend to use this type of organically made apple cider vinegar if you are planning to consume it on a daily basis.

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My final conclusion is you should not mix coffee with apple cider vinegar at any cost.

Apple cider vinegar must be taken in limited quantity on a daily basis.

The recommended daily dosage is not more than 1-2 tablespoons or 15 ml to 30 ml.

If you still want to drink coffee with ACV, then the best option for you is to either drink herbal coffee or decaf coffee.

If you combine these options in your daily routine then you can certainly prevent several health side effects such as bloating, acidity, high blood pressure or heart burn, etc.


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