Breville Oracle Touch Overheating – 6 Main Reasons and 6 Easy Solutions

Are you facing the Breville Oracle Touch overheating issue and don’t know how to fix this issue?

Luckily for you, I have gone through the same situation and have found out few simple solutions that you can too apply on your own to fix this overheating problem quickly.

If your Breville Oracle Touch Espresso machine is overheating, it can be due to the heating up of its water pump.

To fix this issue, you can descale your machine to clean the buildup in the pipes and valves.

This issue can also occur due to the damaged water pump and the return of hot water to the pump.

Moreover, any damaged component of the internal cooling system of the machine can cause overheating.

To resolve this problem, check the ventilation ports.

Also, check if the fan is working correctly; otherwise, you can replace it.

In this article, I will provide 6 main reasons that affect your Breville Oracle Touch machine to overheat.

Don’t worry, I will also provide their simple solutions so that you can apply them on your own and make your machine work like a brand new espresso machine.

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6 Main Reasons Why Breville Oracle Touch is Overheated Often

There can be different reasons why your Breville Oracle Touch is overheated more frequently.

The most important 6 reasons are provided as follows.

Problem 1: Heating up of Water Pump

After few months of usage, if you do not maintain proper cleaning of your machine and especially the water tank, then it often gets clogged up.

There are often the machine components such as valves, pipes, steam wand, boilers, and tank, which get clogged up by limescale and debris.

Due to this issue, water has to exert a lot of pressure to pass through these components.

As a result, the water pump heats up and obviously it leads to your machine getting overheated.

Problem 2: Blown Heating Element or a Failed Sensor

Sometimes, due to power surge or over usage, the internal fuse or heating element gets blown up.

A failed sensor or heating element often leads to damage of the circuit board if you don’t pay much attention to the overheating problem in time.

If you don’t replace the bad fuse or a damaged heating element, then the machine starts getting overheated and stops working after some time.

Problem 3: Hot Water Back Flow

In some cases, the overheating of the machine can be related to the hot water back flow.

This means that hot water returns back to the water pump.

This gradually overheats the Breville Oracle Touch machine.

Problem 4: Damaged Grinder, Boiler and Water Pump

There are certain parts or components in Breville Oracle Touch machine which can make the machine overheated when they are broken or get damaged.

And those parts are the grinder, boiler and the water pump.

Problem 5: Inefficient Cooling System

If the internal cooling system is not working correctly, the machine starts overheating.

In this case, the fan fails to expel the heat outside.

This trapped heat then starts accumulating inside the machine parts.

And this causes your machine to overheat.

In addition, blocked ventilation ports can also cause overheating.

Problem 6: Over Usage of the Machine

Yes, this is an obvious reason for machine overheating.

If you are running the machine for considerable time period which is more than its allowed time period, then machine parts begin overheating.

This makes the machine to overheat after certain time period.

6 Main Solutions to Solve Overheating Problem of Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

Solution 1: Descale Your Machine Properly

You need to thoroughly descale the internal components of your Breville coffee machine to prevent buildup and clogging.

Lack of regular cleaning and descaling often leads to heating up of machine components.

This obviously leads to machine overheating.

To prevent this problem, regular cleaning and descaling of your Breville machine is of paramount importance.

I highly recommend to use Breville Descaling Tablets to clean your machine in order to get the best cleaning results.

Alternatively, you can also make use of Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner to thoroughly clean the Breville machine.

You need to leave the descaling solution inside the machine for an hour or so and repeat the descaling process a couple of times to remove the internal debris and limescale clogging.

Solution 2: Replace the Broken Water Pump

If your water pump is damaged, then it also cause overheating problem for your coffee machine.

In this case, either repair it or replace it with a new pump to resolve the overheating problem of your Breville Oracle Touch Espresso machine.

Solution 3: Change the Blown Up Fuse or a Heating Element

Your Breville coffee machine also gets overheated when the internal fuse or heating element is blown up or damaged.

This can also lead to the damage of the machine’s circuit board.

And when this happens, the machine either stops working completely or begins to overheat whenever you switch it on.

In that case, you either need to replace this blown fuse or a heating element to solve the overheating problem.

Solution 4: Fix the Internal Cooling System

When the internal cooling system fails to cool down the internal components of your coffee machine, it traps the heat inside instead of expelling it outside.

And this trapped heat starts heating up other machine components.

So, to prevent this machine overheating, you need to fix the failed fan of the cooling system.

So, first clear the ventilation ports and then replace the fan of your coffee machine if the overheating issue persists.

Solution 5: Replace Damaged Boiler, Grinder and Water Tank

After few months of heavy usage, certain Breville machine components can get damaged or broken down.

When the main machine parts such as the boiler, water tank or a grinder get broken or damaged, then it majorly affects the overall performance of your espresso machine.

These damaged components cause overheating of your machine.

So, to prevent this overheating, you will need to either fix those parts or replace them with the new ones.

You can get in touch with the Breville customer support to replace these parts in case they are broken.

Solution 6: Use the Machine Moderately

It is not at all recommended to use your expensive Breville Oracle Touch machine constantly for long hours.

You certainly need to take short breaks and let the machine cool down a bit to prevent overheating.

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How Often Should I Descale My Breville Oracle Touch?

It is recommended to descale your Breville Oracle Touch machine every six months.

This will help you remove all the buildup from the internal components and keep making a delicious cup of coffee without any odd metal taste.

Apart from descaling; daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning is also essential.

To clean the machine daily, you have to wash the portafilter and clean the screen and steam wand.

However, wash the portafilter, grinder, steam wand, and hopper on a monthly basis.

You can also run a cleaning cycle after every 2 months to keep the machine in the top working condition.

3 Steps to Reset a Breville Oracle Touch Machine

To reset your Breville Oracle Touch machine, follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Switch off your coffee machine.

Step 2: Simultaneously, press the “Power” and “one cup” buttons for up to 3 seconds.

Step 3: Now, press the “Select” button.

Now, your Breville coffee machine has been successfully reset to the default settings.

You can watch the following video tutorial to understand the whole resetting process for your Breville Oracle Touch machine.


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