Breville Oracle Touch Error Code ER12, ER15 and ER16 – Learn How to Fix These Errors

Are you the proud owner of Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine?

I agree that this machine is one of the best in the market when it comes to obtaining third wave speciality coffee at home.

It is a touch screen machine that provides you much better control on the coffee temperature, extraction and steaming operations.

What I love about this machine is that I can quickly grind the fresh Arabica coffee beans using its in-built conical burr grinder and get freshly flavoured coffee in just few minutes.

It is very advanced coffee machine and has a really user-friendly and fully automatic coffee making operations.

If you are an avid espresso lover, then this machine can easily last you for 5 to 10 years without much hassles.

However, just like any other man-made machines, this Breville Oracle Touch machine also tends to get problems after regular use over time.

It will show you some errors when your machine has some technical issues.

So, you will have to fix them by recognizing the error code.

Sometimes, it can be very confusing and irritating for new users who don’t know much about different error codes of Breville Oracle Touch machine.

The error log in the Oracle Touch machine tells you about the errors that have occurred in your machine.

For example, you will find 32 errors in the Breville Oracle Touch after reaching the service menu.

In addition, you will see the error number and the number of times when the specific error has occurred, respectively.

So, if you are getting one of them, you must understand that your machine is malfunctioning, and you might have to either repair or replace those parts.

I have already discussed about error codes 1 to 7 for Breville Oracle Touch in one of my earlier articles.

Today, in this article, I am specifically going to discuss about 3 more prevalent error codes of Breville Oracle Touch machine.

And those specific error codes are ER 12, ER 15 and ER 16.

Actually, error code ER12 is related to the portafilter malfunctioning.

And error codes ER15 and ER16 are related to the steam wand problems.

To avoid these errors in your machine, it is best to keep your machine clean and clogging free after every use.

To prevent these errors, you need to always clean your steam wand, portafilter, and filter basket properly.

Descale your machine after every 60 to 90 days.

Do not descale your machine without following the descaling procedure in the setting menu.

Because, this can cause potential damage to your machine.

So today, in this article, I will explain the above-mentioned error codes ER 12, ER 15 and ER 16 and will also provide their simple solutions to fix them quickly once you see those errors.

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What is Error Code ER12 on Breville Oracle Touch Machine?

The error code 12 is related to the portafilter problem.

You may see this error on your Breville coffee machine screen as given below.


This error may occur when there are some issues with the machine’s portafilter.

The problems like the portafilter is not inserted correctly or the grinder is not set appropriately.

Sometimes, the filter basket of the portafilter is clogged due to lack of proper cleaning.

Also, in certain cases, your tamping fan can be a problem when it does not work properly.

There could be some tamping issues such as loose tamp fan, weary Allen screw or moving basket, etc.

Click here if you want to know more details about actual tamping problems of Breville Oracle Touch machine.

What is Error Code ER15 on Breville Oracle Touch Machine?

The error code ER 15 on your Breville Oracle Touch machine is related to the steam wand start-up operations.

You will see this error on your screen as given below-


This error occurs when there is a problem with the steam wand of your coffee machine.

There are certain steam wand related problems such as lack of proper steam or no steam at all.

Click here to know why steam wand does not work in case of Breville coffee machine.

For example, maybe you have not cleaned the steam wand for a long period of time.

It can also happen that the O-ring of the boiler has been damaged or loosened.

This type of error occurs when your steam wand is clogged and it needs proper deep cleaning. 

What is Error Code ER16 on Breville Oracle Touch Machine?

The error code 16 on your Oracle machine is related to the steam wand NTC short (Operation).

You will see this error on your screen as given below.


So basically, you will see this error code when there is an operational error in your machine’s steam wand.

The proper operation of the steam wand is crucial to properly forth milk and make a perfect cup of coffee.

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How to Solve Error Code ER12 on Breville Oracle Touch?

Before knowing the solutions to your machine’s error codes, let us know how to reach the service menu first.

Step 1: So, to enter the service menu first, turn your machine off, but keep the power plug in the socket.

Step 2: Press and hold the one-cup and two-cup buttons.

And then press the power button.

Your machine will beep once, and you will see the service menu on the screen of your machine.

Now you will see your software version on this screen.

Step 3: Next, press the encoder button.

Now, after dialing and scrolling, you will see all the error codes that have already occurred in your coffee machine along with the time of occurrence for those errors too.

As previously mentioned, error code ER 12 is related to the portafilter malfunction.

So, to solve this, first check the tamping fan and its height.

Also, check the Allen key of the tamping fan.

After that, check the grind size.

Finally, try to check the filter basket also.

If still, this error er12 remains there, then please contact Breville customer support to resolve this issue. 

This machine comes with a 2-year warranty already.

Therefore, if your machine has not reached this time limit, Breville company will solve the problem without any extra cost.

Otherwise, you will have to pay them considerable fees.

So first, try to resolve this issue on your own and then check the customer support if you can’t solve the problem on your own.

How to Solve Error Code ER15 on Breville Oracle Touch?

Error code 15 is related to the steam wand Ntc Short (startup).

NTC is a temperature sensor probe.

It controls the resistance of your machine.

To resolve the issue, you can perform deep cleaning and regular unclogging of the steam wand.

However, if the problem is still persistent, you must replace the steam wand in that case.

How to Solve Error Code ER16 on Breville Oracle Touch?

Error code 16 is also related to the steam wand malfunction NTC(Operation).

So, try to follow the same solutions that I have already provided for solving error code er15.

You can change the steam wand if you are technically good or call a technician or Breville customer support to install the new steam wand.


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